Writing a Paper about an Environmental Issue

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how to write a research paper on environmental issues

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Are you a student tasked with writing a research paper on an environmental issue? These few tips, along with some hard and focused work, should get you most of the way there.

Find a Topic

Look for a topic that speaks to you, that grabs your attention. Alternatively, choose a topic about which you are genuinely interested in learning more. It will be a lot easier to spend time working on something of interest to you.

Here are some places you can find ideas for a paper:

Conduct Research

Are you using internet resources? Make sure you can assess the quality of the information you find. This article from Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab is useful to help with assessing the quality of your sources.

Print resources are not to be neglected. Visit your school or city library, learn how to use their search engine, and talk to your librarian about accessing the resources available.

Are you expected to constrain your sources to primary literature? That body of knowledge consists of peer-reviewed articles published in scientific journals. Consult your librarian for help with accessing the proper databases to reach those articles.

Follow Instructions

Carefully read the handout or prompt given to you and which contains instructions about the assignment. Early in the process, make sure you choose a topic that will satisfy the assigned requirements. Once half-way through the paper, and once when it’s done, check it against the instructions to make sure you didn’t drift away from what was required.

Start With a Solid Structure

First craft a paper outline with your main ideas organized, and a thesis statement . A logical outline will make it easy to gradually flesh out ideas and eventually produce complete paragraphs with good transitions between them. Make sure all the sections serve the purpose of the paper outlined in the thesis statement.

After you have a good draft produced, put the paper down, and don’t pick it up until the next day. It’s due tomorrow? Next time, start working on it earlier. This break will help you with the editing stage: you need fresh eyes to read, and re-read your draft for flow, typos, and a myriad other little problems.

Pay Attention to Formatting

Along the way, check that you are following your teacher’s formatting instructions: font size, line spacing, margins, length, page numbers, title page, etc. A poorly formatted paper will suggest to your teacher that not only the form, but the content is of low quality as well.

Avoid Plagiarism

First, make sure you know what plagiarism is , you can then more easily avoid it. Pay especially close attention to properly attributing the work you cite.

Watch Now: How to Avoid Plagiarism When Using the Internet

how to write a research paper on environmental issues

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Blue and Green Tomorrow

Writing Stellar Environmental Sustainability Papers In 7 Easy Steps

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Issues with environmentalism are gaining a lot more attention these days. Greta Thunberg, a young Swedish girl has recently gained a lot of attention for being an environmental activist. While this is encouraging to see, we also need to focus on the benefits of writing great research papers on the topic.

The Complications of Writing a Research Paper on Environmental Sustainability

Since ecological issues are constantly being discussed these days, composing ecology research papers can be especially relevant. Writing an A+ essay is possible, as long as you follow the research paper requirements and outline all your ideas coherently.

ThoughtCo published a great article a couple years ago on writing a great research paper on environmental issues. You should follow the tips outlined there, as well as those from our friends at Write My Essay. They shared some great tips on writing environmental papers.

Managing to write and edit a winning research paper on any environmental issue is possible since you may always opt for addressing write my essay service. Otherwise, take a glance at some plain steps towards completing your ecology paper on an advanced level.

Choose a topic in the field of Ecology

Selecting a topic can be a very demanding and time-consuming procedure. You need to weigh all the pros and cons of the topic prior to approving it. You may take a look at the most relevant and popular topics in ecological research. Your choices of ecological or environmental issues can be endless, so, you can easily generate ideas. Here are some starting points for you:

Draft an outline for your environmental research paper

After you have chosen a topic, begin with creating an outline on your environmental research paper. As experts from a college essay writing service will tell you, using an outline drastically facilitates the writing process. Additionally, drafting an outline allows you to logically organize your writing and manage to arrange all the ideas and statements. So, to write like a legit essay writing service expert, make and outline and build on it.

Cite the literature and include a bibliography page

When it comes to ecology and environmental issues, you definitely shouldn’t state the common knowledge and most evident facts. Following this, you will need to cite sources and create a bibliography at the end of your research paper. Citing is essential since it allows you to build on scientific evidence and prove the relevance of your ideas. Make sure you follow the correct formatting style and organize your bibliography in the appropriate way.

Use correct grammar and style

When it comes to writing research papers, the correctness means everything. Be sure to write in the third person and avoid writing in the first person since doing so is not acceptable in academic writing. Besides, remember to omit colloquial expressions and slang, as well as overused words (e.g.: good, cool, majority). Always write in the right tense and only use your own words. And, as an expert from the cheapest essay writing service recommends, you should avoid wordiness so that your paper doesn’t sound confusing and vague.

Follow the structure of a research paper

Unlike a typical essay, a research paper must include some fundamental elements, such as abstract, methods, and results. The abstract comes before an introduction and it outlines the general summary of your paper. Regarding the methods part, this one implies mentioning all the methods and procedures you used. In the results section, you need to mention your findings and explain what you have discovered.

Be precise and attentive to your conclusion

The common mistake among ecology research paper writers implies neglecting the importance of a concluding paragraph. Make sure to draw conclusions that evident facts support. To make your research paper sounds proficient and convincing, make sure that you do not use any judgmental statements. Specific evidence and research results are the only points you should back up on. To make your conclusion appropriate, simply mention what was learned and discovered, and how the findings can be applied in the future.

Proofread the paper

To check your paper, you may use online grammar checking tools or address custom essay writing service. Editors are always there for you to eliminate all mistakes and free your paper from plagiarism.

Today, the Internet is crowded with many interacting ecology topics and ideas, so you only need a bit of motivation and some skills to write an outstanding ecology research paper. Take the outlined recommendations into account and discover how uncomplicated the writing procedure can be.

Environmental Research Papers Can Be Tough to Write – Unless You Follow these Tips!

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when writing a paper on any environmental topic, especially climate change. You should follow the tips outlined above.

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How to Write a Research Paper on Environmental Issues

The problem of environmental issues has become so urgent that many students decide to take it for their academic research paper writing. This topic is so broad that one can observe it at the interdisciplinary level. If you want to analyze this subject effectively but you cannot organize your paper without an expert’s help, these basic guidelines will make your work easier.

Method #1: Prepare for Writing

The more books you read about environmental issues, the better your research project will be.

Method #2: Project Your Research

You can write a two-page text about the structure and the main idea of your investigation. It will help you construct a sound outline on the basis of this brief summary.

Method #3: Write Your Research Paper

You can add graphs, tables and images to improve the quality of your written research paper. The topics of this kind can be understood better with the additional visual materials.

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100 Best Environmental Research Topics

environmental research topics

Environment research topics can be about different aspects of the physical, chemical, and biological elements of the planet earth. The world has experienced a rise in many environmental issues. They include climate change, global warming, and air pollution. This wide array of issues that learners can investigate and write about makes choosing environmental research topics hard for some learners. If struggling to pick your environment project topic, here are some of the best ideas to consider.

Interesting Environment Research Topics

Research paper writing is a process that takes time. It entails addressing a specific issue in a detailed manner. Picking interesting environment research paper topics enables learners to enjoy working on their projects. It also enables them to come up with well-grounded papers that include all pertinent and relevant information. Here are some of the most interesting environment paper topics to consider.

These ideas, suggested by our can also be great environment speech topics. Nevertheless, learners should be ready to conduct in-depth research to come up with factual and relevant information for their papers or essays.

Living Environment Topics for Research

A living environment is an assembly of the built and natural environment that is occupied by inhabitants that perform different social, economic, cultural, political, and religious activities. Here are some of the best living environment topics that learners can consider.

Learners should pick environment essay topics in this category carefully to ensure that they enjoy working on their projects. Journals, books, and professional websites have information that can be used to write detailed papers and essays on these topics.

Great Environmental Science Topics

Students can also explore a wide range of environmental science research topics when writing papers and essays. Some of these topics address scientific issues that relate to the environment. This category also has great environmental biology topics and environmental chemistry topics. You can even get chemistry homework help if needed. Here are some of the best environmental science topics that learners in different study levels can consider.

It’s crucial to pick an environmental science topic that a learner is interested in and knowledgeable about. That’s because each of these environment project topics requires a learner to show clear understanding and knowledge of the scientific issue that they are supposed to address.

Health Safety and Environment Topics

Every country needs a healthy population to achieve economic goals. As such, this category comprises environment hot topics that most policymakers want to read about. Here are some of the best ideas that students can explore when it comes to environment safety topics for research papers and essays.

This list of environment topics has ideas that require time to explore. Learners that pick topics in this category should be ready to research extensively before writing. However, writing a well-researched paper or essay on any of these environment projects topics will earn a learner a good grade.

Environment Debate Topics for Students

Some students struggle to come up with or find topics that can form a basis for debates. This category also has some of the best environment persuasive speech topics. Consider one of these ideas for your speech or debate.

Students can also find environmental ethics topics in this category. A learner must show their stance on the environmental research topic that they choose. They should also show both the opposing and supporting views.

Whether students pick environmental economic topics , scientific, or ethical ideas to write about, it’s crucial to ensure that they are interested in their choices. What’s more, every learner should choose an environment essay topic that will enable them to accomplish academic goals.

earth science topics

Get on top of your homework.

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help for assessment

Research Paper Topics on Environment: 30+ Ideas for Inspiration

antony w

by  Antony W

July 6, 2022

research paper topics on environment

Are you looking for the best research paper topics on environment? You’ve come to the right place.

Whether you wish to write a research paper   that raises environmental awareness or you want to explore solutions to save the plant and preserve the environment, you’ll find the topic ideas shared in this guide incredibly useful.

Of course, finding the right topic for your paper by brainstorming can take a lot of time. Add the research process involved and you might spend more time on the assignment than you should.

These topic ideas cut the brainstorming time by almost half, so you can spend less time thinking about what to write about and more time exploring a topic you love.

Professional Writing Help

Stuck with your environment research paper assignment and need help to get it done? Hire our research paper writing help for just $19.9.page and get the assignment written fast. 

What Are Environmental Research Topics?

Environmental research paper topics are ideas that relate to the biological, chemical, and physical aspect of our ecosystem.

The focus area includes natural landmarks, human activities, weather, and living organisms.

When it comes to writing a research paper on environment, many students will focus primarily on conservation or prevention.

It’s equally important to focus on other areas related to the environment, such as climate change, sustainability, environmental justice, endangered species, paleoecology, and wildlife ecology.

Research Paper Topics on Environment

The following is a list of research paper topics on environment that are worth looking at.

Keep in mind that these are just ideas, which can help you brainstorm and build an interest around environmental conservation.

1. Climate Change Research Paper Topics

Related: Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas

2. Ecology Research Paper Topics

3. Living Environment Research Paper Topics

4. Interesting Topics Environmental Research

Also Read: Business Research Paper Topics

The Benefits of Conducting a Research on Environment

It’s not the first time you’ve seen environmental preservation campaigns, and it definitely won’t be the last.

There’s a need to enhance sustainability and make the world a better place for the future generation.

The drive to save the planet and make our environments better than it already is makes research study in this area interesting.

Here are some of the reasons why it makes a lot of sense to conduct research studies on environment.

1. Protect the Environment

By engaging in research on environment, you’ll identify safe ideas and practices that can help to reduce or completely eliminate negative effect of human activities on the environment.

For example, learning about the ins and outs of natural phenomenon such as wildfire will enable you to come up with suggestions of preventative measures to optimize the use of natural resource to make the environment as humanly safe as possible.

2. Graduate with a Degree 

You have to complete a research paper project to graduate and earn a degree in your area of environmental studies.

As such, you should to take this project seriously by choosing a topic that you find interesting to explore, provided it’s within the scope of your field of study.

3. Contribute to Existing Research

Taking part in studying and giving recommendations for environmental preservation gives you the opportunity to contribute to existing research.

By examining existing research ,  you can identify the weaknesses (or gaps) in existing studies, and then offer objective contribution that can fill these gaps and make the environment better than it already is.

Now that you have some research paper topics on environment, it shouldn’t take you long to get started with writing.

If you feel like you have a ton of assignments waiting for you, you can take advantage of the research paper writing service by Help for Assessment.

Our team will help you to:

We’ll work within your deadline to help you get the research paper written, proofread, edited, and submitted on time.

Author Image

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Unfortunately, we are not hiring writers now due to low season.

We will be glad to review your application in the future.

Professional essay writing service

Top 100 Environmental Research Paper Topics for Your Inspiration

Why taking care of our environment is essential.

Ever since humans first appeared, our planet has provided us with all basic needs like food, air, water, and energy. However, our environment can sometimes harm us too, with natural disasters like droughts, earthquakes, landslides, and floods. In such cases, we give our best to try and figure out the leading causes for their occurrence. 

The more we learn about why something happens in nature, the better we can understand how to enhance or prevent it. As human beings, we all have some basic knowledge of the environment we live in. However, it’s essential to broaden those understandings daily and learn more about ecology and the environment. It’s the only way for us to stop the hazardous side-effects of our industrial growth from damaging the planet we live on.

environmental research paper topics

Environmental Research for Better Living

We can also help prevent the extinction of endangered or endemic species, which are an essential part of our ecosystem and could cause a disbalance in their local environment if they were to disappear. Environmental research is not just a technique for survival – it’s much more.

It is now a separate field of study led by environmental sciences to positively impact the world around us. This type of research is extensive, and there are numerous environmental research paper topics college students can choose from and explore.

Some overlap with other disciplines, and based on your preferences – be it law research paper , health, biology, chemistry, science, debate, or other – you can choose yours and explore it in great detail. Writing about the environment in research papers is yet another step to a better environment.

Not only do these environmental research paper topics dig deeper into particular burning issues, their causes, and effects, but they also provide possible solutions that could help deal with them once and for all.

What Makes an Environmental Research Topic Good

Environmental research paper topics cover numerous issues which usually overlap with chemistry, biology, oceanography, civil engineering, water resources engineering, zoology, and the gas and oil industry. Simply put, there’s a great variety of topics you can choose from.

What makes one topic better than the other, though?

List of the top 100 environment research paper topics

The following list of 100 environment research topics will help you find inspiration, so you’ll be able to design your topic faster and start writing your paper without further delays. 

The topics have been divided into groups for you to narrow down your search easier.

Environmental Health Topics

Environmental Debates Topics

Environmental Justice Topics

Environmental Science Topics

Environmental Controversial Topics

Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

Environmental Biology Topics

Environmental Chemistry Topics

Environmental Economic Topics

Environmental Argument Topics

Environmental History Topics

Environmental Law Topics 

We hope that these classified lists of environment project topics will help you find your most suitable pick. Whichever option you choose from, be it from the group of environmental science research topics or a research connected to environmental justice, you should always present both the supporting and opposing views.

Note that you have to set an academic goal before you start writing an essay. Therefore, make sure that the topic you choose can accomplish it. If you need help with research paper choice, writing, or else, you can always consult our experts. 

If you think that would be too strenuous, buying research paper is another option many people resort to.

Order your paper now!

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how to write a research paper on environmental issues

79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best environmental issues topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good essay topics on environmental issues, 📌 most interesting environmental issues topics to write about, 💯 free environmental issues essay topic generator.

IvyPanda. (2023, January 21). 79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/environmental-issues-essay-topics/

IvyPanda. (2023, January 21). 79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/environmental-issues-essay-topics/

"79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 21 Jan. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/environmental-issues-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 21, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/environmental-issues-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 21, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/environmental-issues-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . 2023. "79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." January 21, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/environmental-issues-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '79 Environmental Issues Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 21 January.

Environmental Issues Research Papers Samples That Help You Write Better, Faster & with Gusto

Crafting Research Papers on Environmental Issues is so much simpler and fun when you have an aptly written example piece right in front of you. Fortunately, WePapers.com offers you unlimited access to free Environmental Issues Research Papers repository you can exploit to triumph in the writing craft. Each Research Paper example can serve as a source of motivation for novice topic ideas; or a spot where you can find most impressive writing practices; or a model you can follow when structuring your own content. More broadly, not only our website can entitle you to craft an exceptional Environmental Issues paper but also polish your writing abilities and bolster your expertise.

Alternative method to get the most of the WePapers writing assistance service is to order a completely original Environmental Issues Research Paper sample crafted by a qualified writer according to your individual demands and then use it as a model for your own document.

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180 Environmental Research Topics & Questions to Write about

Environment affects us all, whether we want it or not. Political leaders and students alike discuss ways to tackle environmental topics & issues. Some might argue about the role humans play in all this. The fact remains that our environment is a delicate matter. That’s why we must educate ourselves on the issues related to it.

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

In this article by custom writing experts, you’ll find a list of environmental research questions to scrutinize and write about. The environmental essay topics in the collection below are related to economics, health, sociology, law, and even psychology. These ideas might be helpful either for school or for college students.

🔬 Top 10 Environmental Research Topics

🔝 Top 10 Environment Essay Topics

🌡️🌍 Environmental Research Topics on Climate Change

Throughout history, the Earth’s climate always fluctuated. Ice ages were followed by warmer periods. However, the increase in temperature we perceive today is unusual. Because of this, climate change is one of today’s most pressing problems. Below we have compiled a list of 25 global warming topics. Have a look!

Extinction fact.

🌲 Environmental Research Topics on Ecology

Ecology is a branch of biology that investigates how organisms coexist. The environment shapes the way different species interact with each other. Essential factors can be living, such as nutrition, or nonliving, like water. Here are 25 prompts for your ecology essay:

Ecology can be broadly categorized into five different areas.

🏭🌱 Sustainability Topics for an Essay

According to the UN World Commission , sustainable development “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Simply put, sustainability means fulfilling the demand without exhausting any resources. Today, it plays a vital role in protecting the environment.

Effective ways to protect the environment.

🔬🌻 Environmental Science Topics for an Essay

Environmental science combines various approaches to study nature. In doing so, it tries to find solutions for ecological issues. Research goes into areas such as pollution and alternative energy. If you want to write about it, have a look at our topics:

Franklin Roosevelt quote.

🌳⚖️ Environmental Law Topics for Papers

Environmental law aims to protect nature. It’s the legal foundation of human interaction with their surroundings. Besides, it formulates how we should utilize natural resources. Take a look at these compelling topics for your paper:

🧑🌿 Environmentalism Topics to Write About

Movements aiming to protect nature are at the core of environmentalism. The idea first gained traction in the 1960s. Notable organizations include PETA and Greenpeace. If you’re interested in environmentalism, consult this topics list:

Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22.

📖 Top 10 Environmental Research Questions

We hope this article helped you decide what your paper will be about. If the topic you’ve chosen is still not perfect, feel free to customize it! Good luck, and have fun with your essay.

You might also be interested in:

🔍 References

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150 Classification Essay Topics and Ideas

150 Classification Essay Topics and Ideas

In a classification essay, you divide the subject into categories. To create these categories, you single out certain attributes of things. You can classify them according to their characteristics, themes, or traits. Sounds complicated? Be sure that any high school or college student can manage this type of essay!

Environmental Research Topics: 235 Ideas for Students

Environmental Research Topics

Table of contents

Are you looking for environmental research paper topics? With ongoing debates about global warming, air pollution, and other issues, there is no shortage of exciting topics to craft a research paper around. Whether you’re studying ecology, geology, or marine biology, developing the perfect environmental research topic to get your science research assignment off the ground can be challenging. Stop worrying – we got you covered. Continue reading to learn about 235 different ideas on environmental research topics. In this article, we will discuss environmental topics and show you how to choose an interesting research topic for your subject. We will also provide a list of various environmental topics from our research paper services . In addition, we will present you with environmental science research topics, discuss other ideas about the environment for research papers, and offer our final thoughts on these topics for research papers.

What Are Environmental Topics?

Environmental topics provide an analysis of environmental issues and their effect on people, culture, nature, or a particular place, often interdisciplinary, drawing from sciences, politics, economics, sociology, and public policy. Topics about environmental science may include environmental justice, engineering and communication, regulation, economics, and health. Environment research topics may focus on environmental sustainability, impact assessment, management systems, and resources. In addition, these areas for research papers offer a few opportunities to explore our relationship with the environment and consider how human activities influence it through climate change, pollution, or other factors such as natural resource usage as well as biodiversity loss.

What Makes a Good Environmental Research Topic? 

When choosing an environmental research topic, it is essential to consider what makes good environmental topics. Below is an expert list outlining what your topic should be like:

How to Choose Environmental Science Topics?

When choosing research topics for environmental science, it is essential to research the available information and determine its relevance. It all depends on whether the research topic is feasible and has the potential for exploration. Environmental issue topics should be well-defined and interesting to the researcher. The reason is that the researcher should be able to provide solutions or make suggestions on improvement strategies. You can follow the below steps when choosing environmental science topics for research:

Step 1: Identify topics that are relevant to your research context. Step 2: Develop a list of research areas by extracting critical concepts from the available literature.

Step 3: Select interesting and feasible topics by considering the methods available for analysis.

Step 4: Analyze these topics to identify the gaps in current research and formulate questions for further investigation. Step 5: Review the available literature to gain insights about the chosen topic and develop a research proposal.

Step 6: Consult experts in this field to get feedback and refine the proposed research.

Don’t have time for writing your environmental research paper? Count on StudyCrumb. Send us a ‘ write a research paper for me ’ message and get professional assistance in a timely manner. 

List of Environment Research Paper Topics

Environmental topics for a research paper can be overwhelming to navigate due to the vast number of issues you can discuss in your article. To help narrow down your research paper search, below is a list of environmental research topics that include climate change, renewable energy, ecology, pollution, sustainability, endangered species, ecosystems, nature, and water management. You can choose one of them as a guide to writing an excellent essay

Environmental Research Topics on Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues that humanity is currently facing due to increased temperature levels. Climate change is amongst the most debated environmental research topics among researchers, policymakers, and governments. Here are critical areas related to climate change that you can use for your environmental science research paper topics:

Environmental Science Research Topics on Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is essential due to its potential to reduce ecological damage from burning fossil fuels and provides valuable topics in environmental science. You can use renewable energy technologies as a cleaner alternative for generating electricity and heating. In addition, renewable energy is crucial for cooling homes and factories in the world. The following are environmental science topics for research paper on renewable energy:

Environment Research Topics on Ecology

Ecology studies how living organisms interact with each other and their environment. Also, it is an important area of research for understanding how the environment affects the function of various species and ecosystems. It also gives a background for one of the best environment research paper topics. Below are topics for environmental research paper on ecology:

Research Topics in Environmental Science About Pollution

Pollution is an issue at the forefront of scientific research. As one of the environmental science paper topics, it offers insights into how pollution destroys the environment and its negative impact on human and animal health. Stated below are hot environmental science research topics on pollution which you can use for your article:

Environmental Topics for Research Papers on Sustainability

One of the many topics for environmental research papers is sustainability. Sustainability is an important topic to explore, as it involves finding a way for humans to reduce their ecological footprint and ensure that the environment can recover from our activities. Stated below are environmental topics for research paper on sustainability which you can explore:

Environmental Topics to Write About Endangered Species

Endangered species are one of the environmental topics of great importance to research and find solutions for their conservation. Poaching, habitat destruction, and climate change negatively impact endangered species. Also, human activities have put other species at risk of extinction by competing for resources as well as introducing invasive species. Below is a list of cool environment topics to write about endangered species:

Environmental Research Paper Topics on Ecosystems

Ecosystems are fascinating to explore in environmental paper topics because they contain a variety of living organisms and are a complex web of interactions between species, the environment, and humans. The subject provides environmental issues topics for research paper essential in exploring the dynamics of ecosystems and their importance. Below is a list of topics for environmental science research paper:

Environmental Topics About Nature

Nature is a broad topic that includes ecological conservation, protection, and sustainability issues. Environmental research topics about nature allow us to explore areas that focus on preserving and conserving the environment. Research papers about nature can provide insight into utilizing nature as a resource, both from a practical and ecological aspect. Below is a list of environment topics that you can explore in your essays:

Environmental Issues Topics on Water Management

Water management is an issue that has a significant impact on the environment. Exploring a topic related to water management can provide experts, among others, with insights into environmental science issues and their implications. When it's time to write your project related to water management, you can explore the following topics for environmental issues:

Environmental Science Topics in Different Areas

Environmental science studies ecological processes and their interactions with living organisms. Exploring environmental science related topics can provide valuable insights into environmental science issues, their ecological implications, and conservation efforts. In addition, these topics can also be explored in different areas, providing a comprehensive understanding of how different factors impact the environment. This section delves into various environmental science topics for projects related to law, justice, policy, economics, biology, chemistry, and health science.

Environmental Law Research Topics

Environmental law governs environmental processes and their interactions with living organisms. Delving into environmental law can uncover invaluable information on environment paper topics, ranging from legal matters and their consequences to preservation initiatives. Students can use the following environmental issue topics for research papers for their essays:

Environmental Justice Research Topics

Environmental justice seeks to ensure equitable treatment and meaningful involvement of all people in ecological protection, regardless of their race, sex, or economic status. Environment topics related to justice can provide valuable insights into ecological issues and their impacts. Listed below are justice-related Environmental topics to research:

Environmental Policy Research Paper Topics

Environmental policy is a set of laws, rules, and regulations created to protect the environment as well as its resources. Studying environment-related policies provides an area for students to explore a range of subjects related to the environment, ranging from local to global. Below are potential environmental sciences research topics for your reference.

Environmental Economics Research Topics

Environmental economics seeks to understand environmental issues from an economic perspective. Examining environmental studies topics can offer insights into ecological conservation and sustainability while connecting protection efforts with economic interests and helping inform policies. The following are creative topics about environmental science related to economics:

Environmental Biology Research Topics

Environmental biology is a field of science that focuses on understanding the interactions between living organisms and their environment. It covers environmental biology topics such as biodiversity, conservation, pollution, management, health, and sustainability. The following are environment research paper topics related to biology:

Keep in mind that we have a whole blog on biological topics if you need more ideas in this field.

Environmental Chemistry Research Topics

Environmental chemistry research is a complex interdisciplinary field aiming to understand the behavior of a chemical process within an environment. It involves researching the impact of pollutants in the air, soil, water, and other ecological media. Possible research topics about the environment related to this field include:

Need more ideas? There is one more blog with  chemistry research topics  on our platform.

Environmental Health Science Research Topics

Environmental health is a diverse field focusing on the natural environment as well as its effects on human health. It is an interdisciplinary field that offers environment topics for research, such as environmental epidemiology, toxicology, and ecology, in addition to risk assessment. Provided below is a list of topics for an environmental science project that is suitable for your research paper:

Other Ideas & Topics About Environment for Research Papers

Ecological crisis is a key issue that has continuously affected planet earth. People are becoming more aware of environmental problems as well as their impact on health, well-being, and quality of life. As such, ecological fields for research are becoming ever more critical. This section will explore interesting environmental topics related to current ecological issues, controversial, interesting topics, easy research questions for projects, as well as unique research areas which students might study. These environmental issue project ideas below will help you develop interesting fields for research papers.

Current Issues in Environmental Science

Current ecological issues are a hot topic that has become increasingly important. They provide outstanding environmental issues to write about due to their impact on the environment and human health. The following are environmental issue topics for paper writing that are currently in discussion:

Controversial Environmental Topics for Research Paper

Environmental controversies constitute a significant challenge facing society today. From climate change to air and water pollution, the effects of human activity on our natural environment are increasingly becoming a focus of public debate and research. Research papers on environmental controversial topics can help inform the public as well as policymakers about the potential impacts of human activities on the environment. The following are examples of environmental controversy topics for research paper:

Interesting Environmental Research Topics

In the context of environmental subjects, research topics explore the effects of human activities on the environment as well as the potential solutions to the identified problems. In addition to providing insight into ecological protection and conservation, research areas in this category cover social issues related to environmentalism and ecological justice. Below are interesting environmental science topics to consider when looking for a research topic in the future:

Easy Environmental Research Questions for Projects

When it comes to environmental science topics for project work, there are plenty of easy options. Research projects in this category can explore ecological issues as well as their consequences or potential solutions to these problems. The following is a list of the top fifteen most accessible environment project topics for your research project.

Unique Environmental Research Topics for Students

As environmental issues become increasingly complex, research fields for students become more varied. Unique environmental research topics for college students can range from local ecological concerns to global ones. The following are fifteen unique environmental science research topics for high school students and college students:

Final Thoughts on Environmental Topics for Research Papers

This article has provided 235 environmental science research topics for research papers as well as project work that high school and college students can use. Topics range from local issues, such as assessing air pollution levels in an urban area, to global concerns, like examining the ecological effects of plastic pollution. Whether its health risks are associated with air pollution in an environment or the impacts of industrialization, research can help shape your understanding of how to protect as well as preserve our planet. It is up to the students to identify good environmental research topics that are interesting and relevant to them and to delve deeper to understand the earth better.

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Environmental Issues Research Proposals Samples For Students

45 samples of this type

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Research Proposal On Political Science Empirical Research Question On Climate Change

Research Hypothesis: People generally have a heightened level of awareness when it comes to the issue of climate change compared to before and already wants the government to take some action

Good Research Proposal About The Focus Of The Paper Shall Be Global Warming And Climate Change

Significance: Global warming is a phenomenon that is affecting the whole world and is causing climate change. Evryone feels the effects of the changing climate and by exploring the phenomenon, I plan to find the cause of the problem and away of minimizing the effects.

What is the major cause of global warming and climate change and what steps can an individual take to minimize the effects?

Research Proposal On Methodology And Procedure

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Environmental Economics Research Paper

how to write a research paper on environmental issues

This sample environmental issues research paper on environmental economics features: 4800 words (approx. 16 pages) and a bibliography with 29 sources. Browse other research paper examples for more inspiration. If you need a thorough research paper written according to all the academic standards, you can always turn to our experienced writers for help. This is how your paper can get an A! Feel free to contact our writing service for professional assistance. We offer high-quality assignments for reasonable rates.

On the political stage, environmental issues are usually placed at odds with economic issues. This is because environmental goods, such as clean air and clean water, are commonly viewed as priceless and not subject to economic consideration. However, the relationship between economics and the environment could not be more natural.

In its purest form, economics is the study of human choice. Because of this, economics sheds light on the choices that individual consumers and producers make with respect to numerous goods, services, and activities, including choices made with respect to environmental quality. Economics is able not only to identify the reasons that individuals choose to degrade the environment beyond what is most beneficial to society, but also to assist policy makers in developing environmental policy that will provide an efficient level of environmental quality.

Because environmental economics is interdisciplinary in nature, its scope is far-reaching. Environmental economists research topics ranging from energy to biodiversity and from invasive species to climate change. However, despite the breadth of the topics covered by the community of environmental economic researchers, a reliance on sound economic principles remains the constant.

This research paper outlines the basic concepts in environmental economics, including the ways in which environmental economists might estimate the value society holds for the natural environment. Further, the corrective instruments that environmental economists can employ to correct for situations in which markets fail to achieve an efficient outcome are closely examined. This research paper also stresses the important role economic analysis plays in today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Environmental goods are those aspects of the natural environment that hold value for individuals in society. Just as consumers value a jar of peanut butter or a can of soup, consumers of environmental goods value clean air, clean water, or even peace and quiet. The trouble with these types of goods is that though they are valuable to most individuals, there is not usually a market through which someone can acquire more of an environmental good. This lack of a market makes it difficult to determine the value that environmental goods hold for society; although the market price of a jar of peanut butter or a can of soup signal the value they hold for consumers, there is no price attached to environmental goods that can provide such a signal.

To some, it may seem unethical to try to place a dollar value on the natural environment. However, there are plenty of cases in which ethics demands just that. Indeed, in cases of extreme environmental damage, such as the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, an unwillingness to apply a value to environmental loss could be considered equivalent to stating that environmental loss represents no loss to society at all. Because of this, the assessment of appropriate damages, fines, or both, in cases such as this often depends on the careful valuation of varying aspects of the environment.

In the case of environmental policy development, insufficient evidence pertaining to the benefit that environmental goods provide to society could easily skew the results of a cost-benefit analysis against environmental protection. This would, in effect, undermine the value that society holds for environmental goods and could possibly lead policy makers to believe that certain environmental regulations are not worth the costs they impose on society when, in fact, they are.

For these reasons, as well as for other reasons that are covered later in this research paper, economists have long endeavored to develop methods of accurately determining the value of environmental goods to society. This effort has led to the development of several valuation techniques.

Valuing the Environment

Contingent valuation.

Contingent valuation, or stated preferences, is a seemingly simple method of valuation that involves directly asking respondents about their values for a particular environmental good. This method is particularly useful in determining the value of environmental goods that individuals have yet to experience or may never actually experience themselves.

The Exxon Valdez oil spill is an example of a case in which contingent valuation provided a useful tool of valuation (Goodstein, 2008). In this case, contingent valuation was used to determine, among other things, the value that individuals place on simply knowing that a pristine Alaskan wilderness exists, even though many respondents may never actually experience this wilderness for themselves (this value is defined as existence value). More generally, contingent valuation methods are often used in policy development to determine the amount respondents would be willing to pay for a new, higher level of environmental quality.

However, despite its simple concept, the contingent valuation method carries with it a host of complex problems that must be taken into account for the results of a survey to be considered credible. These problems usually stem from one or more of the following: information bias, strategic bias, hypothetical bias, and starting point bias (Tietenberg, 2007). Because any type of bias can hinder the usefulness of a contingent valuation survey, special care must be taken to ensure that any bias in the answers provided by survey respondents is minimized.

With information bias, hypothetical bias, and starting point bias, respondents unintentionally misrepresent the value that they hold for an environmental good. With information bias, respondents lack enough information to form an accurate response. To avoid this type of bias, surveyors will usually provide a great deal of information to respondents pertaining to the topic of the survey.

Hypothetical bias occurs because individuals tend to respond differently to hypothetical scenarios than they do to the same scenarios in the real world. One solution to this problem is to conduct the contingent valuation surveys in a laboratory setting (Kolstad 2000). This solution provides the surveyor with an opportunity to remind respondents to consider the financial ramifications that their responses would produce in a real-world setting. It also allows the surveyor to use experimental techniques that mimic the conditions that respondents would face in a real-world situation.

Finally, starting point bias results when respondents are influenced by the set of responses made available to them by the contingent valuation survey. The solution to this problem requires significant pretesting of a survey to ensure that its design does not influence respondents to provide biased answers (Kolstad, 2000).

Unlike the other types of response bias that can occur in a contingent valuation survey, strategic bias occurs as respondents intentionally try to manipulate the outcome of a survey. It is not always possible to eliminate intentionally biased responses. However, in general, it is best to randomly survey a large number of individuals because this will decrease the likelihood that strategic bias will undermine the overall results of the survey.

Revealed Preferences

The revealed preferences method involves determining the value that consumers hold for an environmental good by observing their purchase of goods in the market that directly (or indirectly) relate to environmental quality. For example, the purchase of air fresheners, noise reducing materials, and water purification systems reveal the minimum amount individuals are willing to pay for improved air and water quality. This particular revealed preferences method is referred to as the household production approach.

Economists can also use revealed preferences to determine the value of clean air and clean water through differences in home prices across both pristine and polluted home locations. This particular revealed preferences method is referred to as the hedonic approach (Kolstad, 2000).

These approaches to valuing the environment have the advantage of relying on actual consumer choices to infer the value society holds for a particular environmental good, rather than relying on hypothetical scenarios. However, there are some environmental goods for which it can be nearly impossible to identify their value through market interactions. For example, using the revealed preferences method to determine the value that society holds for the survival of an endangered species would pose a tremendous challenge. In cases such as these, revealed preferences may not be the preferred method of valuation.

Valuation techniques are useful not only in cost-benefit analysis or in cases of extreme environmental damage but also in the more subtle cases of environmental degradation that occur as a result of market failure.

Market Failure

As was discussed in the previous section, individual consumers will often purchase goods with an environmental component to make up for their inability to directly purchase environmental goods, thus revealing the value they hold for certain aspects of environmental quality. For example, someone may buy a cabin on a lake in order to enjoy not only the home itself but also the pristine environment that comes with such a purchase. As long as this individual is able to exclusively incur the environmental benefits that come from owning a log cabin, the demand for log cabins will reflect the full value of both the home and the environmental goods it provides and the market for log cabins will be efficient.

Unfortunately, in the case of environmental goods, markets often fail to produce an efficient result because it is rare that any one individual can incur the full benefit (or cost) of a particular level of environmental quality. This is because environmental goods commonly suffer from the presence of externalities or a lack of property rights.

There are two types of externalities: negative and positive. Negative externalities exist when individuals in society bear a portion of the cost associated with the production of a good without having any influence over the related production decisions (Baumol & Oates, 1988). For example, parents may be required to pay higher health care costs related to pollution-induced asthma among children because of an increase in industrial activity in their neighborhood.

Because producers do not consider these costs in their production decisions, they produce higher quantities of goods with negative externalities than is efficient, leading to more than the socially desirable level of environmental degradation.

As with negative externalities, positive externalities also result in inefficient market outcomes. However, goods that suffer from positive externalities provide more value to individuals in society than is taken into account by those providing these goods. An example of a positive externality can be seen in the case of college roommates sharing an off-campus apartment. Though a clean kitchen may be valued by all individuals living in the apartment, the person that decides to finally wash the dishes and scrub the kitchen floor is not fully compensated for providing value not only to himself or herself but also to the apartment as a whole. Because of this, the decision to clean the kitchen undervalues the benefits of such an action and the kitchen will go uncleaned more often than is socially desirable.

Such is the case with environmental quality. Because markets tend to undervalue goods that suffer from positive externalities, market outcomes provide a level of environmental quality that is lower than is socially desirable.

Corrective Instruments

Once the market inefficiency relating to a particular environmental good is understood, policy makers can correct for this inefficiency by employing any number of policy instruments. Regardless of the instrument, the goal is to provide incentives to individual consumers and firms such that they will choose a more efficient level of emissions or environmental quality.

Command and Control

Command and control is a type of environmental regulation that allows policy makers to specifically regulate both the amount and the process by which a firm is to reduce emissions. This form of environmental regulation is very common and allows policy makers to regulate goods where a market-based approach is either not possible or not likely to be popular. However, these regulations limit the choices that individual firms can make regarding their pollution levels. Because of this, they do not provide firms with an incentive to develop new pollution-reducing technologies (Kolstad, 2000).

The Coase Theorem

Ronald Coase developed the Coase Theorem in 1960, which, although not necessarily a regulatory framework, paved the way for incentive-driven, or market-based, regulatory systems. According to the Coase Theorem, in the face of market inefficiencies resulting from externalities, private citizens (or firms) are able to negotiate a mutually beneficial, socially desirable solution as long as there are no costs associated with the negotiation process (Coase, 1960). This result is expected to hold regardless of whether the polluter has the right to pollute or the average affected bystander has a right to a clean environment.

Consider the negative externality example given previously, in which parents face soaring health care costs resulting from increased industrial activity. According to the Coase Theorem, the firm producing the pollution and the parents could negotiate a solution to this externalities issue, even without government intervention. In this example, if the legal framework in society gave the firm the right to produce pollution, the parents with sick children could possibly consider the amount they are spending on medical bills and offer a lesser sum to the firm in exchange for a reduced level of pollution. This would save the parents money (as compared with their health care costs), and the firm may find itself more than compensated for the increased costs that a reduction in emissions can bring.

If it is the parents, instead, that have a right to clean, safe air for their children (this is more typically the case), then the firm could offer the parents a sum of money in exchange for allowing a higher level of pollution in the area. As long as the sum offered is less than the cost of reducing emissions, the firm will be better off. As for the parents, if the sum of money more than compensates the health care costs they face with higher pollution levels, they may also find themselves preferring the negotiated outcome.

Unfortunately, because the fundamental assumption of the Coase Theorem (costless negotiation) often falls short, this theorem is not commonly applicable as a real-world solution. Despite this fact, the Coase Theorem is an important reminder that even in the case of complex environmental problems, there may be room for mutually beneficial compromises. This theorem also sheds light on cases in which firms are willing to voluntarily comply with environmental regulations as well as on possible solutions to complex international environmental agreements.

In 1920, Arthur C. Pigou (1920) developed a taxation method for dealing with the goods suffering from externalities. The idea behind his tax, now known as the Pigouvian tax, is to force producers to pay a tax equal to the external damage caused by their production decisions in order to allow the market to take into consideration the full costs associated with the taxed goods. This process is often referred to as internalizing an externality.

This concept can also be applied to goods that suffer from positive externalities. However, in this case, a negative tax (or subsidy) is provided to allow an individual to gain an additional benefit from providing the subsidized good. A common example of this type of subsidy can be seen each time an individual receives a tax break for purchasing an Energy Star appliance.

Of course, because the amount of the tax (or subsidy) must equal the value of the external environmental damage (or benefit) in order to correct for market inefficiencies, the valuation techniques detailed previously are crucial in the development of a sound tax policy.

Permit Markets

The concept of using a permit market to control pollution levels was first developed by John Dales (1968). Through this method of regulation, pollution permits are issued to firms in an industry where a reduction in emissions is desired. These permits give each firm the right to produce emissions according to the number of permits it holds. However, the total number of permits issued is limited to the amount of pollution that is allowed industry wide. This means that some firms will not be able to pollute as much as they would like, and they will be forced to either reduce emissions or purchase permits from another firm in the industry (Barde, 2000).

Those firms able to reduce their emissions for the lowest possible cost benefit from this type of regulation. This is because these firms can sell their permits for an amount greater than or equal to the cost of their own emissions reduction, resulting in profits in the permit market. However, even firms for which it is very costly to reduce pollution experience a cost savings through this type of regulation because they are able to purchase pollution permits at a price that is less than or equal to the cost they would face if they were required to reduce emissions. Ultimately, permit markets make it less costly for an industry to comply with environmental regulations and, with the prospect of profits in the permit market, this type of regulation provides an incentive for firms to find less costly pollution reducing technologies.

Applications and Empirical Evidence

Valuing the environment: practical applications.

Both the methods of valuation and the corrective instruments described previously have been applied quite extensively to real-world environmental problems. In fact, according to Barry Field and Martha Field (2006), contingent valuation methods have been used to determine the amount respondents would be willing to pay for a myriad of environmental goods. For example, respondents have been surveyed to determine the value they would place on increased air visibility in places such as the White Mountains (located in New Hampshire) and the Grand Canyon (located in Arizona). Further, contingent valuation methods have been used to determine the value of old-growth forest preservation in the face of industrial expansion (Hagen, Vincent, & Welle, 1992).

Revealed preferences methods have increased in popularity in recent history and are commonly used by researchers to determine the value society holds for clean air and clean water. Though there are many recent cases in which researchers have used revealed preferences methods, Eban Goodstein (2008) provided a particularly useful example of the way in which this method has been used in a real-world setting.

The example given involves the decline in housing prices that occurred in the town of New Bedford, Massachusetts, in the early 1980s following severe contamination of the nearby harbor. Using the hedonic approach, economists were able to determine that those homes closest to the contamination experienced a $9000 reduction in value while the overall loss to homeowners in New Bedford was estimated to be approximately $36 million (Goodstein, 2008).

Although this type of analysis provides only a minimum value of the loss experienced due to the pollution of the harbor, it can be a valuable component in determining an appropriate fine for the firms responsible for the pollution. More generally, these results also shed light on the value that individuals place on clean water.

Corrective Instruments: Practical Application

Though many of the concepts in environmental economics predate the 1970s, the implementation of the Clean Air Act of 1970 represents the first major application of these concepts to government policy. Through these amendments, strict ambient air quality standards were set, and in some cases, specific technologies were required for compliance (Tietenberg, 2007). This regulatory framework is consistent with the command-and-control framework described previously.

However, since the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, pollution taxes and permit markets have taken center stage in terms of environmental regulation. In fact, though permit markets were used in the United States as early as the 1970s, the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 ushered in an era of increased popularity for this type of regulation by requiring the development of a nationwide permit market for sulfur dioxide emissions.

According to Jean-Philippe Barde (2000), the Environmental Protection Agency implemented a program in response to this requirement that was expected to result in a significant cost savings (20%-50%) as compared with other types of regulation. Further, Thomas Tietenberg (2007) asserted that the development of permit markets increased compliance with federally mandated pollution reduction requirements.

Additional programs have been used to reduce ozone-related emissions, including California’s Regional Clean Air Incentives Market (RECLAIM), established in the Los Angeles basin, and the Ozone Transport Commission NOX Budget Program, which spans approximately 10 states in the eastern United States. (Both of these programs were originally implemented in 1994. However, the NOX Budget Program has since undergone several program modifications, including slight changes to the program name.)

The Ozone Transportation Commission program aimed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in participating states in both 1999 and 2003 (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], n.d.). The results of this program, as reported by the Environmental Protection Agency, have included a reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions (as compared with 1990 levels) of over 5 million tons, a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions (as compared with 1990 levels) of over 3 million tons, and nearly 100% program compliance (EPA, 2004).

In terms of taxation programs aimed at reducing pollution levels, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom have all made changes to their tax systems in order to reduce environmental degradation. Some of these changes include the introduction of new taxes, such as Finland’s implementation of the 1990 carbon tax; other changes involve using tax revenue to increase environmental quality, such as Denmark’s use of tax revenue to fund investment in energy-saving technologies (Barde, 2000).

In the United States, local grocery markets are at the center of a large tax system aimed at reducing environmental degradation: the deposit-refund system. This system effectively rewards individuals willing to return bottles and cans to an authorized recycling center. Such an incentive represents a negative tax (or subsidy) to individuals in exchange for recycling behavior that benefits society as a whole.

Policy Implications

The policy implications of work done by environmental economists are far-reaching. As countries deal with issues such as water quality, air quality, open space, and global climate change, the methodologies developed in environmental economics are key to providing efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Although command and control remains a common form of regulation, the previous sections detail the ways that countries have begun to use market-based approaches such as taxation and permit markets within the regulatory framework.

Examples of these types of programs continue to develop. For example, in an attempt to comply with the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol, which was implemented to control greenhouse gas emissions, the European Union has established a carbon dioxide permit market aimed at reducing greenhouse gases (Keohane & Olmstead, 2007).

Even the Coase Theorem comes into play as global environmental problems demand mutually beneficial agreements to be voluntarily negotiated across countries. In fact, the Montreal Protocol, which was implemented to control emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals, makes use of a multilateral fund that compensates developing countries for the costs incurred in phasing out ozone-depleting chemicals (Field & Field, 2006). This is very similar to the example in which parents in a community may find it beneficial to compensate a polluting firm in order to induce a reduction in emissions.

Future Directions

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of environmental economics, the discipline constantly presses forward in many directions. Many of the most pressing environmental issues involve both local and global pollutants. These range from local water quality issues to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of local, regional, and national environmental issues, the application of currently available corrective instruments is quite feasible. However, an evaluation of the value of regulated environmental goods as well as the proposed regulatory instruments is still the topic of ongoing research.

In terms of global issues, such as global climate change, there is still much work to be done regarding the economic impact of changes to the earth’s climate. In addition, solutions relying on government enforcement are less possible when it comes to global climate change. This means that there is likely to be more emphasis placed on voluntary compliance.

For example, in the wake of the Kyoto Protocol, there have been regional agreements that have been formed that have a reduction in greenhouse emissions as a primary goal. One such agreement, known as the Western Climate Initiative, was developed in February 2007. This initiative is a voluntary agreement between seven U.S. states and four Canadian provinces. Its goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% (as compared with 2005 emissions levels) by the year 2020 (Western Climate Initiative, n.d.).

Finally, countries have long suffered from the production decisions of their neighbors. However, since the availability of clean water in the border regions of developing countries remains an issue, solutions to these problems (and similar transborder problems) remain the focus of ongoing research.

Environmental economics provides a set of tools that are crucial in understanding today’s most pressing environmental problems. Through the use of valuation techniques such as contingent valuation and revealed preferences, economists are able to estimate the value society holds for a variety of environmental goods. These values allow policy analysts to consider the impact that a proposed public policy might have on the natural environment. Economists are also able to use these techniques to provide an accurate description of the loss that occurs in cases of both extreme environmental damage and more subtle environmental degradation that occurs daily.

Environmental economics explains the role that externalities play in excessive environmental degradation because the failure of markets to capture the full value of environmental goods consistently results in the overproduction of those goods that can damage the environment and an underprovision of those goods that improve environmental quality. Further, through corrective instruments developed by economists such as Pigou (1920), Coase (1960), and Dales (1968), environmental economics has provided society with innovative solutions to excessive environmental degradation resulting from market failure.

Finally, the application of the techniques developed by environmental economists has become increasingly popular as concern over environmental issues has become a common staple in public policy. As environmental problems continue to become increasingly complex, environmental economists continue to press forward, applying the solutions provided by the fundamentals of economics to these problems.



how to write a research paper on environmental issues

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how to write a research paper on environmental issues

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130+ Environmental Essay Topics That Will Earn You High Grades

Updated 29 Dec 2022

Environmental issues are as relevant as ever, so there is a high chance that your teacher or instructor might assign you a paper on the topic. However, choosing a unique and interesting topic on the subject is rather hard, as a lot of environmental essay topics have been explored over and over again.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you with this problem. Take a look at some of the most relevant and timely environmental issues essay topics you can explore to get a high grade on your assignment.

Environmental Essay Topics

Popular Environmental Essay Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Popular Environmental

Climate Change Essay Titles

Climate change is one of the most talked-about environmental issues. This makes it a great theme for an essay, as there are a lot of resources available to pull information from. Here are some of the environment essay topics that relate to the current state of the climate change discussion:

Save your time with free essay samples on Climate Change

Ecology essay topics.

Ecology is an established branch of science that studies the relationships between living organisms and the environment they live in. So, questions about the environment are inevitably related to ecology as well. Some of the topics relevant to ecology you can choose from are:

Save your time with free essay samples on Ecology

Global warming topics.

Save your time with free essay samples on Global Warming

Environmental science essay topics.

Environmental science is specifically dedicated to solving environmental issues. If you choose from this list, you will pick a problem solution topic , which will make you seem more pragmatic:

Essay Examples Relevant to Environmental Science

Sustainability Topics for Essays

Sustainability is a critical topic about the environment conservation. It plays a major role in our society, especially in the discussions around big corporations and manufacturers. Some of the topics related to the issue are:

Essay Examples Relevant to Sustainability

Nature and Environment Essay Topics

Some of the essay topics you can choose to focus on nature itself, its dynamics, and interesting facts about it. Some of the themes you can discuss are:

Essay Examples Relevant to Nature and Environment

Environmental Argumentative Essay Topics

If you want to spark a discussion around the subject, these essay topics will definitely help you:

Essay Examples Relevant to Environmental Argumentative Topics

Environmental issues essay topics.

Essay Examples Relevant to Environmental Issues

Environmental Law Topics

Fortunately, we as a society have started to care more about the environment, you can even often see environment conservation as one of the social issue essay topics . This is why there is more and more legislation around the subject. You can choose one of these topics as a theme for your essay:

Essay Examples Relevant to Environmental Law

Human Impact on the Environment Essay Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Human Impact on the Environment

Technology Saving Environment Essay Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Technology Saving Environment

Environmental Essay Topics for College Students

Essay Examples Relevant to Environmental Essay for College Students

In Conclusion

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to make the first step – to choose one of the relevant environmental essay topics. We can also help you make the next step as well. Contact our writing service right now, and we’ll assist you with creating a 100% unique text from one of our professional writers of your choosing.

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Table of contents How to Choose Informative Essay Topic Ideas? 👍 Good Informative Essay Topics 🔝 Top Informative Essay Topics 🖊️ ...

130+ Reflective Essay Topics For All Students

When trying to think about the best topic ideas, you may end up with endless possibilities. Because this can turn out to be a very daunting task, y...

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