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Collection  30 April 2019

Top 100 in Ecology

Explore our most highly accessed* ecology articles in 2018. Featuring authors from around the World, these papers highlight valuable research within ecology from an international community.

*According to web analytics, covering January-December 2018

ecology for a research paper

Multi-modal survey of Adélie penguin mega-colonies reveals the Danger Islands as a seabird hotspot

ecology for a research paper

The evolution of fruit colour: phylogeny, abiotic factors and the role of mutualists

ecology for a research paper

Species Distribution Modelling: Contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data

ecology for a research paper

Co-extinctions annihilate planetary life during extreme environmental change

ecology for a research paper

A specialized fungal parasite ( Massospora cicadina ) hijacks the sexual signals of periodical cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada )

ecology for a research paper

Light pollution is greatest within migration passage areas for nocturnally-migrating birds around the world

ecology for a research paper

Acceleration of phenological advance and warming with latitude over the past century

ecology for a research paper

Mitochondrial DNA is unsuitable to test for isolation by distance

ecology for a research paper

Multi-species coexistence in Lotka-Volterra competitive systems with crowding effects

ecology for a research paper

Environmental DNA filtration techniques affect recovered biodiversity

ecology for a research paper

Reduced occupancy of hedgehogs ( Erinaceus europaeus ) in rural England and Wales: The influence of habitat and an asymmetric intra-guild predator

ecology for a research paper

Controlling the impact of the managed honeybee on wild bees in protected areas

ecology for a research paper

The influence of riverine barriers, climate, and topography on the biogeographic regionalization of Amazonian anurans

ecology for a research paper

Medicinal value of sunflower pollen against bee pathogens

ecology for a research paper

Long-term response of forest productivity to climate change is mostly driven by change in tree species composition

ecology for a research paper

Demonstration of the potential of environmental DNA as a tool for the detection of avian species

ecology for a research paper

Disequilibrium of fire-prone forests sets the stage for a rapid decline in conifer dominance during the 21 st century

ecology for a research paper

Gymnosperms on the EDGE

ecology for a research paper

Climate Degradation and Extreme Icing Events Constrain Life in Cold-Adapted Mammals

ecology for a research paper

Climate change is affecting mortality of weasels due to camouflage mismatch

ecology for a research paper

Genetic analyses favour an ancient and natural origin of elephants on Borneo

ecology for a research paper

Warning signals of biodiversity collapse across gradients of tropical forest loss

ecology for a research paper

Future global productivity will be affected by plant trait response to climate

ecology for a research paper

DNA-based identification reveals illegal trade of threatened shark species in a global elasmobranch conservation hotspot

ecology for a research paper

Partial migration in savanna elephant populations distributed across southern Africa

ecology for a research paper

Modeling the distributions of tegu lizards in native and potential invasive ranges

ecology for a research paper

Environmental DNA reveals quantitative patterns of fish biodiversity in large rivers despite its downstream transportation

ecology for a research paper

A global mismatch in the protection of multiple marine biodiversity components and ecosystem services

ecology for a research paper

Combining fish and benthic communities into multiple regimes reveals complex reef dynamics

ecology for a research paper

Ocean acidification drives community shifts towards simplified non-calcified habitats in a subtropical−temperate transition zone

ecology for a research paper

Impact of the huge 2011 Tohoku-oki tsunami on the phenotypes and genotypes of Japanese coastal threespine stickleback populations

ecology for a research paper

Phenotypic plasticity vs. local adaptation in quantitative traits differences of Stipa grandis in semi-arid steppe, China

ecology for a research paper

Estimating wildlife activity curves: comparison of methods and sample size

ecology for a research paper

Grazing and climate effects on soil organic carbon concentration and particle-size association in northern grasslands

ecology for a research paper

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields impair the Cognitive and Motor Abilities of Honey Bees

ecology for a research paper

Toward reliable population estimates of wolves by combining spatial capture-recapture models and non-invasive DNA monitoring

ecology for a research paper

Altitudinal, temporal and trophic partitioning of flower-visitors in Alpine communities

ecology for a research paper

Assessing cetacean surveys throughout the Mediterranean Sea: a gap analysis in environmental space

ecology for a research paper

Integrated Population Modeling Provides the First Empirical Estimates of Vital Rates and Abundance for Polar Bears in the Chukchi Sea

ecology for a research paper

Climate change-driven range losses among bumblebee species are poised to accelerate

ecology for a research paper

Effect of tropical forest disturbance on the competitive interactions within a diverse ant community

ecology for a research paper

Hydroacoustics as a tool to examine the effects of Marine Protected Areas and habitat type on marine fish communities

ecology for a research paper

Social bees are fitter in more biodiverse environments

ecology for a research paper

Development and worldwide use of non-lethal, and minimal population-level impact, protocols for the isolation of amphibian chytrid fungi

ecology for a research paper

Biophysical feedbacks mediate carbonate chemistry in coastal ecosystems across spatiotemporal gradients

ecology for a research paper

Ocean sprawl facilitates dispersal and connectivity of protected species

ecology for a research paper

Uniqueness of Protected Areas for Conservation Strategies in the European Union

ecology for a research paper

Fungal spore diversity reflects substrate-specific deposition challenges

ecology for a research paper

Asclepias Syriaca (Common Milkweed) flowering date shift in response to climate change

ecology for a research paper

Hotspots within a global biodiversity hotspot - areas of endemism are associated with high mountain ranges

ecology for a research paper

Genetic homogeneity of the invasive lionfish across the Northwestern Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

ecology for a research paper

Genetic diversity and kelp forest vulnerability to climatic stress

ecology for a research paper

Humpback whale migrations to Antarctic summer foraging grounds through the southwest Pacific Ocean

ecology for a research paper

Distribution and the origin of invasive apple snails, Pomacea canaliculata and P. maculata (Gastropoda: Ampullariidae) in China

ecology for a research paper

Verification of Argentine ant defensive compounds and their behavioral effects on heterospecific competitors and conspecific nestmates

ecology for a research paper

Epidemiological tracing of Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans identifies widespread infection and associated mortalities in private amphibian collections

ecology for a research paper

Artificial Light at Night Affects Emergence from a Refuge and Space Use in Guppies

ecology for a research paper

Evaluating the Contribution of North American Zoos and Aquariums to Endangered Species Recovery

ecology for a research paper

Northern protected areas will become important refuges for biodiversity tracking suitable climates

ecology for a research paper

Effects of sampling effort on biodiversity patterns estimated from environmental DNA metabarcoding surveys

ecology for a research paper

Novel crab predator causes marine ecosystem regime shift

ecology for a research paper

High carnivore population density highlights the conservation value of industrialised sites

ecology for a research paper

A globally-distributed alien invasive species poses risks to United States imperiled species

ecology for a research paper

Secondary forest regeneration benefits old-growth specialist bats in a fragmented tropical landscape

ecology for a research paper

Optimal swimming strategies and behavioral plasticity of oceanic whitetip sharks

ecology for a research paper

Floral resource partitioning by individuals within generalised hoverfly pollination networks revealed by DNA metabarcoding

ecology for a research paper

Blue mussel shell shape plasticity and natural environments: a quantitative approach

ecology for a research paper

Sea surface temperature predicts the movements of an Arctic cetacean: the bowhead whale

ecology for a research paper

Species contributions to single biodiversity values under-estimate whole community contribution to a wider range of values to society

ecology for a research paper

Enzootic frog pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Asian tropics reveals high ITS haplotype diversity and low prevalence

ecology for a research paper

Species distribution model transferability and model grain size – finer may not always be better

ecology for a research paper

Homogenization and impoverishment of taxonomic and functional diversity of ants in Eucalyptus plantations

ecology for a research paper

A Nearctic-Neotropical Migratory Songbird’s Nesting Phenology and Clutch Size are Predictors of Accumulated Cyclone Energy

ecology for a research paper

Disclosing the double mutualist role of birds on Galápagos

ecology for a research paper

Climatic niche divergence drives patterns of diversification and richness among mammal families

ecology for a research paper

Grassland ecosystem responses to climate change and human activities within the Three-River Headwaters region of China

ecology for a research paper

Contrasting patterns of leaf trait variation among and within species during tropical dry forest succession in Costa Rica

ecology for a research paper

Sporadic nesting reveals long distance colonisation in the philopatric loggerhead sea turtle ( Caretta caretta )

ecology for a research paper

Population genetic signatures of a climate change driven marine range extension

ecology for a research paper

Cryptic population structure reveals low dispersal in Iberian wolves

ecology for a research paper

Contrasting phylogeographic pattern among Eudyptes penguins around the Southern Ocean

ecology for a research paper

Socio-ecological dynamics of Caribbean coral reef ecosystems and conservation opinion propagation

ecology for a research paper

Non-structural carbohydrates regulated by season and species in the subtropical monsoon broad-leaved evergreen forest of Yunnan Province, China

ecology for a research paper

Female dispersion and sex ratios interact in the evolution of mating behavior: a computational model

ecology for a research paper

Scenario planning with linked land-sea models inform where forest conservation actions will promote coral reef resilience

ecology for a research paper

On the wrong track: ocean acidification attracts larval fish to irrelevant environmental cues

ecology for a research paper

Metabarcoding of marine environmental DNA based on mitochondrial and nuclear genes

ecology for a research paper

Using spatial mark-recapture for conservation monitoring of grizzly bear populations in Alberta

ecology for a research paper

Climate Warming as a Possible Trigger of Keystone Mussel Population Decline in Oligotrophic Rivers at the Continental Scale

ecology for a research paper

High-resolution GPS tracking reveals sex differences in migratory behaviour and stopover habitat use in the Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus

ecology for a research paper

Proximate mechanisms affecting seasonal differences in migration speed of avian species

ecology for a research paper

Repeatability and degree of territorial aggression differs among urban and rural great tits ( Parus major )

ecology for a research paper

Habitat degradation alters trophic pathways but not food chain length on shallow Caribbean coral reefs

ecology for a research paper

Boat noise impacts risk assessment in a coral reef fish but effects depend on engine type

ecology for a research paper

Barn swallows long-distance migration occurs between significantly temperature-correlated areas

ecology for a research paper

N -mixture models reliably estimate the abundance of small vertebrates

ecology for a research paper

New universal ITS2 primers for high-resolution herbivory analyses using DNA metabarcoding in both tropical and temperate zones

ecology for a research paper

Remotely-sensed productivity clusters capture global biodiversity patterns

ecology for a research paper

Searching for a compromise between biological and economic demands to protect vulnerable habitats

ecology for a research paper

Hybrids of amphibian chytrid show high virulence in native hosts

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Start-to-Finish Ecology Research Paper Writing Guide

An ecology research paper is academic writing based on an original scientific investigation on a particular ecological topic, analysis of gathered information, and interpretation of the research findings. Ecology research papers may focus on different aspects, such as biogeochemistry and ecosystem science, evolutionary patterns and processes, community ecology, organismal biology, population biology, and chemical ecology, and commonly researched areas, such as sustainability, conservation, and environment. Questions you should ask yourself before beginning the research paper investigation and writing process include:

This ecology research paper writing guide provides a step-by-step analysis of tips that help you respond to the above questions. Regardless of the requirements that should be followed when writing an ecology research paper, the first important element entails deciding what to research and write about. Therefore, identifying an ecology research paper topic is an important first step in the writing process.

paper difference

Picking a Suitable Topic for Your Ecology Research Paper Writing

Topics that disinterest you and those that may not be too challenging contribute to loss of enthusiasm and diminish the efforts you may put towards researching and putting the research paper together. Therefore, choose topics that interest and challenge you to improve your attitude towards the topic and the research process. The following steps are essential when selecting research topics in ecology.

Viable ecology research paper topics are as follows:

Try a quicker way

Developing an Appropriate Thesis Statement for Your Ecology Research Paper

Your research paper should have a strong thesis statement that articulates the unifying theme of your paper. Depending on your chosen topic, the thesis statement could present an argument, provoke different thoughts, or describe ideas. The thesis should define what the research is about and guide the intended audience through your ideas to help make sense of your paper. The statement will minimize possibilities of you engaging in disconnected thoughts likely to lose the readers’ interest. When creating a thesis statement:

Combine the above ideas into a sentence or two to come up with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should present a point of view that readers and other writers can agree or disagree with. Moreover, it should provide reasons for choosing specific viewpoints.

Additional Tips for Creating a Good Thesis Statement.

Begin the process with a question. As noted above, the answers you come up with from the question can become your thesis statement. For instance:

Question: What are the benefits of climate controlled storage? Answer: A major benefit of climate controlled storage is that it maintains a consistent temperature and protects artifacts from extreme temperatures.

Thus, the thesis statement can be, ‘Climate controlled storage units are important because they maintain a consistent temperature and protect artifacts from extreme temperatures.’ In addition, correlate your thesis statement to the type of research paper you are writing; that is, is your research argumentative, persuasive, or informative?

The Structure of an Ecology Research Paper

A scholarly research paper has six main sections, but the number of segments may vary depending on the topic, the purpose of the research paper, and its length. The sections include the title, the abstract, the introduction, the body, the conclusion, and the reference section. In most cases, the body section contains other sub-divisions such as methods, results, and discussion.

The body section can be written in prose with each paragraph presenting new ideas or theme and supporting evidence. In such a case, the outline for the body is as follows:

Paragraph 1: Main idea 1 Supporting evidence 1 Supporting evidence 2

Paragraph 2: Main idea 2 Supporting evidence 1 Supporting evidence 2

The noted outline can be used for all the major themes and ideas.

Other elements that should be incorporated in the body paragraphs include:

If your topic sentence requires further elaboration, add one or two sentences that explain it.

A good conclusion should:

Post Writing Tips from Our Writers to Polish Up Your Ecology Research Paper

Proofreading your research paper is the major post writing activity you should engage in. You should review:

The proofreading should be done hours or days later to promote objectivity.

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Ecology Paper Topics and Informative Sources to Choose for Any Paper Type

Take the Survey

Human beings are the most intelligent and the most negligible creatures on this planet. We build rockets, discuss philosophical ideas, and use our brains to face the most unexpected life challenges.

However, we haven’t realized one simple thing yet. Our planet can survive without us. But if we don’t stop thoughtless consumption and pollution, Mother Earth will get rid of us with no regrets.

So, we should always remember this and build a more sustainable society. Check the ecology research topics, prepared by our essay writing service , and learn more about modern environmental issues!

At the end of the article, you’ll find the list of helpful sources for ecology papers and a link to an ecology lab report composed by one of our talented writers.

Human ecology essay topics

human ecology essay topics

Marine ecology essay topics

marine ecology essay topics

Aquatic ecology research topics

aquatic ecology research paper topics

Argumentative ecology topics for research papers

argumentative ecology research paper topics

Analytical ecology research paper topics

analytical ecology research paper topics

Compare and contrast ecology research topics

compare and contrast ecology topics

Ecology topics for definition essays

ecology topics for definition essay

Cause and effect ecology paper topics

cause and effect ecology paper topics

Okay, we’re done with topics. 85 themes are enough for the beginning, right? As we’ve promised, here is a link to our ecology lab report sample . We hope that it’ll inspire you for your writing. You may also find useful our recycling essay topics to develop the theme of ecology.

Reliable sources of information are essential for any kind of research work. In the list below, you’ll find various articles, reports, and books that will help you to compose an A-level essay. Don’t forget to use the proper citation format when you use them for your paper!

Useful sources for your essays on ecology research topics

– Adusei, P.K., Oduro-Ofori, E., Amponsah, O. and Agyeman, K.O. (2018). Participatory incremental slum upgrading towards sustainability: An assessment of slum dwellers’ willingness and ability to pay for utility services. – Avila-Pires, F. (2007). Human ecology and general ecology: On theory and methods. – Barnosky, A. D., Hadley, E. A., Gonzalez, P., Head, J., Polly, P. D., Lawing, A. M.,& Blois, J. (2017). Merging paleobiology with conservation biology to guide the future of terrestrial ecosystems. – Baselga, A., Gómez-Rodríguez, C., & Vogler, A. P. (2015). Multi-hierarchical macroecology at species and genetic levels to discern neutral and non-neutral processes. – Bell, E., Bryman, A., & Harley, B. (2018). Business research methods. – Bernard, H. R. (2017). Research methods in anthropology: Marine ecology, environmental policy. – Blackwell, B.G., Brown, M.L & Willis, D.W. (2000). Relative weight (Wr) status and current use in fisheries assessment and management. – Brei, Michael, et al. (2016). Environmental pollution and biodiversity: Light pollution and sea turtles in the Caribbean. – Buckner, Emily V., et al. (2018). Conserving connectivity: Human influence on subsidy transfer and relevant restoration efforts. – Campbell, B. G. (2014). Human ecology: The story of our place in nature from prehistory to the present. – Chan, J. T. K., Leung, H. M., Yue, P. Y. K., Au, C. K., Wong, Y. K., Cheung, K. C., … & Yung, K. K. L. (2017). Combined effects of land reclamation, channel dredging upon the bioavailable concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Victoria Harbour sediment, Hong Kong. – Chiras, D. D. (2014). Environmental science. – Clayton, S., Kals, E. and Feygina, I. (2016). Justice and environmental sustainability. – Davenport, C. (2014, May 28). President said to be planning to use executive authority on carbon rule. – De Ridder, Denise, et al. (2013). Obesity, overconsumption, and self-regulation failure: The unsung role of eating appropriateness standards. – Eagle, Lynne, et al. (2016). The role of social marketing, marine turtles and sustainable tourism in reducing plastic pollution. – Eizenberg, E. and Jabareen, Y. (2017). Social sustainability: A new conceptual framework. England salt marsh plant community. Journal of Ecology, 92(1), 72-85. – Fraser, M. W., Short, J., Kendrick, G., McLean, D., Keesing, J., Byrne, M., … & Field, S. (2017). Effects of dredging on critical ecological processes for marine invertebrates, seagrasses and macroalgae, and the potential for management with environmental windows using Western Australia as a case study. – Froese R., (2006). Cube law, condition factor and weight-length relationships: Meta-analysis and recommendations. – Fuentes‐Pardo, A. P., & Ruzzante, D. E. (2017). Whole‐genome sequencing approaches for conservation biology: Advantages, limitations and practical recommendations. – Fuentes, MMPB, and J. E. Cinner. (2010). Using expert opinion to prioritize impacts of climate change on sea turtles’ nesting grounds. – Golden, Eva J. (2016). Sea turtle response to climate change: Analyzing current and predicting future impacts on populations, habitat, and prey populations. – Goodwin, Neva, et al. Consumption and the consumer society. – Håkansson, Andreas. (2014). What is overconsumption?–A step towards a common understanding. – Hetherington, M. M., and P. Blundell‐Birtill. (2018). The portion size effect and overconsumption–towards downsizing solutions for children and adolescents. – Humphrey, W. S. (2017). A Synthesis of James Howard Kunstler’s Themes of Urbanization and the Impending Oil Crisis in The Geography of Nowhere, Home from Nowhere, The City in Mind, and The Long Emergency. – Ianole, Rodica, and Viorel Cornescu. (2013). Overconsumption society through the looking-glass of behavioral economics. – J., Clarke, D., … & Erftemeijer, P. L. (2017). A critical analysis of the direct effects of dredging on fish. – Jambeck, J. R., et al. (2015). Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean. – Karl, T. R., & Trenberth, K. E. (2003). Modern global climate change. – Kartzinel, T. R., Goheen, J. R., Charles, G. K., DeFranco, E., Maclean, J. E., Otieno, T. O., & Pringle, R. M. (2014). Plant and small‐mammal responses to large‐herbivore exclusion in an African savanna: Five years of the UHURU experiment. – Kim, D., Bartholdy, J., & Bartholdy, A. T. (2016). Varying patterns of vegetation dynamics. Laferrière, E., & Stoett, P. J. (1999). International relations theory and ecological thought: Towards a synthesis. – Li, K., Liu, X., Zhao, X., & Guo, W. (2010). Effects of reclamation projects on marine ecological environment in Tianjin Harbor Industrial Zone. – Low, S., Van Ryzin, M. J., Brown, E. C., Smith, B. H., & Haggerty, K. P. (2014). Engagement matters: Lessons from assessing classroom implementation of steps to respect: A bullying prevention program over a one-year period. – Manap, N., & Voulvoulis, N. (2015). Environmental management for dredging sediments–the requirement of developing nations. – Marquet, P., Allen, A., Brown, J., Dunne, J., & Enquist, B. (2014). On Theory in Ecology. Martens, R. (2018). Strategies for Adopting Additive Manufacturing Technology into Business Models. – Meadow, A. M., Ferguson, D. B., Guido, Z., Horangic, A., Owen, G., & Wall, T. (2015). Moving toward the Deliberate Coproduction of Climate Science Knowledge. – Morellato, L. P. C., Alberton, B., Alvarado, S. T., Borges, B., Buisson, E., Camargo, M. G. G., … & Mendoza, I. (2016). Linking plant phenology to conservation biology. – Mouzelis, N. P. (2016). Back to sociological theory: The construction of social orders. Nabangchang, Orapan, et al. “Mobilizing Resources for Marine Turtle Conservation in Asia: A Cross-Country Perspective.” – Nelms, Sarah E., et al. “Plastic and Marine Turtles: A Review and Call for Research.” Niemi, E. (2009). An Overview of Potential Economic Costs to Washington of a Business-As-Usual Approach to Climate Change. – Oldenburg, B., van Duijn, M., Sentse, M., Huitsing, G., van der Ploeg, R., Salmivalli, C., & Veenstra, R. (2015). Teacher characteristics and peer victimization in elementary schools: A classroom-level perspective. – Peets, K., Pöyhönen, V., Juvonen, J., & Salmivalli, C. (2015). Classroom norms of bullying alter the degree to which children defend in response to their affective empathy and power. – Pegas, Fernanda de Vasconcellos, et al. “For Love or for Money? Investigating the Impact of an Ecotourism Programme on Local Residents’ Assigned Values towards Sea Turtles.” – Pomeroy, L. R., & Wiegert, R. G. (2012). The Ecology of a Salt Marsh. – Qualitative and quantitative approaches. Rowman & Littlefield. – Roland and Galloway, 2010. Caring for Students: Student-teacher relations. – Saarento, S., & Salmivalli, C. (2015). The role of classroom peer ecology and bystanders’ responses in bullying. – Sarkar U. K., Deepak P. K. & Negi R. S. (2008). Length-weight relationship of clown knifefish Chitala chitala (Hamilton 1822) from the Ganga basin, India. – Schütte, B. (2018). Legal and Policy Options to handle Marine Littering. – Silliman, B. R. (2014). Salt marshes. – Sommers, W. T., Loehman, R. A., & Hardy, C. C. (2014). Ecology and Climate Science. Wildland fire emissions, carbon, and climate: Science overview and knowledge needs. – Southall, A., 2017. The segmentary state: From the imaginary to the material means of production. – Swearer, S. M., & Hymel, S. (2015). Understanding the psychology of bullying: Moving toward a social-ecological diathesis–stress model. – Swearer, S., & Hymel, S. (2015). Bullying and discrimination in schools: Exploring variations across student subgroups. – Tamunobereton-ari, I., Omubo-Pepple, V. B., & Briggs-Kamara, M. A. Dredging for Reclamation of Mangrove Swamp at Ogu, in Ogu/Bolo Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria: The Impact on Biodiversity and the Environment. – Tilman, D. (2001). Forecasting Agriculturally Driven Global Environmental Change. – Todd, V. L., Todd, I. B., Gardiner, J. C., Morrin, E. C., MacPherson, N. A., DiMarzio, N. A., &  – Thomsen, F. (2014). A review of impacts of marine dredging activities on marine mammals. Marine Plastic Pollution Legal & Policy Solution Briefing and Workshop: Extended Producer Responsibility and life-cycle management of plastic products. – Urry, J. (2015). Climate change and society. – Vince, J., & Hardesty, B. D. (2018). Governance solutions to the tragedy of the commons that marine plastics have become. – Wenger, A. S., Harvey, E., Wilson, S., Rawson, C., Newman, S. Environmental impact of Hamad port construction. – Xanthos, D., & Walker, T. R. (2017). International policies to reduce plastic marine pollution from single-use plastics (plastic bags and microbeads): A review. – Yoon, J., & Bauman, S. (2014). Teachers: A critical but overlooked component of bullying prevention and intervention. – Yoon, J., Sulkowski, M. L., & Bauman, S. A. (2016). Teachers’ responses to bullying incidents: Effects of teacher characteristics and contexts.

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Northward expansion trends and future potential distribution of a dragonfly Ischnura senegalensis Rambur under climate change using citizen science data in South Korea

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Morphological variables restrict flower choice of Lycaenid butterfly species: implication for pollination and conservation

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Honey bees and their brood: a potentially valuable resource of food, worthy of greater appreciation and scientific attention

Despite the consumption of bee brood in several parts of the world, particularly in the tropical areas, the practice has received comparatively little attention. We have reviewed all the available information ...

Attributes and references to honey bees (Insecta; Hymenoptera; Apidae) and their products in some Asian and Australian societies’ folkloristic domains

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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Major environmental factors and traits of invasive alien plants determining their spatial distribution

As trade increases, the influx of various alien species and their spread to new regions are prevalent and no longer a special problem. Anthropogenic activities and climate changes have made the distribution of...

Spatial distribution of halophytes and environment factors in salt marshes along the eastern Yellow Sea

Salt marshes provide a variety of ecosystem services; however, they are vulnerable to human activity, water level fluctuations, and climate change. Analyses of the relationships between plant communities and e...

PollMap: a software for crop pollination mapping in agricultural landscapes

Ecosystem service mapping is an important tool for decision-making in landscape planning and natural resource management. Today, pollination service mapping is based on the Lonsdorf model (InVEST software) tha...

Current status of alert alien species management for the establishment of proactive management systems in Korea

Some of the introduced alien species introduced settle, multiply, and spread to become invasive alien species (IAS) that threaten biodiversity. To prevent this, Korea and other countries legally designate and ...

Dust and sandstorm: ecosystem perspectives on dryland hazards in Northeast Asia: a review

A review of the literature was carried out to study dust and sandstorm (DSS) in terms of its ecosystem processes and relationship to other dryland disasters in Northeast Asia. Drylands are ecosystems that incl...

Changes in nocturnal insect communities in forest-dominated landscape relevant to artificial light intensity

Artificial light at night has recently been identified as a major factor adversely affecting global insect diversity. Here, we compared the insect diversity in Gwangneung Forest Biosphere Reserve, specifically...

Occurrence and diet analysis of sea turtles in Korean shore

Sea turtles, which are globally endangered species, have been stranded and found as bycatch on the Korean shore recently. More studies on sea turtles in Korea are necessary to aid their conservation. To invest...

Quantifying how urban landscape heterogeneity affects land surface temperature at multiple scales

Landscape metrics have been widely applied to quantifying the relationship between land surface temperature and urban spatial patterns and have received acceptable verification from landscape ecologists but so...

The relationship of mean temperature and 9 collected butterfly species’ wingspan as the response of global warming

Organism body size is a basic characteristic in ecology; it is related to temperature according to temperature-size rule. Butterflies are affected in various aspects by climate change because they are sensitiv...

Non-deep physiological dormancy in seeds of Euphorbia jolkinii Boiss. native to Korea

Euphorbia jolkinii Boiss. is a perennial species native to Jeju Island and the southern coastal area of Korea. Particularly on Jeju Island, the yellow flowers of E. jolkinii Boiss. have a high ornamental value be...

Predation of the Japanese keelback ( Hebius vibakari Boie, 1826) by the Slender racer ( Orientocoluber spinalis Peters, 1866)

The Slender racer ( Orientocoluber spinalis Peters, 1866) has recently been reclassified to the new genus Orientocoluber from Hierophis . Ecological knowledge of this species is limited due to its highly mobile beh...

Major environmental factors and traits of invasive alien plants determine their spatial distribution: a case study in Korea

As trade increases, the influx of various alien species and their spread to new regions are prevalent, making them a general problem globally. Anthropogenic activities and climate change have led to alien spec...

Distribution and habitat use of the endangered Siberian flying squirrel Pteromys volans (Rodentia: Sciuridae)

Understanding the habitat characteristics of the endangered Siberian flying squirrel Pteromys volans is the first step in conserving and managing the forests it requires for nesting, gliding, and feeding. Therefo...

How effective are artificial nests in attracting bees? A review

Recent declines in bee populations, along with increasing demand for pollination services in urban, agricultural, and natural environments, have led to strategies to attract wild bees to these areas. One of th...

Tissue-specific systemic responses of the wild tobacco Nicotiana attenuata against stem-boring herbivore attack

Plants are able to optimize defense responses induced by various herbivores, which have different feeding strategies. Local and systemic responses within a plant after herbivory are essential to modulate herbi...

Estimating potential range shift of some wild bees in response to climate change scenarios in northwestern regions of Iran

Climate change is occurring rapidly around the world, and is predicted to have a large impact on biodiversity. Various studies have shown that climate change can alter the geographical distribution of wild bee...

Trends in the effects of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems in the Republic of Korea

In this review, we aimed to synthesize the current knowledge on the observed and projected effects of climate change on the ecosystems of Korea (i.e., the Republic of Korea (ROK) or South Korea), as well as th...

Principle of restoration ecology reflected in the process creating the National Institute of Ecology

The creation of the National Institute of Ecology began as a national alternative project to preserve mudflats instead of constructing the industrial complexes by reclamation, and achieve regional development....

Small-scale spatial genetic structure of Asarum sieboldii metapopulation in a valley

Asarum sieboldii Miq., a species of forest understory vegetation, is an herbaceous perennial belonging to the family Aristolochiaceae. The metapopulation of A. sieboldii is distributed sparsely and has a short se...

Diel and seasonal activity pattern of alien sika deer with sympatric mammalian species from Muljangori-oreum wetland of Hallasan National Park, South Korea

Sika deer, Cervus nippon , were originally introduced to South Korea from Japan and Taiwan for commercial farming purposes. Unfortunately, they were released into the wild during religious events and have since be...

Effects of different day length and wind conditions to the seedling growth performance of Phragmites australis

To understand shade and wind effects on seedling traits of common reed ( Phragmites australis ), we conducted a mesocosm experiment manipulating day length (10 h daytime a day as open canopy conditions or 6 h dayti...

Categorized wetland preference and life forms of the vascular plants in the Korean Peninsula

In 2020, a categorized list of wetland preferences, major habitats, and life forms of 4145 vascular plant taxa occurring in the Korean Peninsula was published by the National Institute of Biological Resources....

Elevational distribution ranges of vascular plant species in the Baekdudaegan mountain range, South Korea

The climate is changing rapidly, and this may pose a major threat to global biodiversity. One of the most distinctive consequences of climate change is the poleward and/or upward shift of species distribution ...

Study on the photosynthetic characteristics of Eutrema japonica (Siebold) Koidz. under the pulsed LEDs for simulated sunflecks

The sunfleck is an important light environmental factor for plants that live under the shade of trees. Currently, the smartfarm has a system that can artificially create these sunfleks. Therefore, it was inten...

Influence of trees and associated variables on soil organic carbon: a review

The level of soil organic carbon (SOC) fluctuates in different types of forest stands: this variation can be attributed to differences in tree species, and the variables associated with soil, climate, and topo...

Comparison of ecophysiological and leaf anatomical traits of native and invasive plant species

To address the lack of evidence supporting invasion by three invasive plant species ( Imperata cylindrica, Lantana camara, and Chromolaena odorata ) in tropical ecosystems, we compared the ecophysiological and leaf...

Effects of soil water content and light intensity on the growth of Molinia japonica in montane wetlands in South Korea

Montane wetlands are unique wetland ecosystems with distinct physicochemical characteristics, and Molinia japonica often makes dominant communities in montane wetlands in South Korea. In order to figure out the e...

First detection of ranavirus in a wild population of Dybowski’s brown frog ( Rana dybowskii ) in South Korea

Ranavirus is an emerging infectious disease which has been linked to mass mortality events in various amphibian species. In this study, we document the first mass mortality event of an adult population of Dybo...

Cushion plant Silene acaulis is a pioneer species at abandoned coal piles in the High Arctic, Svalbard

Abandoned coal piles after the closure of mines have a potential negative influence on the environment, such as soil acidification and heavy metal contamination. Therefore, revegetation by efficient species is...

Vegetation structure and distribution characteristics of Symplocos prunifolia , a rare evergreen broad-leaved tree in Korea

In Korea, Symplocos prunifolia Siebold. & Zucc. is only found on Jeju Island. Conservation of the species is difficult because little is known about its distribution and natural habitat. The lack of research and ...

Growth performance of planted population of Pinus roxburghii in central Nepal

Climate change has altered the various ecosystem processes including forest ecosystem in Himalayan region. Although the high mountain natural forests including treelines in the Himalayan region are mainly repo...

Correction to: Application of smart mosquito monitoring traps for the mosquito forecast systems by Seoul Metropolitan city

An amendment to this paper has been published and can be accessed via the original article.

The original article was published in Journal of Ecology and Environment 2020 44 :13

Correction to: Effect of precipitation on soil respiration in a temperate broad-leaved forest

The original article was published in Journal of Ecology and Environment 2018 42 :10

Effects of cutting and sowing seeds of native species on giant ragweed invasion and plant diversity in a field experiment

Ambrosia trifida is a highly invasive annual plant, but effective control methods have not been proposed. Among various eradication methods, cutting is a simple measure to control invasive plants, and sowing seed...

Mid-term (2009-2019) demographic dynamics of young beech forest in Albongbunji Basin, Ulleungdo, South Korea

The stem exclusion stage is a stage of forest development that is important for understanding the subsequent understory reinitiation stage and maturation stage during which horizontal heterogeneity is formed. ...

Annual and spatial variabilities in the acorn production of Quercus mongolica

Genus Quercus is a successful group that has occupied the largest area of forest around the world including South Korea. The acorns are an important food source for both wild animals and humans. Although the repr...

Prevalence of Puccinia abrupta var. partheniicola and its impact on Parthenium hysterophorus in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Parthenium hysterophorus is a noxious invasive weed in tropical and subtropical regions of the world, including Nepal. Among 11 species of biological control agents released to control P. hysterophorus in Ausrtal...

Ecological impact of fast industrialization inferred from a sediment core in Seocheon, West Coast of Korean Peninsula

Rapid industrialization has caused various impacts on nature, including heavy metal pollution. However, the impacts of industrialization vary depending on the types of industrializing activity and surrounding ...

Influence of roadkill during breeding migration on the sex ratio of land crab ( Sesarma haematoche )

Adult land crabs generally live on land while their larvae live in the sea. In the case of Sesarma haematoche , female crabs migrate from land to sea to release the larvae at the high tide of syzygy night. Artific...

Population structure and regeneration of Himalayan endemic Larix species in three high-altitude valleys in Nepal Himalaya

The Himalayan forests are of great importance to sustain the nature and community resource demands. These forests are facing pressures both from anthropogenic activities and ongoing global climatic changes. Po...

Otolith microchemistry reveals the migration patterns of the flathead grey mullet Mugil cephalus (Pisces: Mugilidae) in Korean waters

The flathead grey mullet Mugil cephalus has the widest distribution among mugilid species. Recent studies based on mitochondrial DNA sequences showed that the species comprises at least 14 different groups, three...

Population size, group and age structure of geladas ( Theropithecus gelada ) in escarpments of Eastern Tigray, Ethiopia: implication for conservation

Geladas ( Theropithecus gelada ), endemic to Ethiopia, are distributed closely related to the escarpments and gorge systems of the country, and large populations are found in the Simien Mountain National Park. This...

Coexistence of plant species under harsh environmental conditions: an evaluation of niche differentiation and stochasticity along salt marsh creeks

Ecologists have achieved much progress in the study of mechanisms that maintain species coexistence and diversity. In this paper, we reviewed a wide range of past research related to these topics, focusing on ...

Re-emergence of the Glossy Ibis ( Plegadis falcinellus ) in inland South Korea

Glossy Ibis ( Plegadis falcinellus ), which has never been recorded in South Korea, appeared on Jeju Island in 2018 and re-emerged in the inland area of Seocheon-gun (South Chungcheong Province) and in Goyang-si (G...

Diet composition of the Korean wild boar Sus scrofa coreanus (Suidae) at Mt. Jeombongsan, Korea

Korean wild boars ( Sus scrofa coreanus Heude), because of their adaptability, are a widespread large mammal; however, they sometimes cause problems by invading farms and eating the crops, creating insufficiencies...

Review on the succession process of Pinus densiflora forests in South Korea: progressive and disturbance-driven succession

Most of the Pinus densiflora forests, occupying the largest area, have been restored in South Korea since the 1970s. As young pioneer forests, the succession process is under way. Since the forests are distribute...

Journal of Ecology and Environment

ISSN: 2288-1220

Ecology Research Paper Topics

80+ ecology research paper topics for any academic level.

Writing a research paper is always a stressful experience. It demands great effort, time, and patience. Not only do you spend days researching and writing the project, but you also waste a few extra days to find a perfect topic.

Topic selection is important. Choose the wrong idea, and you risk ending up with a poorly researched paper or no paper at all. Choose the right topic, and your chances of writing an A+ paper while enjoying the process are much higher.

So, without further delay, allow us to present 80 research paper topics about ecology that you can use for your own project. Approved by our experts, these topics are bound to earn you good grades.

How to Select the Best Ecology Research Paper Topic?

There isn’t an ultimate formula. Every academic case is unique. So you’ll have to approach the topic selection process individually.

Yet, there are a few important guidelines every student should follow to pick the right idea for a research project:

Remember that every topic can be changed. For example, you see a specific idea on the list below, but it doesn’t suit your task perfectly. Think about how you can change or improve it.

List of Ecology Research Paper Topics: 20 Top-Notch Ideas

20 Topics for Ecology Research Paper That’ll Work

15 Human Ecology Research Paper Topics

10 Forest Ecology Research Paper Topics

10 Ecology Research Paper Ideas: Difficult but Interesting

Our team with pro paper writers is on stand-by anytime. We are ready to help you find a fitting paper topic or write the paper, edit the text, re-write it – anything! Please contact us in case of an academic emergency and be sure to receive immediate assistance of excellent quality.

We aim to make all your study problems disappear. Count on us.


140 Exclusive Ecology Research Topics for Students

Table of Contents

Are you looking for new ecology research topics? Indeed a terrific decision! Certainly, you are enhancing the odds of having a top grade by merely seeking to find the best ecological research topics.

We know that ecological research is not easy, and we also know that it can be a challenging challenge to write an ecological report.

Therefore, we’re here to help you with your environmental initiative or thesis. Also, the best way is to provide you with a list of original, interesting topics to do that. Any information about the easiest way to write the academic paper further down the page can also be found.

Why pick only the best ecology research topics?

Choosing ecology research topics can be challenging. Why? There is a great likelihood that your project in your class would be 90 percent close to at least one other project. Besides, your professor is tired of reading over and over again the same ideas for the ecological initiative.

Therefore we suggest that you spend as much time seeking fresh ideas for the ecological research topics. The subject of your paper should also be interesting, of course. Besides, it would be best if you get your professor’s attention. Also, make yourself punchy!

ecology research topics

How to select appropriate ecology research topics?

Ecology research topics that disinterest you and others that might not be too complicated lead to a lack of motivation and minimize the energies you will put into studying and putting together the research paper. Thus, choose subjects that appeal and challenge you to enhance your attitude towards the subject and the research process.

Also, when choosing Ecology research topics, the following steps are fundamental –

Brainstorm for observations –

Exploring the strong views you have on current environmental concerns such as sustainability, conservation, and the environment, generates topic ideas. Recall recent topics or recently collected knowledge that has piqued your interest.

Furthermore, other brainstorming methods include discussing questions that you are interested in learning, holes in the literature that you can fill, and facets of the class that requires in-depth study and analysis.

General context information for analysis –

Scan for an overview of the subject through ecological papers, articles, and books. Also, it helps you see how ideas connect and the variety of subjects by reading general information. Also, main research terminology may be extracted from the papers and books that are read.

Emphasis on the subject matter –

Once a likely subject has been chosen, make sure it is manageable and not too wide or too small. If “the environment” is too broad, restrict the subject by specifying a geographical region, population, time frame, community, or a particular ecological discipline.

Defining the subject as a research issue –

To generate concrete ideas about changing the subject by restricting or broadening the scope, formulate questions about the subject. For example, if the subject concept is sustainability, the research question could be, “How did ecological agriculture strengthen sustainability practices?

Excellent ecology research topics –

So, below we have made a list of ecology research topics that are the most relevant for you and even for writing your research paper –

Research in Evolutionary Ecology –

You need one of the following ecological topics when you need to do extensive evolutionary ecology research and want to ensure that you get a top grade:

Research in Evolutionary Ecology  for Exam

Research Essays on Environment

It’s not easy to write environmental and ecological research papers. You may find, however, that it is a very rewarding activity to research our environment. Therefore, for you, here are some interesting subjects:

Environmental Research Essays Topics

Themes of Human Ecology –

Interested in learning how the environment has been affected by humans? Also, would you like to shed light on some ecology research topics that we can relate to today? Choose any of the following topics in human ecology and get this A+:

Experiment Ideas for Ecology –

It is always an excellent activity to conduct ecological experiments. You may not know what to experiment with, however. Hence, here are some ideas for ecological experiments that will certainly sound interesting to your teacher:

Read more topics: Excellent Biology Topics to Help you Get Great Score

Project Ecology Ideas for College Students –

Do you need to write about something a bit more complex? Indeed, college professors are demanding more in-depth data. Also, they want dedication and originality to be seen. For college students, here are some ecological project ideas that you will surely appreciate:

Topics in Ecology for Presentation –

Do you need to create a presentation for one of your ecological groups or a class? No problem, we can also assist you with this! Hence, here are some of the best ecological topics from our skilled academic writers for presentation:

Interesting Themes of Ecology –

Do you want to astonish your professor? Want to get extra originality bonus points also? Indeed it would help if you had our assistance. Therefore, here are some interesting environmental subjects that will catch the eye of your professor in 2021:

Paper Topics on Ecology –

Would you like to write an outstanding essay but don’t want to spend too much time doing it? Yes, as long as the subject is interesting, you can write a great paper on a relatively simple topic. So, have a look at a few easy topics in the environmental paper:

Finally, a good list of ecology research topics and excellent use of the five-paragraph essay structure almost guarantee a good grade for you. But remember, you have to start early and concentrate on providing accurate, quality information. Finally, if you need any research paper help , do not hesitate to contact an academic writer.

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ecology for a research paper

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Researchers monitoring the establishment of invasive species after a wildfire near Missoula, Montana.

Researchers monitoring the establishment of invasive species after a wildfire near Missoula, Montana

A meandering river and its floodplain

New LIDAR technology is helping map river bathymetry, with potential applications to stream monitoring of basic channel geometry and water quality

Snow falling in high-elevation forests can constitute the largest source of streamflow in some western watersheds.

Snow falling in high-elevation forests can constitute the largest source of streamflow in some western watersheds

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