I write custom essays for students who can't be bothered to write their own. AMA

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When my financial situation became worse, and I was unable to get a job, I turned to looking for jobs online. I spent some amount of time filling out surveys, but that wasn't enough. I looked into online writing jobs, and the only one that paid anything worth my time was a site that offered custom essays and papers to students of all levels.

To date, I've written papers for several students in the same class (all distinct), an undergraduate thesis and even one at a doctorate level.

Alright, go on, ask me anything.

EDIT : This is by special request. You DON'T have to read the following, but if you're interested, this is why I posted the following: TheDentite asked me to write a paper from the perspective of a fourth grader entitled "How I Spent My Summer." He sent me $10, and so I obliged him with the following. I still don't know why he asked me to do so, but I assumed he was trolling me :P


James Rogers Jr.

For Ms. Elaine Fairchild’s class

March 8, 2010

A week before summer started, my mom told me we were going to see Grandpa. I like Grandpa, but I didn’t think this was an exciting way to spend summer. The other kids were going to the beach or to Disneyland or an exciting country somewhere. I think Disneyland is boring now, but even that can be more exciting than Grandpa. When we got to Grandpa’s house, he told us not to unpack. We weren’t going to stay here, he said. We were going on a drive. I was upset. I had just spent 6 hours in the car. I didn’t want to do that again. Plus, I was sleepy and hungry. But Grandpa insisted. He said it was an adventure.

We drove and drove, and the next thing I knew, Mom was shaking me awake. She said we had to get out of the car, “We’re here!” I stepped out and saw a huge ship. I looked at Grandpa and at Mom again. I asked her where we were going, and she smiled and said that Grandpa was taking us on a cruise.

A cruise! Now that sounded exciting. I smiled at Grandpa. He hugged me. We got on the ship. Grandpa told me there were lots of exciting things to do, and I should go explore, but that I should call him in an hour. It’s a big ship, he said.

I went exploring. I saw a huge rock-climbing wall and an ice-skating rink. I saw a casino that looked like there were kids playing. When I passed by the information desk, the lady handed me a brochure for stuff I could do. There were games and competitions with cool prizes like iPods. They even had a huge pool with a huge TV screen in front of it.

I was excited. All this looked really fun! I was kind of shy about meeting new people, but some of the kids looked friendly. Some of them looked bored though. Maybe this was old news for them. So I spent most of my vacation on the cruise. For the stuff that only older kids would be allowed to do, Grandpa would tell them to let me do it, and he’d watch me, like the Teen Casino and the Mocktail competitions. There were also snowball fights, which I thought were fun, because Mom and Grandpa would sometimes join in. I also got to join the rock-climbing competitions.

When Grandpa and Mom were busy, I hung out with some of the other kids. Some were cool, and I made some friends. I had a crush on one of the girls. She even talked to me a couple of times.

The beaches we landed on were cool. Grandpa took me snorkeling and taught me how to surf, kind of. He wasn’t that good. We also went jetskiing, though I sat with Grandpa.

The cruise was for a month. I didn’t mind because it was lots of fun! We spent the rest of the summer at Grandpa’s. I don’t think he’s so boring anymore. I even learned to appreciate the small things about him, how he cooked breakfast for me, or would give me baths out in the yard, and lathered me up until I was all soapy, and there were soap suds all over me. Then he would squirt the hose on me and rub me until all the lather went away. Grandpa always taught me to enjoy the smaller pleasures in life.

It’s hard being from west Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground, that’s where I spent most of my days, chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool, I was shootin’ some b-ball outside of school when a couple of guys—they were up to no good! Started making trouble in my neighborhood! Got into one little fight and my mom got scared, she said “You’re moving with your auntie and your uncle in Bel-Air.”

' src=

this is a stupid question but do you like writing essays?

Cake day

It comes easily to me, and I do enjoy writing. A lot of this is like being back in high school and college, with all the stress that I do not enjoy.

It's so sad that someone clearly quite clever has to do this for a living!

Thank you for your sympathy.

I honestly think that it is a matter of time; I've been looking into better jobs and I look on this time as extensive training in writing.

I once asked about this on Metafilter and had people try to TRACK ME DOWN for such a wretched act of villainy. How'd you get into this?

Job searching really. I was looking for anything that would pay me to write online, since writing was one of my strong suits and would enable me to work flexible hours and from home. There were several blog-writing jobs and some writing for SEO (search engine optimization) but they paid too little. I applied to everything I could see, and this was one of the only companies that got back to me. Even then, it took me a while to start writing papers for them (I had to convince them I was up to their standards).

PS: I used craigslist and Google.

PPS: They flipped out because you offered to write, or were looking for someone to write? And trying to track you down is a little extreme. People have nothing better to do, apparently.

I'll send you $10 through paypal for 2 pages on the subject of "How I spent My summer Vacation." Make it sound like 4th grade.

I can't tell whether you're trolling, so I'm going to say, send me $10, and I'll write the 2 pages.

Done, and done. It's in your email. Let me know if you want revisions :P Also, let me know if you want me posting the essay on here.

Do you ever feel guilty about this? I'd feel pretty guilty if I wrote an essay for some rich jock, and he got a scholarship because of it, beating out some non-rich smart kid.

I do. I find it ethically (not morally, but ethically) wrong, and against my personal tastes. However, I take refuge in the knowledge that I am not doing every single thing this jock needs to get a good grade in a class (tests, in-class discussions etc). This jock is also at a disadvantage because I'm not in the class that he wants me to write a paper for; I don't know what the teacher is looking for, what I should emphasize on, etc. A smart kid in the same class could easily get as good a, or better, grade than my paper might get him, for this reason. Also, don't you think that the teacher would be suspicious if a slacker kid suddenly started submitting amazing academic papers.

EDIT: I ignore the guilt, because this is not long-term. I'm doing this out of necessity. In many ways, as I joke to my friends, it is the academic equivalent of stripping.

Have any of them been caught?

Do you always do the same subject, or is it varied?

How much do you usually charge?

As far as I know, none have been caught. A friend of mine suggested that after I quit this job, I post every single paper I've written in hopes that the teachers will eventually find them; but I signed an agreement basically saying I wouldn't... and I really don't want to have to deal with legal issues. Ironic, I know.

I write on varied subjects, though there are return students that want me to write for the same class. I've written on business, art, history, film, literature, to name a few.

The online company I work for sets the rates, basically according to how quickly the client wants them. They pay me a portion of this. I usually get paid between 6-11 bucks for every double-spaced Letter-sized page. I have the choice to take on an assignment when it becomes available, and I've usually snapped up everything that does become available (there are other writers at this company).

I just got my Bachelor's in English and found that there are people (especially rich international students) that will pay nicely for one on one private tutoring. As someone who's going to be a teacher in the near future, I'd have to say I really disagree with what you're doing. There are other options besides helping people cheat their way through school.

I make $20/hr tutoring Chinese students in English. They do their own work and write their own essays, but I help them with content, structure, grammar, spelling, etc.

I've tutored before, and would love to tutor again. I enjoy teaching so much that after I'm done pursuing my career that I plan to go into teaching.

I have some obstacles to private tutoring though. One is transportation, and another is the ability to find people wanting tutors. Most important of all, there are complications regarding my visa I do not want to get into.

I, too, disagree with what I'm doing. But as I said, life's not so black and white, and I can stand to do something disagreeable in order to help make ends meet for a while.

I'm a TA for ESL classes and at my university if an international student got help on a paper or assignment (if it's for en ESL class--other departments have different rules) it's considered cheating.

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4 best subreddits to earn money writing essays for students.

April 1, 2021

There are many opportunities today for those who can write boldly and deeply. Businesses, private entrepreneurs, and students often need writing assistance. However, it is challenging to build up your active online presence fast and get a big clients base independently. It requires not only time but devotion. 

Yet, there are other effective ways to gain exposure easily. In this article, we would like to present the best subreddits where writers can earn money and find new customers. These are communities of students who seek professional academic writing help. Interested? Then let’s find out more. 

Slave Labour — https://www.reddit.com/r/slavelabour/

This community was founded in 2013, which means it already has the reputation of a reliable board where writers can earn some money completing college and other writing assignments on request. Regularly, there are about 500 writers looking for jobs and over 200 000 subscribers who potentially can offer you different kinds of writing jobs. Thus, your chances to get a well-paid order are very high.

The subreddit pays great attention to the way job offers are written. The moderators require them to be clear, detailed, and comprehensive. They do not tolerate vague descriptions and invitations to talk in direct messages. This way, writers don’t need to spend extra time texting the customer and can start writing right away. 

However, the money won’t be that big. The subreddit runners claim their rates are below average on the market. And while it is great for students and other customers, writers have to work more to get a proper reward. 

Stressays — https://www.reddit.com/r/stressays/

Stressays is one of the most popular subreddits on essay writing. Though it is a relatively young community that was created in 2019, they can offer writers plenty of assignments to complete. Since Reddit’s voting system can be manipulated , some students prefer publishing their essay tasks in essay help subreddits instead of using essay writing companies. Every day dozens of orders appear. Students come here as they are sure the community has strict and fair rules and always follows them. Usually, the assignments are not hard to complete. Mostly, there are offers to write a college paper, an essay, or a report. However, the deadlines are tight and require all your concentration.

Here, writers can’t promote themselves, so the competition is tough. No one could do any tricks to get an assignment first. The customer chooses and decides.

There are many invitations to direct messages, which is kind of suspicious. Unlike the previous subreddit from our list, it is not controlled by moderators. Most communities forbid such a way of interaction as it leads to misunderstandings that no one would be able to solve further. 

Paid Homework — https://www.reddit.com/r/paidHomework/

This subreddit is an exceptional example of the community that protects writers’ rights in the first place. Here, your hard work will bring you a proper reward. And it is not just about money.

Paid Homework Subreddit gives approval for those writers who have been taking assignments for a long time and always get good feedback. Professional and talented writers get a badge of a reliable writer that allows them to be chosen more often. 

This community mostly offers to complete high school homework or write a standard essay, thus, the order won’t take long. Yet, the requirements are high, so it is not a place where a writer can do something in a sloppy way. 

It is prohibited for students/customers to hire a writer and then disappear. Such behavior leads to a ban. So, writers can be sure they won’t spend their time on someone who doesn’t need their help actually and is not going to pay. 

Essay Writing Service — https://www.reddit.com/r/Essay_Writing_Service/

Essay Writing Service on Reddit is the largest community for users who look for academic assistance and those who can provide it. It is a place where people find each other and reach a win-win situation. Here, writers will find a plethora of interesting, challenging, and non-trite assignments and will be paid properly for completing them. 

Scamming is not allowed here, thus, everyone is protected and feels safe to provide their service. Inquires for free service are forbidden, too. The community is created by former writers, so they know better than anyone else how much their work costs. 

Yet, to become a part of this subreddit and get a verified writer status, you have to provide clients with the original content free of plagiarism, as delivering plagiarized papers is the reason to get a long life ban. The community moderators respect everyone and do their best so both parties were satisfied. 

Is Reddit a Reliable Platform to Get a Writing Job? 

The majority of writers get used to work for the big companies that provide writing service or develop their website/personal pages to attract new customers. However, the world is changing and now it is more efficient to gain an audience by surfing certain boards than sitting on your page waiting for someone to come. 

Having presented your skills on different boards, you’ll get: 

Among the platforms where you can find a writing job, Reddit is the most reliable and popular. It attracts millions of users every day and is considered a place where professional and involved people are gathering. There is no point to miss such an opportunity. 

Writers are in high demand nowadays. It is time to assert yourself beyond your webpage or cozy office and start earning more by doing something you are brilliant at!

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13 Essay Writing Services Reddit Users Recommended as the Best Paper Writing Sites of 2021 - Magnolia Media Review

Minneapolis, Minnesota, UNITED STATES

San Diego, CA, March 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Magnoliamedianetwork.com announces the release of the review, “Best essay writing services according to Reddit.”

This year, it is easier than ever to hire expert essay writing services for a project. Users may not know where to start looking for these professionals, though, and a basic Google search may lead some to subpar companies. What about Reddit? Also known as the front page of the internet, Reddit is where people can find answers to just about any question. With the latest in news, topical discussions, help guides, support groups, and more, Reddit is the perfect place to find the best essay writing services online. Potential customers need to know what to look for and this article aims to provide people with 5 of the best essay writing services, according to Reddit. How the best essay writing services on Reddit were evaluated:

1. GradeMiners - Most Popular on Reddit GradeMiners offers essay writing services for people internationally. The website connects students to trained academic writers and high-quality freelancers for writing and editing projects. The company offers a wide range of services from plagiarism checking to free revisions, community help and more for over 55,000 users monthly. Prices with GradeMiners are higher than average, but the company makes up for that with superior quality and professionalism. Hourly fees start at $11 with a 1-4 hour turnaround time. The writer then has up to 4 days to make revisions. What Reddit users say There are plenty of conversations happening about Grademiners on Reddit. One customer noted relief and satisfaction with the services offered by GradeMiners. They found the quality to be expert level and would use the service again. Individuals can find reviews and customer testimonials from the following subreddits: 

2. 99Papers - Best essay service for high-qualified writers 99Papers is one of the most popular essay writing websites on Reddit, and across the internet. College students often report quick turnaround times and high grades on their essays. This is one of the cheapest essay writing services available. This service features native English writers with master’s degrees and PhDs. Additional services include bibliography writing and plagiarism checks. Revisions are free. 99Papers is easy to use and makes for a great place for first-timers. Prices start at $9 an hour with a 3-hour deadline. Revisions may take up to 4 days. Codes and promos are available on the official website. What Reddit users say Reddit users and college students love 99Papers and it is evident by the high ranking this service has received on Reddit. One user was impressed with the talent pool of writers and appreciated 99 papers for its trustworthiness, privacy policy and money-back guarantee.

Interested users can find out more about 99Papers on the following subreddits:

3. EssayBox - Best essay writing service for customer care EssayBox is highly lauded as a quality paper writing service. They offer services across all disciplines and provide custom essay writing for papers, dissertations, term projects, etc. The service is an affordable, professional place to buy college essay papers. Customers will find a customer service portal on the website where they can get help and have questions answered on a 24/7 basis. Rates with EssayBox start at $12 an hour with a deadline of 3 hours. Promos are available. Revisions take 1-2 days and the site features native English writers. What Reddit users say A user on Reddit noted appreciation for the “preferred writer” feature that allows customers to build a relationship with a particular service provider. This person also mentioned working with a few different writers and noted that each one met his expectations. To learn more about this writing service, check out the following subreddits: 

4. EssayFactory - Best essay writing service for the UK Since 2016, EssayFactory has been offering international writing services and revisions for college students across the globe. There is a full money-back guarantee for any user who is unhappy with the final product, indicating the company has great confidence in its writers. The website provides a slew of other options, from writing CVs to case studies, too. Prices with EssayFactory start at $15 an hour with a 3-hour deadline. No discounts are available and revisions may take up to 10 days. Writers are native English speakers or have English as a second language. What Reddit users say A Reddit user noted EssayFactory as the best academic writing site on the net, stating they placed more than 12 orders so far and that they’re more than happy with each assignment. Each paper led the student to receive high grades. The following subreddits have more information on EssayFactory:

10 essay writing subreddits to boost anyone’s grades Reddit can offer writing help beyond their full essay writing services. Here are 10 of the best and most active subreddits for that: 1. r/PaperMarket This is a subreddit that helps people find the best research destinations for their papers. 2. r/DoMyHomework This website offers help with just about any kind of homework, from essays to online tests. 3. r/HandmadeWriting The unique and popular subreddit, HandmadeWriting, also has a website to connect students with professional writers and homework services. 4. r/ThePaperBay ThePaperBay is a community of peers who can ask each other for help with their papers and advertise their paper writing services. 5. r/HomeworkHelp On HomeworkHelp, people can get help with homework and essays for free. Experts are available on this subreddit to offer tips and pointers every step of the way. 6. r/stressays Feeling stressed when writing an essay? You aren’t alone! Stressays is a great community of essay writing services for people who need some encouragement. 7. r/HomeworkCentral As a newer subreddit, HomeworkCentral is a budding essay writing service on Reddit with fair prices and adjustable requirements offering peer-to-peer project completion. 8. r/Essay_Writing_Service This subreddit is run by an essay writing company that offers active services for college students and anyone who needs help writing and revising their essays. 9. r/AbrahamEssays AbrahamEssays is a self-promotional subreddit for peers and professionals offering assignment help across a variety of topics. 10. r/AdamHuler This subreddit is named after an individual, Adam Huler, who was one of the first to offer essay writing services on Reddit. He still provides help for students across the globe. Choosing the best Reddit essay writing service Users should keep the following considerations in mind when choosing the best essay writing service on Reddit: Always read reviews Peer reviews can provide a lot of insight into these services. What do other college students say? The testimonials on Reddit are a great place to gain further information about a service that an individual might be wanting to try. This will help distinguish between trustworthy services or those that are a scam.

Make sure writers use native English

There are plenty of people who can write well, but potential clients need to check that the writer’s English is up to par. Otherwise, people can end up with a paper that is loaded with spelling and grammar errors. Again, reviews come in handy here, but so does reading a writer’s bio and qualifications. Be clear on prices Some distrustful companies try to hide their final price points to convince potential clients to hire someone on their site. Interested individuals should always make sure that prices are displayed clearly. No one should have to face hidden fees. A money-back guarantee is even better, but it’s not standard. People that want extra peace of mind should keep that in mind and find a company that offers a clear return policy. Get professional essay writing help today Reddit is one of the best places on the internet to find essay writing services. People can also get additional help from peers in the subreddits listed above. It can be hard to know who to trust and if they’re reliable. But by browsing this list, the subreddits and reading testimonials by other Reddit users, interested consumers can get a better idea of which essay writing service is best for them. Get connected with services that offer high-quality essays and fast turnaround times for a fair price. This list provides a good starting point.

writing papers for money reddit

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TOP 5 Essay Writing Companies from Reddit

Smart Content LLC

The specificity of hiring authors to write essays has been gaining more and more popularity over the past few years. Over the past year, more than a hundred new services have appeared on the Internet that offer students services for writing scientific papers, essays, and dissertations online.

While researching these web services, we noticed a trend of the same companies appearing in the list of the best writing services. In order to establish the truth about these companies, we hired journalists to conduct research on the quality of these services. They ordered various types of academic papers under the pretext of real order and shared with us information about the quality of work of multiple services that occupy leading positions in Internet reviews. Here is a list of these services:

  99papers.com - service with extremely affordable prices

We provide you with small comments about the operation of each service below so that you can catch the most important aspects and decide which service is exemplary for you.

99papers - college essay writing service

Reviewed by - Arthur O'Connor

“To begin with, 99papers is one of the leading custom essay writing services on the web, based on independent peer review services. In general, I really enjoyed working with these guys.

The design of the website is intuitive, so I had no questions about how to place an order. A convenient factor was that when placing my order (it was a five-page essay for supposedly passing the future History exam), the site did not require my personal information. On the contrary, it only requested email.

I entered the data, wrote down the necessary conditions for my essay, and paid for the order. Essay writing cost me about 100 dollars. A pretty affordable amount for an essay. I've seen services raise the price tag much higher. I figured that the guys could invest three days to write a relatively simple paper. So I began to wait.

More precisely, I would have waited if I had not been entrusted with checking this service. So I wrote to the customer support chat. I was answered by a nice girl Mary within one minute and kindly answered all my questions. I'm surprised at the patience of the support staff, as all the questions I asked were posted in the FAQ section. By the way, in terms of information content, 99papers did a very good job. All terms and conditions of their work are in the public domain. However, I made sure that call center employees sat on the site for a reason.

Ultimately, my essay was delivered to me a day earlier than I expected. Also, the document was checked for plagiarism - my reliable tool gave a result of 99% originality of the content. Summarizing all the communication and the process of working with this service, I was satisfied. Reliable, responsible, and high quality.”

Extra perks: During checkout, you have the option “Choose a writer by yourself.” It is very convenient if you doubt the competence of the service algorithms. Affordable prices - from $9.95 per page.

Features: The prices here are such that you can definitely afford them. Hiring an author to write is done specifically for the convenience of the client. Chat with the writer is always available and free. And, of course, they get the job done on time.

EssayBox - academic essay writing service

Reviewed by - Missy-Christine Levinsky

“To test the EssayBox website, I decided to take on the role of an adult student who, at 45, almost never used the help of Internet services to solve complex university problems. I was Jose from Colorado, who was studying at a local college and had no idea how to pass "Modern Technologies" with excellent marks. Quite a plausible fable to test the strength of Customer Support.

As befits adults, I began to panic and asked about the security of the service. As I learned from the dialogue, all user rights are reserved, and the website also has a strict refund policy. They even made a separate page with a list of cases where you can claim a refund. This was supposed to calm me down, so I wrote down the requirements for my essay, after which I was gently redirected to the order page. Prices here, of course, could be cheaper because regardless of the solvency of the client, everyone wants to save on what they can do. However, $12 for the simplest page of text. $20 for 3rd and 4th year students. Let it be.

However, in contrast to such a price, I was pleasantly surprised that they said that they could write such an essay for me - attention - in a day, in 24 hours! I thought they would lose the quality of their work in such a short amount of time, so I challenged them and paid $290 for the work. I'm waiting.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to wait, so while they were writing me my life-changing college paper, I went through the site looking for clues. As it turned out, it was not so difficult for them to agree to my task. They work with almost all school and university subjects and also provide a number of free options that are available to anyone who orders from them on the platform.

Subsequently, after 19 and a half hours, my original academic paper arrived without a single mistake or typo. I even went to Google to see if they used the terms in the essay correctly. Apparently, I underestimated the abilities of EssayBox, because they handed me a really high-class job. Bravo!"

Extra perks: Lots of free extras that you can include when you order your essay. Also, you can choose your own proficient college essay writers. Free revisions.

Features: High-quality essays and other papers. Pricing table in the website header. Friendly customer support. An abundance of choice in editing and writing academic papers.

Essays.io - free and premium essay examples

Reviewed by - Nathan Cardi

“I was trusted to check Essays.io . Let's start off by saying that I really liked the website visually. As a designer in the past, I can say that the logo of the company, the colors of the website, and the TOV, in which all the information is written, are very well combined with each other. Most of all, I liked the cute dog, which, apparently, is the face of the company. The move is not bad because the brand is immediately remembered by the user of the site.

What about the service itself? It seems to me that the guys have made an emphasis on the multiple choice of literally all types of academic papers and subjects that students study in college. It seems to me that other companies could easily buy essay samples from essays.io because the free essay samples available here are numerous. To be honest, I only read a few examples before placing an order, and the quality of these works surprised me. Documents are even indented, as required by certain writing styles (and teachers love to take points for not matching the format of one style or another).

The prices here are some of the cheapest I've seen from legitimate essay-writing web services. From the point of view of a simple layman, this is just a godsend, but from an expert's point of view, it still looks a little suspicious. Great bait. Let's see what they can do.

I ordered an Application Essay for admission to one of the famous US universities. And since all the famous universities in the United States set the bar high, I wondered how a service that charges $9.45 per page would cope with this task. I noted that it is important for me that my work is written by a native speaker. The price tag was put up, and I paid $78 for a two-page document. Why so much? Because I set a deadline - do this work within three hours.

The option of choosing a writer significantly reduced my “real experiences,” as if it really meant something in my life before entering university. However, I placed an order and started waiting.

What can be done on a website in three hours?

Naturally, I read a couple more college paper samples. Having calmed down a bit, not finding typos and errors there, which I carefully looked for with the help of plagiarism detection tools, I moved on to technical issues. It was interesting to find out how protected the rights of users are.

Only at this moment, I found out that here you can pay via PayPal. Who does not know - this is a payment system that allows you to remain anonymous during the transfer of money. Almost like paying with cryptocurrency, but much easier. Don't think too hard. The main idea is that you don't have to reveal your identity at all.

The time has come to receive my Application Essay. I checked it for typos, expecting there to be none. I have no questions regarding technical characteristics and layout. But how beautifully they told me about my own motivation to go to university. If I were on the selection committee, I would take myself for training without hesitation. I was satisfied.”

Extra perks: A lot of free examples of different types of academic papers. They also offer to buy an e-book of their own production. Fairly low prices.

Features: Beautifully executed site design. Get your work done quickly. Very high-quality materials. The privacy policy is strictly observed.

BookwormLab - 100% Plagiarism-free papers

Reviewed by - Lucas Addison

"Hi everyone! I'm Lukas, an expert in essay writing service checks. Here is my short review of the work of one of the best services according to independent Internet experts -

  BookWormLab .

This is a fairly ancient service that has been operating since 2008. To begin with, I state that a business that has lasted in its niche for more than five years can be called legal and successful. However, hasn't bookwormlab relaxed after so many years of work? Maybe they are tired of working, working so much time? Maybe the declared speed does not correspond to the quality of their work? Let's find out now.

When I was young, I often used essay writing services. At that time, there were much fewer of them, and there was not much to choose from. Bookwormlab often caught my eye ten years ago, but I did not use their services due to the fact that price was important to me, not quality. Silly me. Who knew that you should not save on academic papers...

Since I started with the question of price, let's dwell on it a little. Honestly, there are services that are cheaper. Here, writing an essay will cost you a minimum of $15 per page. Yes, it is not affordable for many students. But looking ahead, it's worth it.

In general, I ordered some kind of five-page essay from a top PhD writer in their custom order form. The complexity of the topic of the essay, as I understand it, was not at all a problem for this service because they work with all the study materials that could theoretically be exhibited in your schedule. So I chose something simple, psychology. I paid $180 and trusted Bookwormlab to pick the best writer for me.

I enjoyed reading the information on their website. All privacy and refund policies look believable. Also, they note that I can request free editing after I receive an order. I did this for experimental purposes.

They also have a very interesting essay writing blog, so I was stuck on this tab for about three hours. In the past, people used to write various blog articles to give the appearance of life on the site, but there are interesting topics covered here that would interest any student. Like, every student wants to know essay writing tips and tricks.

I received my essay, and I immediately proceeded to check it. I couldn't believe my eyes - five different tools showed me 100% originality of the written text. I decided to keep going and ordered another essay with exactly the same topic. And then the same thing awaited me - the same 100% unique content in the text. I didn't believe this was possible. He asked me to proofread and edit an already excellent work. They did it for free. Now I'm not surprised why these guys have been at the top of the list of the best essay writing services for so long. And as you can see, it's worth that money.”

Extra perks: They have a Rewards Club discount system. It allows you to save a significant amount of money on your next orders. You can also place a free inquiry to see how much your work will cost.

Features: Fast and high-quality sending of finished documents. Perfect originality of academic papers. Value for money. Strict privacy and refund policy.

EssayFactory - Expert Writers and Editors from UK

Reviewed by - Harold Livin

“In fact, it is rare to find British people who do their job as well as Americans do when they write academic papers. I'm happy to check out this particular service. Here is my humble review:

In life, I am not attracted to pedantry, but in work, it is the first thing I pay attention to. Their site speaks for itself very clearly - all the necessary information for ordering is on the first page. It is significant that even in the information about the operation of the service, I came across a lot of native British words, by which you can immediately recognize the hand of a citizen of Great Britain.

I commissioned an essay on industrial technology from them to see how they were going to describe some fairly complex terms. It cost me just over $11 per page. Unfortunately, I could not determine the cost before ordering - for this, you need to enter your email in their database. So, if you are not going to order an essay from them specifically, it can be frustrating for the user.

I waited four days, and in the end, I received a wonderful essay in the mail. It was well-formatted, and the information was beautifully presented in the British style. So, if you want to hire essay writers in the UK, I can highly recommend this service to you.”

Extra perks: Lots of information about different types of academic papers. Extremely fast completion of the task.

Features: Really good command of British English. The prices are affordable, and the company is quite reliable.

Studies of the services listed above only confirmed their reliability. Suppose you don't want to spend time writing lengthy papers but at the same time want to be sure that your academic papers will be delivered to you on time and will definitely pass the originality check, choose one of these services. In that case, you are guaranteed a good result in college.

Contact Details

Robert Novak

[email protected]

Company Website


The Best Essay Writing Services on Reddit and Quora

It's no secret that students often look for side assistance online. However, sometimes the search process leads them to the most unexpected places on the World Wide Web. For example, recently, I wondered if I could find anyone on Reddit and Quora who can help me with some papers.

Looking ahead, I want to say that I regretted a little about my excessive curiosity since it took me about seven days to crawl through tons of spam and scams. But in the end, I know that the "essay help Reddit" search query can help you find something interesting. So, let me tell you everything in detail.

blog img

Our Top Rated Services

To my deepest regret, Quora has lost the status of a site where you can get an answer to your question. This is a website that looks like a huge dump where you can drown in piles of rubbish. You can't just write something like "Quora & Reddit write my paper" and make sure I'm right.

I only found hundreds of spam messages and fake pages. Here you will not find someone who will help you with your papers. Unfortunately, this site has fallen prey to spammers and jokers. This is why I don’t think that it is a good place to search for help.

Now let's try to find a legit essay writing service on Reddit. After a short search, I came across something interesting. However, this is not exactly what I expected to find.

As you can see, I could not find anything useful because of the legion of trolls and pranksters. However, I decided that good old Google and "Reddit write my essay" search query will help me. As I expected, this strategy was much better.

1. PaperMarket

And here is the first web forum, which has almost 5.5k subscribers. It should be noted that this is a fairly active place with moderators and strict spam control. I recommend that you take a couple of minutes and read the basic rules. Although there is a fair amount of spam even here, you can try to find a helper there. But you’ll come across hundreds of "essay writing Reddit" advertisements.

2. ThePaperBay

Here's another web forum, which has almost 2.1k subscribers. All you have to do is ask for assistance. Then, other people can contact you and get the details. However, you should understand that there is a lot of spam, and you will have to read more than once about "the best essay writing service on Reddit" and people who are ready to write the perfect paper for you. But you should know that many users are fakes, and you will only waste your time. By the way, almost every forum is nothing more than another spam place.

3. OnlineCourseHelp

When I entered the "write my essay Reddit" search query, I found this web forum. It is worth noting that this is a fairly popular place that has around 156k followers. Here you can ask questions regarding your homework and get answers. However, the local moderators are against advertising. But if you ask for help, someone may answer you in private messages.

4. Essay_Writing_Service

Here is one of the first forums that openly invites people to post. By the way, this forum has almost 8.41k subscribers. It's not much, but you can try to find a writer or a company. However, there is a lot of spam here. In addition, moderators often promote certain writing services.

5. EssayForAll

When I tried to find an essay writing service on Reddit, I saw this web forum as one of the first. There are only 3.3k subscribers here, but you can try to find someone who can help you. It's worth noting that the moderators are trying to block spam, but I've seen quite a few links to eduguide.pro and other websites. Unfortunately, you may have to spend some time finding the diamond among the heap of rubbish.

Top 3 Most Advertised Companies on Reddit

Since I spent almost a week exploring the web forums jungle, I had to deal with thousands of advertisements. That is why I decided that it would be nice to find at least three companies that are the most advertised. Here are the results of my research. I've tested them, and I'm ready to share my experience with you.

1. EduGuide.Pro

I found this site almost as soon as I typed the " best paper writing service on Reddit " search query. DDW Corp Limited operates the website. The company provides lots of services. So I decided to order a 2-page college essay on History. It seemed to me that such a task is quite simple to complete. 

I asked the writer to describe the key events of World War II and the stage when the United States decided to declare war on Germany. However, it is worth noting that I was not satisfied with the paper's quality. Besides, the support agents lied to me when they promised to find the best writer.

Pros and Cons

2. JustDoMyHomework.com

As you may have guessed, I decided to go the extra mile to find another Reddit essay writing service . JustDoMyHomework is the second most popular site I've picked to test. It should be noted that this is a British company. UniProf LLP owns the site. 

I decided to order a 3-page argumentative essay on Biology. My topic was related to the structure of animal cells and the causes of biological mutations. Unfortunately, the writer ignored some of my demands. Another problem is high prices and plagiarism. I have a negative attitude towards those companies that use other people's intellectual property.

3. ThePensters.com

Here's another writing service I've spotted on almost every forum. It is worth noting that ThePensters is a Cypriot website that was established in 2009. The FrogProg Ltd company owns this site. I thought about it and decided that I was ready to take the risk. This time I decided to order a 2-page admission essay. According to legend, I was going to become a college student and connect my life with music. 

I asked the writer to focus on a list of my goals, strengths, and ambitions. It is worth noting that I have attached a file with detailed instructions. In the end, the writer met the deadline. I cannot say that I am completely satisfied with the quality of the paper, but my assignment was slightly better than those that I ordered on other sites from my list.

The Bottom Line

So, I spent a whole week looking for emeralds among dirt on Quora and Reddit. As a result, I was able to understand a few interesting patterns. First, many companies create web forums to promote their websites. Secondly, I haven't found a single mention of really good writing services like SpeedyPaper or WritePaperFor.me . I advise you to forget about Quora as a nightmare, as there are more scammers than fleas on a stray dog.

There are quite a few freelancers on Reddit, but almost all of them are scammers, or you will have to spend several weeks to find at least someone real. In addition, freelancers do not give you any guarantee, although they require you to pay for their services in advance. It


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