What’s a good reason to say you’re calling out of work for when you don’t want your boss to know the real reason?

best excuse for missing work reddit

"I need to take the day off and will be in tomorrow."

TIPS FROM A MANAGER ABOUT CALLING OFF -As someone who has also had quite the wrap sheet for calling off in previous jobs.

Best excuses to use

Sick/Not feeling well COVID-19 -Contact with someone who has COVID-19 and need to be tested to be safe. Currently as of now covid-19 being such a life threatening sickness it makes the perfect excuse if needed to call off. Use it while it is something that easily can be said and not looked as of a phony reason. Unexpected circumstances in one life either meaning

Family emergency

Pet is injured/sick

For a woman // menstrual issues Anyone who has kids

Forgotten scheduled appointment

Child is not feeling well.

Childcare is not provided due to some issues and you need to stay home to provide that yourself.

If your excuse would be a family emergency to call on you say for example “Hello I am calling to let you know that I cannot make it into work right now. And that “I am dealing with a family emergency.” end it don’t say oh my grandmother is in the hospital or my brother broke his arm or dog fell down the stairs. Giving more explanation further puts you down the hole and believe me if you are already lying most managers can tell trust me!!! Now if you do need to provide info here is how you do it ( continue #3 )

Example : If you told your boss when calling out of work, that you are not feeling well and need to stay home, as you do return to work your boss asks you about it reply “ I was not feeling well and needed to rest thank you”

I am NOT a lawyer, but if you're just calling out for a day you don't have to provide any more detail than "I am too sick to come in" (or similar)

If your a good employee that's typically reliable and productive you should be fine to say it's personal. There's no need to lie or make up excuses unless calling out is a common thing for you.

Agree with this but also depends if your employer/manager is reasonable as well

Your dog shit every where.

I once was really late because my dog left a dozen or so Hershey squirts around my room over night.

Then I realized everyone pities the man who has to labor over a multitude of fuming piles of dog shit. No questions asked

I’m sorry you had to deal with that 😭💀

Just say it’s a family emergency. If they ask questions just say it’s a private matter.

“My kid is sick”

“I need to tend to a family emergency”

You have a really bad headache

The problem people make is trying to come up with these elaborate lies as to why they are taking off of work. Everybody knows you're lying.

Unless you're flat out going to get fired if you call off without a valid excuse, and if you are you should find a better job, just say you have an emergency and need the day off.

This is what FMLA is for.

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