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Classical theory

Functionalism, conflict theory, structuralism.

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It is a sociology  that utilizes numerous approaches of empirical examination and important analysis to establish a body of understanding about social order, condition, and modification. Lots of sociologists intend to carry out research study that might be used straight to social policy and well-being,  Sociology of Punishment  while others focus mostly on fine-tuning the theoretical understanding of social procedures.

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Sociology is an academic discipline which comes under the field of social sciences. Sociology is defined as the systematic study in which one can study the society or social behavior.

We study about society or social behavior with respect to its development, origin, network, organization, as well as institutions. In the social science, we use several kinds of method through which we do critical analysis as well as empirical investigation for the purpose to gain the knowledge about social order, social change and social disorder. A large number of sociologists have an object to conduct research that might be directly impacted to the welfare as well as social policy. On the other side, the goal of other sociologists is to gain the more understanding about the social processes. In addition, sociology deals with the interaction of an individual with micro level system,  Sociology of Organizations  macro level system as well as the social structure system.

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Sociology Homework & Thesis Help

Moreover, the term sociology is mainly concerned with the sexuality, secularization, religion, law, social stratification, social mobility, deviance, social class and many others. Usually, the human activities are heavily impacted by the interaction between the individual agency and the social structure. However, sociology has continuously expanded its presence in some other fields that include military, health, penal institutions, medical, education, the Internet for the purpose to develop the systematic information.

Furthermore, social researchers conduct researches with the help of quantitative as well as qualitative methods. In addition, the scientific methods for social science researchers have also expand at a steady pace. In the middle of the 20 th century, the culture as well as the linguistics has significant impact on the philosophic, hermeneutic,  Sociology of Finance  as well as interpretative approaches. Nevertheless, the new techniques were emerged by the end of 20 th century and beginning of the 21 st century that includes social network analysis and agent based modeling. These techniques are considered as mathematically, analytically, as well as computationally accurate techniques.

Social science researches are quite helpful for numerous kinds of social people. However, the social science researches are the combination of market research, statistical fields, and social research.

Moreover, there are numerous important theories of sociology that include classical theory, functionalism, conflict theory,  Sociology of Film , and structuralism. These are the fundamental theories of social sciences which should be learned by the students of sociology. Each sociology theory is discussed below:

Classical theory

Classical theory is the first theory of sociology. The discipline of  Sociology of Globalization  has comprises on several concepts and theories. Sociology is considered as the multi-paradigmatic due to the disagreement of the classical social theory. One of the sociologists named Randall Collins has conducted the survey in order to do research on the sociological theories. In his survey, he has used four traditional sociological theories that include conflict, symbolic, utilitarianism, and interactionism. However, modern theories such as Functionalism theory (Durkheim) and Conflict theory (Marx and Weber) concerned about the social structure. In addition, Pragmatist theories (Mead and Cooley) are based on the social interaction and traditional theory of symbolic interactionism (Simmel) focuses on the structural system of micro level.

Utilitarianism is defined as the social exchange of the rational choice of someone. However, it is closely related with the discipline of economics. Utilitarianism is one of the most important theories of sociology. The other classical theory of sociology is Social Darwinism theory. As we all know that this theory has applied to the people as well as societies. Darwin’s theory proposes the biological evolution of an individual. In addition,  Sociology of Emotions  the theory of Darwin supports the theory named classical functionalism. This theory took the publicity in the year 1881 till 1915 and this was connected with the different originators of sociology that include Lester F. Ward, Herbert Spencer, and William Graham Sumner.

Functionalism is defined as the social structure. It is one of the theories of sociology. This theory is also used in anthropology along with the sociology. Social structure is also known as the social organization. According to different classical sociologists, functionalism is considered as the main function of the  Sociology of Emotions . Functionalism is also defined as the institutions and norms are the essential elements that work for the betterment of the societies. The theory of functionalism is also deal with anthropological theories that are developed by the theorists that include Radcliffe-Brown, Bronisław Malinowski, and Marcel Mauss. The term structural was introduced by the Radcliffe-Brown for some specific uses.

In the theory of functionalism, the complexity of the society increases and when solidarity is promoted will ultimately conquer the social disorganization.

The theory of functionalism stress on the “cohesive systems”, however they are often contradicts with the theory of conflict. It criticizes the system of socio-political and it also concerns with the difference between specific social groups. However,  Sociology of Disaster  the Marx and the Durkheim are the two theorists who describe the dissimilar and similar characteristics of the functionalism and conflict theory.


Durkheim was the first who developed the theory of structuralism. However, the theory of Durkheim was construed by the two anthropologists who belong from Europe. According to them, the term structure is not defining social structure; however it is referred as the symbols of systems which mean to gain the knowledge about the human culture. In addition,  Sociology of Deviance  the theory of structuralism has four important beliefs that include:

Moreover, the structuralists also have some other thought which is known as the second tradition. These thoughts were developed by the social network analysis of the American School. It was organized the social relations department of Harvard which leads by the Harrison  Sociology of Development  White and his followers in the end of 20 th century. Structuralists argue that the patterned relation socials linked with the social structures.

Sociology is a theoretical discipline. It is based on large number of concepts and theories that should be understand by the students in order to perform well in academics. Assignment and homework writing are the main task of students however they are unable to do that due to some issues or problems.

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Experts and professionals at our sociology assignment or homework help defines sociology is the systematic study in which a person can discover about the human’ actions and activities. However, the official definition is the science of the society is called as sociology. According to our experts, it is important for the students to first conceptually understand the definition of the academic discipline. The sociology student should be familiar with the term society, organization, group and many others in order to gain in-depth knowledge about sociology. Our academic experts define that group of people that can communicate with other and exchange their culture is called as society. However, the culture comprises on the belief, value system, ethnicity, gender and many others.

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Furthermore, we provide our sociology assignment help and sociology homework help for various concepts and theories regarding sociology. The understanding of the concepts and theories about sociology is quite beneficial prior to write the assignment or homework. The concepts and theories of sociology include:

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A lot of people think that sociology and psychology are the same subject or academic discipline. However, there is a big different in both academic disciplines. Psychology is the systematic study in which one can study the behavior of one person. On the other hand, sociology is also a systematic study in which one can study the behavior of group of people who have shared their culture such as characteristics, values and many others. For instance, the study of an anger boss towards their employee is the example of psychology. In contrast, the study of women behavior who protests against the society in order to get their rights such as equal employment, equal pay, and numerous rights in order to compete with the men is the example of Sociology. Precisely, it can be said that sociology is the process of study for the purpose to determine the social relationship among individuals.

A lot of sociologists have explained the term sociology according to their perspectives. However,  Natural Resource  one of the most popular sociologists named Max Weber defines the term sociology that:

It is the systematic study in which one can try to gain the insights about the social actions that create some effects on the whole society. However, he also explains that the formation of the logical action is considered as the ideal action. Ideal action is defined as the action which has no ambiguity as well the decision can be taken on the merit. In addition, by doing the comparison, one can analyze that how the social action persuades by some irrational factors. The irrational factors include errors as well as effects. Moreover, the irrational factors can influenced the actions in both directions such as good or bad. Irrational factors are the main causes through which the actions can be deviate from the acceptable range. However, it can be said that it is better to take rational decisions which should be aligned with the acceptable range.

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Sociology is a theoretical as well as boring subject. It kills the interest of students due to its complexity. A lot of students say that it is a quite dry subject. In order to write assignment or homework, students also face some other difficulties that include lack of knowledge, misunderstanding of the concepts, bad writing skills, shortage of time and many others. Students who do not take classes normally face the problems of lack of knowledge. Students who are not interactive in the classes usually face the problems of misunderstanding of the concepts. A lot of students are working and studying at the same time that is why they are unable to manage their time in order to write assignment or homework. Academic writing skills are also a major factor that can cause problems to the students.

As per the understanding of our experts, they emphasize that sociology is the scientific study which mainly concerned with people, organizations, societies and groups of people. However, the main objective of the sociology is to analyze that how a person reacts in the social environment such as family gathering, parties, seminars and many others. It also evaluates that how one culture differs from another culture in terms of values, characteristics, norms, etc. Our experts also guides that it is good to learn major ideas or concepts of a particular subject,  Marxist Sociology  if someone is in a process to write assignment or homework for that course. Sociology also has some major theories which should also be learned by the students in order to score good grades in the sociology assignment or homework. The major theories of sociology are Weberian sociology, Feminism, Marxism and Neo- Marxism, Structuralism Functionalism, Foucalt and Discourse theory.

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Sociology is a broad field of study that examines society in terms of human behavior and activities. In specific, the subject focuses on culture, relationships, gender, custom, social movements, and art. If you are a sociology student, then to ace your graduation, you must submit an outstanding paper on any sociology research topic. As the topic selection generally involves a lot of challenges, here in this blog post, we have presented a list of 100+ captivating sociology research topics in various areas. Continue reading this blog post and get to know how to identify the right sociology research paper topic suitable for fetching an A+ grade.

How to Find a Perfect Sociology Research Topic?

In the research paper writing process, topic selection is the initial step that plays a vital role in boosting your grades. For your sociology research paper, you can investigate any topic right from ethnicity to gender stereotyping in society. As the social trends are rapidly changing, you will have endless research topic options. Usually, when you have multiple topic ideas, choosing one ideal topic from it would be more tedious. Hence, you should invest more time and choose the best topic wisely. In case, your professor didn’t give you any specific sociology topic, then this is what you should do.

Tips for Choosing an Ideal Sociology Research Topic

The following are some key tips you should keep in mind while selecting a topic for your sociology research paper.

Sticking to all these tips will help you in finding a good topic. But if you want to achieve top grades, then before you begin writing your sociology research paper, remember to consult with your professor and get approval for the topic. As your professors are responsible for evaluating your paper, seeking prior advice from them regarding your topic would be more helpful to you.

Best Sociology Research Paper Topics List

Here, we have listed some brilliant sociology research topics and ideas on issues related to culture, family, health, gender, and so on. If you are struggling to find an impactful sociology research topic, then without any hesitation go through the entire list of ideas and pick a topic that matches your interest.

Sociology Research Paper Topics on Environment

Read More – Environmental Science Research Topics

Sociology Research Topics on Family

Food and Nutrition Sociology Research Topics

Sociology Research Topics on Health and Medicine

Human Rights Sociology Research Topics

Sociology Research Topics on Interpersonal Communication

Sociology Research Topics on Gender, Nationality, and Race

Sociology Research Paper Topics on Music, Art, and Culture

Sociology Research Topics on Youth Culture

Social Media and Mass Media Topics for Sociology Research Paper

Impressive Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology research topics for Assignments:

The Bottom Line

Out of all the sociology research topics and ideas recommended above, choose a topic that is suitable for you to conduct research on. In case, you want any other customized research topic or need sociology assignment help with research paper writing on sociology topics, then approach us immediately. Our team contains research paper writers who are masters in the field of sociology to offer you personalized sociology research paper writing help online. Not just for sociology research topics, our paper helpers will provide assistance for other subject topics as well. Mainly, through our affordable research paper writing services, you can get help starting from topic selection to editing.

If you want to make use of our online assignment help , then simply fill your requirements in the order form and submit it. Based on what you have shared with us, an assignment writing expert in our team will prepare and deliver you a plagiarism-free and flawless research paper before the deadline and will help you in scoring an A+ grade. Also, especially, for you, we will provide 24/7 customer chat support and unlimited paper revisions for free.

Instead of crafting a poor research paper and getting low grades, get our research paper writing help online. Taking our academic assistance will give you more scholastic advantages.

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  10. 174 Excellent Sociology Research Topics and Ideas to Deal With

    Sociology is a broad field of study that examines society in terms of human behavior and activities. In specific, the subject focuses on culture, relationships, gender, custom, social movements, and art. If you are a sociology student, then to ace your graduation, you must submit an outstanding paper on any sociology research topic.