film assignment in brittany

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Assignment in Brittany

Jean-Pierre Aumont and Susan Peters in Assignment in Brittany (1943)

Signe Hasso in Assignment in Brittany (1943)

Susan Peters

Signe Hasso

George Coulouris

John Emery

Darryl Hickman

Reginald Owen

Alan Napier

Juanita Quigley

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Jean Kerenor : [as he and Metard/Corlay are stopped by a guard from entering a pub] One uncovers. It's good form for the content.

[German officers as well as town folk are seated inside]

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Jean-Pierre Aumont and Susan Peters in Assignment in Brittany (1943)

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film assignment in brittany

Assignment in Brittany

Assignment in Brittany

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Cast & crew, jack conway, pierre aumont, susan peters, richard whorf, margaret wycherly, signe hasso, photos & videos, technical specs.

film assignment in brittany

Immediately upon completing a dangerous spy mission in Northern Africa, Captain Pierre Metard is ordered back to the "Free French" headquarters in London. There, Metard learns that his next assignment is to impersonate Bertrand Corlay, a writer and suspected Nazi collaborator whom he greatly resembles. Metard learns many details about the wounded, hospitalized Corlay and even has a replica of Corlay's birthmark imprinted on his back. Once his education is complete, Metard, whose mission is to discover the exact location of a German submarine base near Corlay's home, parachutes into a field near Corlay's farm and is accosted by two escaped British soldiers. Metard soon convinces the escapees of his loyalties and directs them to Louis Basdevant, his contact in nearby St. Lunaire. When Metard arrives at the Corlay farm, he is coolly greeted by Corlay's disapproving mother Henrietta. Metard then reunites with Corlay's fiancée, Anne Pinot. Although Anne appears happy to see Metard, whom she believes to be Corlay, she tells him that she cannot marry him because of a past infidelity. Confused, Metard heads for the local inn and discovers that Corlay was having an affair with Elise, a seductive Nazi collaborator. Jean Kerenor, a disabled schoolteacher, is deeply in love with Elise and accuses Metard, as Corlay, of being pompous and vicious. After Metard agrees to meet the unsuspecting Elise at a ruined castle, Nazi soldiers burst into the Corlay farm, demanding accommodations. When Metard identifies himself as Corlay, however, the commanding officer suddenly changes his mind and departs. Afterward, Mme. Corlay reveals to Metard that she is aware of his impersonation, but assures him that she will not betray him, as she is ashamed of her son's Nazi affliations. At the castle, Elise confirms that she is a Nazi collaborator and tells Metard that the submarine base is in St. Lunaire. As Metard is walking back to the Corlay farm, he sees Anne being attacked by a German soldier and kills him. Anne is moved by Metard's bravery and lovingly forgives him. Later, however, Mme. Corlay implores Metard to "go easy" on Anne, and he agrees. Metard then heads for St. Lunaire, where he meets Louie, a fisherman. After making plans with Louie, who is also helping the English soldiers and a French resistance fighter named Rochet, Metard learns that Louie is actually a Nazi collaborator. As feared, Louie betrays Metard, Rochet and the Englishmen to some German soldiers, but Metard manages to overpower the Germans and takes Louie hostage. With his gun jammed into Louie's back, Metard and Louie meet with German Major Von Pless, who believes Metard is Louie's cousin. Before Metard can secure safe passage, however, Von Pless discovers his ruse and orders his arrest. Once again, Metard outmaneuvers the enemy and escapes by diving into the bay. While he is swimming to safety, Metard sees a German submarine surface and dock under a hidden sea wall. Now aware of the base's location, Metard proceeds to Mont. St. Michel, where he relays his findings to Plehec, a restaurant owner who secretly operates a wireless for the British. Metard then returns to the Corlay farm, unaware that Elise and Capt. Holtz suspect him. Although Metard shows Holtz his birthmark, Holtz becomes convinced he is a spy when Plehec's young nephew Etienne identifies him as the man who visited Plehec. Metard is taken to jail, where he sees the tortured Plehec killed by the Nazis. Metard is also tortured and starved by Holtz, but like Plehec, refuses to reveal what he knows. With the help of Kerenor, a priest, and other sympathetic villagers, Metard escapes from Holtz's jail and hides in the catacombs of the local church. There, Anne nurses Metard and confesses that she loves him even though she now knows he is not Corlay. In turn, Metard pledges his love and vows to marry her. To Metard's surprise, Etienne then appears, explaining that his uncle had instructed him to protect the wireless at any cost. Etienne helps Metard out of the church, and Kerenor leads him safely into some woods. After Mme. Corlay bids "her son" goodbye, Metard and Etienne head for the wireless to alert the British. Kerenor, meanwhile, sees Elise, whose innocence he has always maintained, embracing Holtz in the woods and, enraged, shoots and kills him, then strangles Elise. Hearing the shot, German soldiers rush to the scene, but Mme. Corlay insists that she is Holtz's killer. Metard then relays the submarine base's location, and British commandos launch a sneak attack on St. Lunaire. Overcoming his physical handicap, Kerenor kills many Germans during the ensuing battle, but is himself killed. After British speed boats bomb the hidden base, Metard reunites with Anne on board an England-bound ship and joins her in singing "Les Marsielles."

film assignment in brittany

Reginald Owen

film assignment in brittany

George Coulouris

Sarah padden.

film assignment in brittany

Miles Mander

George brest.

film assignment in brittany

Darryl Hickman

film assignment in brittany

Alan Napier

Odette myrtil.

film assignment in brittany

Juanita Quigley

William edmunds, adia kuznetzoff, donald stuart, paul leyssac, almira sessions, lionel royce, frank lackteen.

film assignment in brittany

Peter Lawford

John meredith, albert morin, alan schute, stanley mann, davis roberts, constant franke, john burton, ralph bushman, louis adlon, robert r. stephenson, ferdinand schumann-heink, major farrell, louise colombet, rex williams, lucien prival, john st. polis, hans von morhart, paul kruger, horace carpenter, harry fleischmann, george travell, dick wessel, george sherwood, frederick giermann, otto reichow, j. lewis smith, lisl valetti, alex papana, frank arnold, louis mercier, albert d'arno, john merton, frederick brunn, al masiello, joseph marievsky, joseph p. mack, hector sarno, arnold virt, leigh sterling, crane whitley.

film assignment in brittany

Walter Bonn

Hans schumm, clive morgan, arthur mulliner.

film assignment in brittany

Charles Irwin

film assignment in brittany

Morris Ankrum

Dave thursby, pat o'moore, leyland hodgson, william vaughn, guy d'ennery, george davis, arthur gould-porter, leslie denison, george aldwin, william yetter.

film assignment in brittany

Steve Geray

Jack norton, edward g. boyle, william ferrari, cedric gibbons, arnold gillespie, paul groesse, lennie hayton, george la brousse, simon mitchneck, major ramsay-hill, howard emmett rogers, arthur rose, charles rosher, j. walter ruben, douglas shearer, walter o. stahl, gile steele, frank sullivan, anthony veiller, edwin b. willis, william h. wright.

film assignment in brittany

Assignment in Brittany -

Assignment In Brittany -

The working title of this film was Fire in the Night . Helen MacInnes' novel was serialized in The Saturday Evening Post from 2 May to June 20, 1942. When M-G-M bought the screen rights in February 1942, the novel was titled Cross Channel . French screen star Pierre Aumont made his American acting debut in this film, as did Swedish actress Signe Hasso. Like the character he plays in Assignment in Brittany , Aumont fought with the Free French forces in Tunisia, Italy and France. He was awarded both the Legion of Honor and the Croix de Guerre. Hollywood Reporter news items and production charts add the following information about the production: John Carradine was announced as one of the film's stars in August 1942. In mid-October 1942, production shut down for several days due to director Jack Conway's flu. The following actors were announced as cast members: Blanche Yurka, Wolfgang Zilzer, Byron Nelson, George Ford, Vernon Rickard, Jack Lorenz, Alan Westcott, George Calliga, George Magrill, Max Lucke, Waclaw Rekwart, Alex Akimoff, Helen Giere, Cap Somers, Bob Ireland, John Peters, Bruce Carruthers, Florence Brown, Richard Carpenter, Michael Macey, Claude Payton, Art Belasco, John Phipps, Esther Fleischman and Lillian Nicholson. Their appearance in the final film has not been confirmed. In November 1942 Hollywood Reporter production charts, Ben Lewis is listed as editor instead of the credited Frank Sullivan, and Paul Groesse is listed as associate art director instead of the credited William Ferrari.

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film assignment in brittany

film assignment in brittany

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Assignment in Brittany

film assignment in brittany

Assignment in Brittany

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Assignment in Brittany

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film assignment in brittany

film assignment in brittany

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film assignment in brittany

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Assignment in Brittany

1943, Drama, 1h 36m

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Assignment in brittany photos.

Cast & Crew

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film assignment in brittany

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Assignment in Brittany

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Assignment in brittany.

1943 Directed by Jack Conway

Every second throbs with suspense and excitement!

A French Resistance fighter discovers he's a dead ringer for a Nazi official.

Jean-Pierre Aumont Susan Peters Margaret Wycherly Signe Hasso Richard Whorf George Coulouris John Emery Darryl Hickman Sarah Padden Adia Kuznetzoff Reginald Owen Miles Mander Alan Napier Odette Myrtil Juanita Quigley William Edmunds George Brest George Travell Paul Leyssac Lucien Prival Rex Williams Lionel Royce

Director Director

Jack Conway

Producer Producer

J. Walter Ruben

Writers Writers

Anthony Veiller William H. Wright Howard Emmett Rogers

Original Writer Original Writer

Helen MacInnes

Editor Editor

Frank Sullivan

Cinematography Cinematography

Charles Rosher

Art Direction Art Direction

Cedric Gibbons

Composer Composer

Lennie Hayton


96 mins   More at IMDb TMDb Report this film

Popular reviews

🥀 e m m e l i n e

Review by 🥀 e m m e l i n e ★★★★

Still my favorite Jean-Pierre Aumont performance! He’s so charismatic and winning and heroic in this role. And his character is a doppelgänger posing as his counterpart which is just so darn  interesting , especially because since only he gives himself away by being too kind. Meanwhile, Susan Peters lends her sweet, rather naïve character an innate intelligence that puts her in a tier above the average love interest. I just adore this brisk little film and I’m so happy I bought the Warner Archive DVD to watch whenever my heart desires!

Review by 🥀 e m m e l i n e ★★★½

I thought maybe I had seen this before, but I’d have remembered Jean-Pierre Aumont’s performance or his excellent hair! And genuinely, one of the best upper-tier B movies that I’ve seen in a while. The story moves along well and maintains a tension that Helen MacInnes’ novel could never quite muster. Hope I get the chance to see this again at some point!


Review by jamawive ★★★★

Good lord that was satisfying. In a world that seems increasingly out of control, with rampant newly fortified racism in my country (USA) and global fascism on the rise (and that really is just the tip of a long list of terrible troubles today), it just feels right to watch some Nazis get wiped out.* And in style! This is a snappy little WWII B-movie that packs a lot of punch. I also admit to now having a huge crush on Pierre (aka Jean-Pierre) Aumont. Mon dieu! *Yes, yes, I know this is hypocritical, and not pacific or spiritual at all (I do apologize to Buddhists everywhere, really). I concur. Just give me my moment of glee, okay? Sigh.


Review by PUNQ ★★½

Honorable espionage story starring French star Jean-Pierre Aumont during his brief war-time Hollywood stint. He comes out of this film with his dignity intact. While the film is solid, it lacks flair and the gruesome Nazi tactics comes across more as routine than emotional. But if you love old World War II movies, this is a good pick.


Review by smokeandmirrors ★★★★

in the middle of a thoroughly-mediocre-spy-films marathon this one was such a breath of fresh air, i thought it was so neat. always love the identity shenanigans involved in impersonating your doppelganger -- the way pierre's relationship develops with his not-mother is great, and that scene where he goes and pumps the poor heartbroken girl who loves him for info on where he might have been meeting his paramour? amazing! crunchy, delicious, dreadful emotional tension! i gasped and fluttered my hand over my chest when i realised what he was doing. i had to rewatch the ending because i zoned out embarrassingly fast at the first sign of explosions but on second sight it was well done, they did a good job. signe hasso was very good as a collaborator and jean-pierre aumont is a new name to me but i shall be keeping an eye out for him in the future

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  1. Assignment in Brittany (1943)

    Assignment in Brittany ... A French captain (Jean-Pierre Aumont) poses as a Nazi to pinpoint a U-boat base off the coast of France, while assuming the identity of

  2. Assignment in Brittany

    Assignment in Brittany is a 1943 war film directed by Jack Conway and starring French actor Jean-Pierre Aumont and Swedish actress Signe Hasso

  3. Assignment in Brittany (1943)

    A French Resistance fighter discovers he's a dead ringer for a Nazi official. Cast & Crew. Read More. Jack Conway. Director · Pierre Aumont.

  4. Assignment in Brittany

    After Corlay ends up in British custody, his astonishing resemblance to Captain Metard is recognized and Pierre is tasked with memorizing another man's life in

  5. Assignment in Brittany

    Movie Info. A French captain (Pierre Aumont) poses as a Nazi leader to pinpoint a U-boat base off the coast.

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    Assignment in Brittany (1943) #WarnerArchive #WarnerBros ... Aumont (billed as "Pierre Aumont") makes his American film debut in...

  7. Assignment in Brittany (1943)

    Assignment in Brittany is a film directed by Jack Conway with Jean-Pierre Aumont, Susan Peters, Margaret Wycherly, Signe Hasso, Richard Whorf .

  8. Review: "Assignment In Brittany" (1943) Starring Jean-pierre Aumont

    A French soldier and spy is sent on a mission to discover the location of a secret German U-Boat base in “Assignment in Brittany,†released on DVD as

  9. assignment in brittany (1943) (dvd)

    THIS PRODUCT IS MANUFACTURED ON DEMAND USING REGION FREE DVD-R RECORDABLE MEDIA. Jean-Pierre Aumont (billed as Pierre Aumont) makes his American film debut

  10. ‎Assignment in Brittany (1943) directed by Jack Conway ...

    This is a snappy little WWII B-movie that packs a lot of punch. I also admit to now having a huge crush on Pierre (aka Jean-Pierre) Aumont. Mon dieu! *Yes, yes