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Nike Mission Statement and Vision Statement In A Nutshell

Nike’s vision is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” At the same time, its mission statement is to “do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sports innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team, and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.”

The early history of Nike

The early history of Nike is quite compelling, and it moves along three phases: 

The turning point for Nike came when it mastered how to close brand partnerships with athletes. 

The company paid $5,000 to distance runner Steve Prefontaine to run in the company’s shoes.

A tiny deal compared to the ones it closes now.

Steve Prefontaine represented the athlete who crystallized the approach that Nike would use later on to generate demand for its products.

Today (as I’ll show you), Nike has scaled this approach, but at the time, it had to re-invent it from scratch, as athletes didn’t know who Nike was (the Nike brand shoe was launched in 1972).

Prefontaine was also a pupil of Nike’s co-founder, Bill Bowerman.

Bill Bowerman was a coach at the University of Oregon; he was the product guy, always experimenting with new shoes and making technology a key component of the shoes.

Bill Bowerman opened the way to technology as a key component to differentiate the product, thus a key element of Nike’s marketing strategy for decades.

Yet, the most staggering part of Nike’s demand generation is the iconic side.

In 1984 Nike closed a deal with basketball player Michael Jordan.


Now, Nike has been doing it for decades, leveling up its game, but initially, it did it with minimum budgets.

Breaking down Nike’s vision statement

Nike’s vision statement can be summarized as follows:

To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world 

Therefore, there are three elements to Nike’s vision and mission :


As a consumer company, Nike has learned how to leverage marketing to generate and stimulate demand .

This is at the core of the Nike business model . Indeed, Nike spends billions of dollars yearly to boost product demand.

Nike positions itself as an innovative company that is willing to innovate its products over and over.

This is another critical element, as innovation implies the substitution of the old for the new.

Thus it enhances its sales over time; this is part of Nike’s flywheel

To every athlete: Who’s an athlete for the company? According to Nike , “if you have a body, you are an athlete.” This connects to the inspirational element.

Most of Nike’s slogan follows an inspirational tone, part of its demand generation strategy .

Breaking down Nike’s mission statement

Nike’s mission in detail is described as:

To do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.

In this mission, we can extract three key elements:

Human potential

Once again, Nike has to inspire, and it needs to leverage consumers’ psychology to be always on top of their minds when making the purchase of a sports item. Making a person believe it can get better by wearing the shoe is part of that strategy .

Groundbreaking sports innovations

If you innovate, you can come up with new products, and those products will generate more demand


New generations follow mission-driven companies , and Nike has made sustainability a crucial part of its management

Nike defined its purpose as:

To use the power of sport to move the world forward. We believe in a fair, sustainable future—one where everyone thrives on a healthy planet and level playing field.

Demand generation isn’t an easy game

In Nike Business Model , I highlighted how Nike’s strategy moves around demand generation.

It is important to remark that when I say Nike , I refer to the company which owns several brands in six categories Running, NIKE Basketball, the Jordan Brand, Football (Soccer), Training, and Sportswear (our sports-inspired lifestyle products).

To have an idea of how expensive it can be to demand generation, one of the critical strategies that Nike uses is to stipulate endorsement contracts with athletes.

As you can see from the table above, until 2023, Nike has over $10 billion planned for spending on those endorsement contracts.


Those amounts might be way higher over the next years.

Indeed, Nike highlights:

The amounts listed for endorsement contracts represent approximate amounts of base compensation and minimum guaranteed royalty fees we are obligated to pay athlete, public figure, sport team and league endorsers of our products. Actual payments under some contracts may be higher than the amounts listed as these contracts provide for bonuses to be paid to the endorsers based upon athletic achievements and/or royalties on product sales in future periods. Actual payments under some contracts may also be lower as these contracts include provisions for reduced payments if athletic performance declines in future periods.

Nike objectives

Like most companies, one of Nike’s primary objectives is to make a profit and ensure its long-term viability.

More broadly speaking.

However, there are certain business objectives that define results or outcomes the company endeavors to meet as it grows. 

Business objectives are also dictated by a company’s particular strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats and should define how it acts or behaves in the market.

In most cases, objectives do not change until a company’s circumstances change. 

Let’s now return to Nike and analyze its four key objectives below to get a feel for how the company intends to position itself moving forward.

Create groundbreaking sports innovations

Nike is synonymous with sports innovation .

The company spends vast amounts of time liaising with professional sports athletes and consumers to increase performance and deliver a better product experience.

The Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL) in Beaverton, Oregon, is a research and development institute that opened in 1980. It has been responsible for innovations such as:

Make products more sustainably

Nike’s sustainability objectives are based on more than 30 years of research into reducing its environmental impact. 

By 2025, some of the company’s targets include :

Build a creative and diverse global team

Nike believes that diversity and creativity in the workplace are intertwined and accelerate innovation .

The company also uses its love of sports to overcome cultural barriers and bring people together. 

This is particularly important for Nike as a global company whose teams share and work toward a singular goal.

To help Nike become a leader in diversity and inclusivity, it has set the following 2025 targets:

Make a positive impact on communities

Nike serves local communities all over the world through the power of sport.

The Nike Community Impact Fund (NCIF) funds local programs to get kids active in communities where employees live, work, and play. 

Each one-year grant ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 per neighborhood .

In Portland, Oregon, where Nike headquarters is located, this number increases to $25,000.

Grants are awarded to local organizations that make a positive impact on the community via sports, play, and other initiatives.

The NCFI also operates in the southern states of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas to allow children from disadvantaged areas to realize their potential through sports.

Nike’s redefinition of its business model

Nike’s business model is all about demand generation.

In short, if you sell shoes, an item that can be easily commoditized, you need to be able to differentiate your brand from the other brands. 

That’s what creates a long-term advantage in a market that is skewed toward commoditization. 

Nike has been very good at that by also launching new brands and limited collections (and by acquiring other brands).

An example of that is a Jordan shoe, which for many, it isn’t just a shoe; it’s a piece of art! 

And as such, people are willing to get into long lines to get one. 

nike mission statement business plan

Jordan shoes are not only extremely expensive (some pieces) but very high in demand. 

This is the power of demand generation ! 

The Jordan Brand made Nike over $5 billion in revenues in 2022.


Nike invented influencer marketing way before social media.

And the way Nike did it with the Jordan Brand really creates a business impact.

Jordan isn’t just a brand .

It’s a cultural phenomenon that defines various generations of our times. 

This is what demand generation is about. 

When you build up a business model from scratch, the most important element to start with, and the element that will work as a glue for your overall business, is value. 

And value is comprised of two critical elements: one is about how you help me practically solve an issue, and another one is about perception and desire. 

At a commercial level, the latter is as important as the former to enable a brand that survives in the long run. 

Key takeaways

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Nike Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Nike mission statement is “ to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world .” This statement focusses on the influence that Nike has in the sports sector. It specially resounds the ability of this company to stimulate and turn athletes into their best versions. In fact, it also hints that this is what athletes who want to be clutch should look out for. Some of the components related to this mission statement include:

Table of Contents


The mission and vision statements adopted by Nike reflects exactly what the company has been known for since it started in 1964. Despite the rebranding of the company from what it was originally known for to its current name, one element has stood against all odds, its goal to lead in manufacturing products that bring out the best in athletes. In fact, its popularity, dependence, and preference is evidence that Nike is the ultimate manufacturer of what athletes need to compete at the top level, thanks to the precision and focus of its mission and vision statements.

Vision Statement

Nike’s vision statement is “ do everything possible to expand human potential .” Although precisely crafted, this statement shows that the company does not limit itself to certain strategies in ensuring it gives its customers the best there is in the world of sports. The picture portrayed by this vision statement is that Nike does not settle for normal, instead, the company goes for the most dynamic, simple, yet incredibly efficient designs with worthwhile impacts on the users. In accordance with this observation, the following characteristics relate to this vision statement:

Core Values

Nike’s slogan is: Just Do It


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Good work. But I think you confuse between Nike’s mission and vision statements. I haven’t looked for their vision but Nike’s mission is what you call its vision statement here, ie, “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world” with the asterisked footnote as: * If you have a body, you are an athlete. It became difficult to find this mission statement on their site and was hidden away in their training webpage a few years ago, perhaps due to much bad press they got (as their child labour suppliers also had bodies, one could argue?) but has surfaced now very prominently – that surprises me as I thought they were going to change it.

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Panmore Institute

Nike’s Mission Statement & Vision Statement (An Analysis)

Nike corporate mission statement, corporate vision statement, athletic leisure footwear, apparel, sports equipment case study analysis

Nike Inc.’s corporate mission and vision statements determine the strategies to keep the company in its position as the leading athletic shoes and apparel business in the global market. A company’s corporate mission statement defines the fundamental objectives of the business, especially in terms of its purpose. In this company analysis case, Nike’s mission statement prompts the business to support the endeavors of athletes. On the other hand, a company’s corporate vision statement provides a picture of a target future condition of the business. Nike’s vision statement focuses on brand strength and development. The company applies these corporate statements as guides for the evolution of its business, leading to the creation of business strengths like a strong brand image, as determined in the SWOT analysis of Nike Inc . Through the evolution and effective implementation of its corporate vision and mission statements, the company supports its market position as a leading producer of sports footwear, apparel, and equipment.

Adhering to its corporate vision and mission statements, Nike Inc. aims for leadership in the international market, while counteracting competition. A Porter’s Five Forces analysis of Nike Inc. shows that competitive rivalry imposes a strong force against the company and its industry environment. The corporate mission and vision statements compel the company’s strategic management to develop policies to ensure competitiveness against other firms, such as Adidas, Puma , ASICS, Under Armour, and VF Corporation. These firms make the global athletic and leisure shoes, apparel, and equipment market a challenging business environment.

Nike’s Corporate Mission Statement

Nike Inc.’s corporate mission is “ to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. ” The company further states that everybody is an athlete, based on Nike founder Bill Bowerman’s statement, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” This mission statement represents the company’s strategic goal of reaching out to the global leisure and sports footwear, apparel, and equipment market. The following main components are in Nike’s corporate mission statement:

As a leading manufacturer of sports shoes, apparel, and equipment, Nike Inc. inspires people to adopt a “winner mindset”, which is covered in the “inspiration” component of the mission statement. The company’s “Just Do It” slogan represents this inspirational goal. Also, Nike’s corporate mission statement emphasizes innovation. This component is applied through the organization’s strategy of continuous improvement of products through new technologies, as included in Nike Inc.’s generic competitive strategy and intensive growth strategies . The “every athlete in the world” component indicates that the company’s corporate mission pushes the business to target every consumer in the world. As noted, the company considers every person an athlete. Thus, based on this corporate mission, Nike’s products are designed to attract and satisfy a wide variety of market segments globally.

Nike’s Corporate Vision Statement

Nike Inc.’s corporate vision is “ to remain the most authentic, connected, and distinctive brand. ” The business continues to apply this vision statement, which was emphasized in the corporation’s global growth strategy for 2015. The sportswear company focuses on developing its brand. The following are the notable keywords in Nike’s corporate vision statement:

Nike’s vision statement uses the word “remain,” which indicates that the company already considers its brand as the most authentic, connected, and distinctive in the global market for sporting goods and related products. The “authentic” component of the corporate vision statement shows that the business organization aims to make its sports and leisure products deliver high performance to satisfy consumers. On the other hand, the “connected” component is about ensuring customers’ personal connection with the brand. Nike’s marketing mix or 4P supports the creation and maintenance of such connection with customers. The company also maintains “distinctive” quality by delivering the best possible products to the sporting goods market. This corporate vision regards Nike Inc. as a leader in the industry, while pushing the business to further separate itself from competitors. A notable point about the company is that it also develops connections with consumers through its vision for corporate social responsibility: “to help NIKE, Inc. and our consumers thrive in a sustainable economy where people, profit and planet are in balance.” This vision serves as a basis for Nike Inc.’s corporate social responsibility strategy and stakeholder management approaches .

Assessment & Recommendations – Nike Inc.’s Corporate Vision & Corporate Mission

Nike’s mission statement outlines the general strategic direction of the business. The statement includes such information as the company’s customers (everybody), the target market (global), and part of the philosophy of the sporting goods business. This corporate statement has strong points, based on conventions in writing ideal mission statements. However, Nike’s corporate mission is philosophical and does not include specifics about the kind of products offered to consumers and the nature of relevant business processes. In this regard, it is appropriate to recommend that the company specify the nature of its products. For example, Nike can improve its corporate mission statement by illustrating that its products are in the athletic and leisure footwear, apparel, and equipment industry. Also, stating that business processes are within the scope of the design and manufacture of such products can make the corporate mission statement more accurate to guide Nike’s operations, employees, and business partners, including suppliers.

Nike’s vision statement is about keeping brand leadership in the global industry. The athletic goods company considers its brand as one of the major strengths of the business, and points out that it has already achieved the top brand position. In this regard, Nike’s corporate vision statement is satisfactory in terms of having the characteristics of ideal vision statements. For example, the company’s corporate vision statement is concise, clear, inspiring, and challenging in focusing on maintaining brand leadership. The statement is also future-oriented, considering that Nike Inc. highlights keeping its brand’s leading position as a strategic aim for future business development.

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Nike Mission Statement | Vision | Purpose | Core Values (2023)

By Brianna Parker, Last updated: Feb 16, 2023

  Company:  Nike CEO:  John Donahoe Founders: Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman Year founded:  1964   Headquarter:  Beaverton, Oregon, USA Number  of Employees (2022): 79,100 Type:  Public Annual Revenue (2022): $46.71 Billion Profit | Net income (2022):  $6.04 Billion

Products & Services: Athletic wear | Leisure footwear | Apparel | Accessories | Sports equipment Competitors: Adidas | Reebok | Puma | FILA | New Balance | Sketchers | Allbirds | Rothy’s | Under Armour | Lululemon | Anta | ASICS | Victoria Secrets

Fun Fact – Ever wonder about that iconic Nike swoosh logo? It was created by graphic design student Carolyn Davidson in 1971, symbolizing the Winged Goddess of Victory in Greek Mythology called Nike.

nike mission statement business plan

It is no secret that Nike is one of the most well-known and recognizable brands today, not just in the athletic and apparel segments. Nike has transformed its company past a standard retailer into something much bigger, and it shows. The company raked in more than $46 billion  annually (2022) and keeps growing.

As a company with a surprisingly long history and significant growth, Nike is one to watch in terms of longevity and brand success.

The modest history of Nike began at the University of Oregon with an athlete, Phil Knight , and his coach, Bill Bowerman , in 1964 . Together, the two started a company called Blue Ribbon Sports, which operated as a distributor for Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese shoemaker.

Knight and Bowerman would travel to track meets across the state to sell their shoes out of the back of Knight’s car.

From humble beginnings to now, Nike is the world’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel, surpassing its many competitors . In 2022, the athletic brand was valued at over $50 billion , which is the most valuable sports brand in the business, reports Interbrand . 

In Forbes global ranking for 2022, Nike is ranked 13 th best employer , 37 nd  World’s Best Employer  and  105 th best employer for veterans .

P art of Nike’s huge success is its focus on partnerships with professional athletes. Nike partners with many top athletes across the board to promote and advertise their products, apparel, and designs. The first professional athlete they brought on for endorsements was the Romanian tennis player Ilie Năstase .

In 2015, Nike secured its top position in basketball with its announcement of an 8-year deal with the NBA, beating out the league’s previous sponsor, Adidas. With this deal, at the beginning of the 2017/18 basketball season, all NBA franchise players and team members wear their uniforms (jerseys and shorts) with the iconic Nike Swoosh logo .

One of their most successful partnerships was that of famous basketball player Michael Jordan . The long-term partnership between Jordan and Nike resulted in the Air Jordan brand , one of Nike’s most popular and well-known brands.

Since the success of the Air Jordan brand, Nike continues to build partnerships with the big names in basketball, including signature designs by Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George, and the late Kobe Bryant.

In 2021, Nike’s renowned NEXT% platform revealed that footwear manufacturers can deliver barrier-breaking sports shoes using sustainable innovations to help protect the future of the planet.

Consumers are highly anticipating the release of Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% and the debut of two new Nike Air Zoom models. Nike’s ZoomX Vaporfly Next% has won several innovation awards.

There are many factors to attribute to Nike’s success, partnership deals, secured advertising placements, and the overall popularity of the brand, which makes Nike continue to grow and exceed competitors.

Table of Contents

Nike’s Mission Statement

“Bring Inspiration and Innovation to every athlete in the world.”

  Now let’s look at what it means.

Nike believes that new ideas can change the way people play sport and change the world. Nike showcased its innovativeness by designing technologically advanced running shoes for Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge, which helped the athlete clock a time of 1:59.40 around the 26.2 mile course.

The company is focused on sustainability and solving the prominent environmental issues we face. Nike introduced Flyknit technology during London’s 2012 Olympics, which recycled 1 billion plastic bottles into the fabric for making footwear and apparel. The company was set to make the 2020 Olympic its most sustainable global tournament ever before it was canceled.

Nike’s core priority is the community and social responsibility; that’s why their actions speak for themselves and invested more than $81 million back into the community. Nike’s Made to Play program has transformed the lives of over 15 million kids  and helped train nearly 100,000 coaches.

Nike understands that critical changes need to happen within companies to promote diversity and inclusion. In 2021, Nike continued to maintain the “global pay equity ratio” for men to women and minorities.

Nike’s Vision Statement

Nike doesn’t provide a separate vision statement, but we can use a below statement to understand its vision.

“Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to expand human potential. We do that by creating groundbreaking sport innovations, by making our products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.”

 “Our purpose is to unite the world through sport to create a healthy planet, active communities, and an equal playing field for all.”

Here is our analysis of Nike’s purpose : 

Moving the world forward is at the heart of Nike’s vision. That’s why Nike invests and partners with community organizations around the world to progress sport and level the playing field.

For decades, Nike has designed shoes that took different sports to the next level.  Nike’s Vaporfly Next% shoes helped Kenyan runner to become the first human to complete a 26.2-mile marathon in under 2h.

This record is regarded as one of the biggest human achievements in athletics, and Nike played a critical role. 

In today’s divisive world, equality and inclusion are fundamental pillars in any company and workplace. Nike is committed to fostering an environment where respect, inclusion, and empowerment are practiced daily.

The company recruited Megan Rapinoe, Lebron James, Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, and over 30 other athletes to spearhead its equality campaign for 2020.

  Through sport, the purpose of Nike is unity. Nike strives to create active communities, a healthy planet, and a level playing field for all of us.

Nike’s Core Values

Nike’s key values center around its vision, mission, and purpose.

Nike’s Core values are:

These values are the core of Nike and continue to move the company forward, even in an unknown global future. These core values shine in the company’s dedication to success in business and society.

In a letter from Nike’s President and CEO , John Donahoe stated,

“I believe in sport’s capacity to transform lives and communities. And at a time when our society is more fragmented than ever when polarization is wearing down our institutions, and climate change is threatening our very survival, I believe in the power of sport to bring us together to change the world for the better.”

Nike mission statement

Nike’s mission, vision, purpose, and values are clear. The company uses these guiding principles to model its brand based on equality, diversity, social and environmental impacts, and the evolution of the sport.  

When asked about the future of the company, John Donahoe, President, and CEO of Nike , wrote,

“we will continue to strive to bring the sport to kids and communities everywhere by scaling more sustainable solutions that teams across NIKE are tirelessly developing every day. We will continue to innovate for all athletes everywhere to help ensure an equal playing field for all and to challenge existing systems while we drive toward a more circular future. At NIKE, we lead. And as we challenge ourselves to always do better and think bigger, we can and will create the future we want to see.”

References & more information

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nike mission statement business plan

Nike Mission and Vision Statement Analysis


When it comes to sports shoes and clothing, there is no doubt that Nike is one of the first brands that come to mind. For several years now, Nike has been the leading name not only in sportswear but also in sporting accessories and equipment. Its logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the last century, which is a clear testament to the effectiveness of the company's marketing and advertising efforts.

Founded on January 25, 1964, Nike is an American-owned company based in Beaverton, Oregon. For the first 14 years, the sporting goods company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports until it was rebranded as Nike Inc. in 1978, after the Greek goddess of victory. This rebranding turned out to be rather propitious because since then, Nike just skyrocketed to success. The company currently has 1000+ retail stores around the world, including 380+ stores in the US. 

The massive success of Nike is in large part due to the company's very well-crafted mission and vision statements, which they have consistently and effectively applied in all the different aspects of the business. In the mission statement, Nike clearly indicates its unwavering support for athletes. In the vision statement, Nike declares its intention of constantly improving its products and establishing a solid presence in the industry. 

Do you know what’s helping to retain Nike’s position as the leading athletic shoes and apparel company worldwide? It’s primarily Nike’s mission and vision statements. A company’s corporate statement determines the long-term objectives of the business, mainly its purpose. In this company analysis case, you will come to know how Nike’s mission and vision statements focus on brand strength and development.

Nike Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

An extensive discussion of the Nike mission and vision statements are vital to gaining a deeper understanding of the company's goals and strategies. But for the purpose of more effectively recalling the key points of these statements, a mind map is highly recommended. You can also create a mind map with EdrawMind , such as the one below.

Nike Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

View, edit, and download this template in EdrawMind >>


Connectivity, distinction, core values, sustainability.

Mission Statement

A company's mission statement represents its short-term goals and draws attention to what it intends to deliver in order to achieve these goals. The Nike mission statement is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

If we break this statement down, it is easy to see that the company's mission has three core components: bringing inspiration, creating innovation, and supporting every athlete in the world. To better comprehend the Nike mission statement, let us discuss what each of these components signifies.

Bringing Inspiration

Nike's slogan “Just Do It” embodies this component perfectly. With this very simple catchphrase, the company is able to inspire and motivate athletes of all levels to push themselves beyond their limits and achieve their bodies' maximum potential. The company also has a very efficient marketing strategy of using well-known role models in the sports community to empower the ordinary person, particularly the youth, inspiring them to go into sports and break outside their personal boundaries.

Creating Innovation

Nike is continually making groundbreaking innovations in all its products to enable people to constantly improve their fitness performance and earn accomplishments that it previously didn't even think possible. A clear example of this is when Nike readily took on the challenge of enabling a human to run a marathon in under 2 hours, a feat that has never been accomplished before. There was quite a lot of controversy about this challenge, with many skeptics saying it can't be done, but Nike's research and development team pummeled through. In the end, the highly innovative running shoes created by Nike proved instrumental in taking Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge across the finish line with a time of 1:59:40.

Supporting Every Athlete in the World

One of Nike's founders, Bill Bowerman, had released a statement saying that “if you have a body, you are an athlete.” This is an accurate reflection of the company's point of view that every single person is an athlete, not just professional players or those that have a natural talent for sports. With this in mind, Nike manufactures sports apparel, shoes, and equipment meant for a diverse market. The company embraces universality and provides a wide range of products to athletes of all skill levels, body types, and personal goals.

Vision Statement

A company's vision statement indicates how the founders foresee the company to be in the distant future. It presents a future image of the company upon the realization of its long-term goals. The Nike vision statement is “to remain the most authentic, connected, and distinctive brand.”

Take note of the explicit use of the term “remain” in the Nike vision statement. This indicates the company's self-recognition that it has already achieved the status of being the most authentic, connected, and distinctive brand in the global sporting goods industry and that its goal is to stay at this spot. No one would dare question this claim as any market data clearly verifies that Nike is indeed the top-performing company in the industry today. Thus, the Nike vision statement is targeted to keep the company in this top position.

Over the years, Nike has proven its authenticity in terms of product lines and services. Nike has always created products that deliver superior performance and exceed the customer's expectations. It do not simply sell products to generate revenue, but it exert insurmountable efforts to expand human potential at every possible opportunity.

The marketing strategies of Nike are geared towards creating and maintaining a strong personal connection between each of its consumers. Since the beginning, Nike Corporation has always been people-oriented and focused on the improvement of people's lives. Nike has several programs that support different sectors of society, making the company very relatable and keeping Nike positively connected to the market.

The journey to the top entailed overcoming a lot of difficult challenges and required heavy investment, but it has all paid off because Nike is easily the most distinctive brand in athletic shoes and clothing today. Its logo and slogan are known all over the world. As of the latest 2021 reports, Nike has a brand value of $34.6 billion compared to its closest rival Adidas which is worth $16.5 billion.

Core Values

Nike's core values define what the company considers to be the most important. However, Nike consistently strives to become a bigger and better player in the sports industry. You can break down this point of Nike’s mission into further four aspects.

Just like a team in any sport, Nike believes in the spirit of unity and community. Each member of the company is equally valuable, and individual contributions are always appreciated as everyone works together to achieve a common goal.

Not many people realize it, but Nike is heavily invested in environmental endeavors, like its extraordinary efforts in recycling plastic bottles to create sustainable footwear in the form of its Flyknit technology.

Nike Corporation has built a very diverse and creative international team that has been very effective in making the company's compelling presence felt all over the world. Because of its impressive diversification strategies, Nike products appeal to people of all ages, races, walks of life, and athletic backgrounds.

Social Responsibility

Along with maintaining its corporate goals, which are depicted in Nike’s mission and vision statement, Nike never loses track of its social responsibility. In addition to its numerous programs for the awareness and promotion of environmental conservation, Nike also has a plethora of other programs that align with its core belief that sports can change the world for the better.

Key Takeaways

The Nike vision statement is clear, concise, very well put together, and effectively emphasizes the company's goal of maintaining the position of being the top brand in the global sportswear industry. Its mission statement is likewise excellent in that it is very clear in its intentions of bringing inspiration and innovation to athletes, although there was no specific mention of what products are exactly being offered. All in all, the Nike mission and vision statement are very well coordinated with each other and present a well-defined image of what the company hopes to achieve in the long term.

It is certainly difficult for any company to duplicate the level of success that has been attained by Nike, especially since Nike has already contributed so many unprecedented achievements in almost every aspect of the sports industry and athletic development. But if you are an aspiring business owner, Nike's corporate statements and business strategies would serve as an excellent model to emulate.

A further study of the Nike mission and vision statements can really help you create a solid foundation for your own venture. You can do this by using the versatile tools of mind map software like EdrawMind. There are even some pre-built templates for analyzing the Mission and Vision Statement that you can utilize to better visualize the goals and strategies and see how they can apply to your own business structure.

nike mission statement business plan

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nike mission statement business plan

KFC Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

nike mission statement business plan

Samsung Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

nike mission statement business plan

Louis Vuitton Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

nike mission statement business plan

Nike Mission Statement and Vision Statement 2023

nike mission statement

Nike’s mission statement and vision statement both share the zeal to build and sustain a unique, innovative global brand. Nike’s mission is to be inclusive, inspiring, and innovative. In Nike’s eyes, everyone is an athlete; in Nike’s founder Bill Bowerman’s words,” If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

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Nike’s mission statement.

Nike’s mission statement is as follows” to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. ”

Nike’s Mission Statement Analysis:

Nike is known for innovating new technology to support athletes. The company’s most notable innovations are the Nike Flyware support system, Hyperdunk basketball dunk, Lunarlite foam cushioning etc. These innovations strengthen Nike’s brand image of being a fresh and dynamic sportswear company. Nike’s mission includes integrating innovation into its product designing and development procedure. The sports world is fast-paced and Nike’s mission to bring innovation will help the company adapt to the changing conditions. This component of the mission statement is very appropriate for Nike’s target market.

Nike’s Vision Statement

Nike’s vision statement analysis:.

Nike’s vision statement puts emphasis on maintaining its brand image. With the use of the word “remain” the statement hints that Nike is already the most authentic and connected brand. Upon further examination of the vision statement, the following characteristics are found:

The characteristics that Nike’s vision statement mentions have been proven to be the key to success in this field. Nike was successful in aligning itself with the success factors of its market. As a result, Nike’s vision helped Nike reach a new height in the sportswear market.

Final words:

Nike’s mission statement and vision statement complement each other and lays out a clear view of what the company aims to achieve. Its mission statement focuses on the steps (innovation and inspiration for all) that will help the company reach its vision of maintaining and improving its brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the brand jordan a part of nike, what are the core values of nike, how much money does nike make, which celebrity athletes were sponsored by nike.

The topmost athletes of the sports world usually get sponsorship from Nike. Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, Lebron James, Rory Mcllroy, Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods are some of the most popular athletes who were sponsored by Nike.

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Nike Mission Statement: The Ultimate Analysis in 2022

“Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world

*If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

The NIKE mission statement example is one of the best one can ever come across. Not only is it short, simple and direct, but it also walks the talk, tying everything up so well together, from the company’s corporate statements (mission, vision & goals) through its values, beliefs & culture, down to implementations and practices.

It is the purpose of this article to critically examine the Nike mission statement: its meaning, its wins, what it does well, how it, how it has guided the company through the years, how Nike has delivered on its promises, and ultimately, why you should probably be using it as a guiding reference while writing your own mission statement.

nike mission statement

Before we do that, however, it’s important that we briefly remind ourselves of the meaning of a mission statement, what defines a great one, and why you may need it.

Mission statement: what is it and what defines a great one?

What is a mission statement?

Hubspot defines it as “an action-oriented statement declaring the purpose an organization serves to its audience.” 

According to the website, a mission statement will often include a general description of the organization, its function, and its objectives.

This is different from the vision or even purpose of an establishment. How so?

A vision statement defines where an organization is going . It paints a picture of what the future should look like after the company has reached its goals and intentions, and serves as the driving force of how the establishment defines success. Think of it in terms of destination or hope.

Purpose (statement) deals more with the emotional side of things. Both mission and vision are important to an establishment seeking to create movement and tangible results in the definition of its essence and goals.

Getting crystal clear on the idea of creating and leading with purpose and defining how it shows up daily is the piece that will tie everything together. In this context, “purpose” can be described as “a person’s sense and feeling of resolve it determination,” Hubspot explains.  Purpose concerns itself with a company’s big “why”.

nike mission statement business plan

Why do you do what you do? What problem are you trying to solve, or what cause are you promoting? What are the risks involved if you don’t do it? Why do you and your team show up everyday to pursue this movement?

Questions like these dig deep into the morals, ethics and beliefs of an organization, and that is what a company’s purpose is about.

What makes a mission statement different

Okay, now that we have refreshed our minds on what these three concepts mean, how does a mission differ from the rest?

A mission is like a vision with a more actionable touch to it. It’s that influencing element that will give the vision legs and momentum. Your company’s mission essentially answers the what, who, and why questions.

What does the organization do, who does it serve, and by what means does it hope to achieve its goals and vision? Among all things, perhaps, the most obvious quality that differentiates this from the rest is “time”. A mission statement is used to define the immediate goals of a company.

On the other hand, a vision statement takes a futuristic or visionary look and speaks more in the long-term.

In simple illustrative terms, vision is the picture; mission is the roadmap to that destination; and purpose is that feeling of joy and accomplishment everyone (from the president to the cleaners) has when your company’s goals have been achieved.

Another perspective: vision is the (ultimate) picture, mission is the plan, while purpose is the why. Looking closely, the first two have to do with a pursuit or target (motion), while the last deals with emotion.

The concepts are closely related but quite very separable, as we can see. There’s a rationale behind each, and they’re all vital to organizational purpose, direction, and focus.

nike mission statement

What characterizes a good mission statement?

While there’s no such thing as a perfect mission statement, generally speaking, a good mission statement should be clear and to-the-point. Length is not such a big deal, but many companies like to keep it between one to three sentences long or less than 100 words.

Short or long, though, the key thing is to craft a mission statement that captures your company’s purpose, leaves a lasting impression of your brand in the minds of your customers, and inspires them to choose you over another merchant. It should incorporate your company’s core values and reflect your organization’s personality.

The Nike mission statement, our case study for today, does the above remarkably well. At this point, let’s take a look into their mission statement, what they have done with it, and how we can learn from them to craft ours, with similar punch!

The Nike mission statement: detailed breakdown

purpose of a vision statement

Nike mission statement breakdown

The Nike mission statement is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.” It quickly adds that “*if you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Powerful, inspirational, and actionable!

Talk of the perfect mission statement – this is it. And not only does it carry so much power but it also meets the written, technical requirements of what a well-crafted mission statement should be – succinct, to-the-point, and catchy.

It all started with a handshake, when two visionaries (Phil Knight, a student and runner at the University of Oregon, and Bill Bowerman, a coach at the institution) met.

They thought they could do better of creating running shoes for athletes. They were right. Today, Nike is the world’s leading designer and seller of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories.

Along the way, Nike has helped the world’s best athletes win races, games and competitions. The athletes, in return, have helped Nike design and sell the products and brands that changed the face of sports.

Building a community

This joint effort has helped the community continue to push through the boundaries of all that is possible, thus, justifying Nike’s mission of “ bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.”

Let’s examine these words again:

“to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world.

What does this mean?

Has Nike lived up to this promise? Yes, and beyond!

How so? We shall see.

The Nike mission statement focuses on the influence and impact Nike has in the sports industry. It perfectly captures the ability of the company to stimulate and transform athletes into the best version of themselves.

The statement can be dissected into four distinct focus groups for analysis: bringing inspiration , delivering innovation , the athlete (with a body), and global presence .

Let’s examine each component.

nike mission statement

Nike mission statement

1. Inspiration

Talking of “bringing inspiration,” the wording of the mission statement itself is inspiring. It is Nike’s goal to inspire ( encourage , motivate , spur – choose your vocab –   into action!) all athletes in the world.

From the elderly couple fighting to stay fit, to the casual fitness enthusiast, all the way up to the most elite sports men and women everywhere around the world – it doesn’t matter who you are or at what fitness level you operate; as long as you have a body , you’re by default an athlete (or should see yourself as one!)

Note how they marked the word “athlete” with an asterisks to highlight how important everyone is to the Nike movement. This opens up more opportunities for “everyone” to enjoy all the benefits that come with using Nike shoes & products and from identifying with such an elite producer of sports materials – a smart marketing strategy that would also mean more money for the company.

Aside the Nike mission statement, the company also uses some other elements of its brand assets to communicate its inspirational values. Some of these are the company’s name, slogan, logo, vision, values, advertising, and codes of conduct, for example.

Let’s explore each.

1.1. The brand name – Nike

The Nike mission statement, and the brand itself, is all about inspiration and even the brand name reflects this culture . The company adopts its name from the Greek goddess of victory, Nike .

A brief historical insight, maybe?

According to Greek mythology, Nike was the daughter of the Titan, Pallas and the Goddess, Styx (some other sources say she was the daughter of Mars, the God of War). During the “Clash of the Titans,” Nike was the charioteer of the Gods and will often be represented alongside other divinities, like Zeus and Athena, or with some other heroes whose horses she guides through victory.

The ancient Greeks erected sculptures of Nike in public places and temples to celebrate not just speed and strength in competition but also victory in war. Nike flew around battlegrounds rewarding victors with glory and fame.

nike mission statement

Nike mission statement: Greek goddess inspiration

The ancient Greeks would depict her with famous athletes, to symbolize their victories in competitions. It is said that she awarded a laurel wreath to all the winners at the athletic games held in Olympia more than 2,500 years ago.

Today, the medals awarded to the winners of bronze, silver and gold of the modern-day Olympics bear her image.

It’s been over 3,000 years, but Nike lives yet again, from Greece to Rome to an American sportswear icon. In old Greece, she was known as the goddess of strength, speed and victory, which make her an ideal representation of a sportswear brand and a perfect inspiration for today’s athletes.

A brand name couldn’t be more fitting!

1.2. The tagline / slogan – Just Do It

“Just do it”

You may find this slogan really inspiring if you are a business owner or even researcher!

This powerful slogan is often presented alone or alongside the iconic Nike swoosh on all Nike owned materials, to inspire many around the world. The slogan is widely regarded by many publications and journalists as the best slogan of the 20th century.

The marketing and psychological intentions was (and is ) to connect the current situation with people and empower them to believe that they too can be successful by wearing Nike products.

It is reported that from 1988 to 1998 alone, through its “Just Do It” campaign, Nike was able to boost its share of North American sport-shoe sales from 18% to 43% (from $877 million to $9.2 billion) in a worldwide sales.

Remarkably successful, the slogan resonated deeply in the athletic community and just as profoundly, too, with people who have little or no connection to sports. We can find lots of just-do-it comments and memes on the internet , with connotations ranging from humorous to sarcastic.

Some people adopted it as a way of life. Expectedly, Nike capitalized on this in some of its advertising, especially in ads that linked sports commitment with women empowerment.

unique slogan brand tagline - just do it nike

“Just Do It” continues to be used in much of Nike’s advertising and marketing. The Nike tagline is as relevant today as it was 23 years ago. Nike would keep moving and would go as far as translating the slogan into many, many different languages, in its mission of inspiring every athlete in the planet.

The American Foundation for the Blind honored Nike with the 1995 Access Award for creating and distributing a Just-Do-It poster designed in braille.

Nike says that it finds this slogan to be one of its most effective brand assets that help invite people to join them in what they believe in and what they stand for, which is to serve and honor athletes.

One of the beauties of the “ Just Do It ” slogan is that you can apply the concept to almost anything. It’s flexible and easy to remember; gets to the heart of any issue. It’s a great motivation and can shake people out of a downward spiral when they feel like they need to push through to a goal.

1.3. Logo – the Swoosh

The Nike Swoosh is one of the world’s most powerful, iconic and recognizable logos of all times. Its simplicity is engaging, its modernity is rejuvenating and its majesty echoes authority.

The logo represents the wings of the Greek goddess Nike, who personified victory. The strong, bold and victorious goddess was to be Nike’s symbolism of light, hope and influence, a concept the logo sought to capture.

The logo is more than a swoosh, according to Nike – it’s a weapon. The wings of the Nike goddess were believed to have the powers to motivate and embolden warriors going to meet their fate on the battleground.

Today, the swoosh still strikes with die-hard motivation and ferocious boldness, leaving in its wake a passion that drives people to action. Nike believes that its logo is that perfect symbol to inspire and sail to victory anyone who wears or uses their products.

It comes with a legacy and heritage centered around striving for greatness and taking an inward look to find that creativity and passion.

nike logos

Nike logos / Nike mission statement

1.4. Vision

It is near impossible to talk about the Nike mission statement without touching, at least, briefly on its vision, as well.

Nike’s vision is to “ do everything possible to expand human potential .” The image painted by this powerful statement is that Nike does not settle for normal and would stop at nothing in ensuring that it gives its customers the best there is in the world of sports. Rather, the company goes for the most dynamic and simple but incredibly efficient designs with remarkable impact on the users.

In line with this code, the Nike vision statement is centered around three main ideas: improvement of lives, exceeding expectations, and expanding human potentials.

This Nike vision works in collaboration with the company’s mission to set the growth path towards the desired future.

1.5. Values

Nike’s values include inspiration, innovation, every athlete in the world, authenticity, connectedness, sustainability, performance and distinction. In their varying degrees of importance, these values define what Nike holds dear in its quest to becoming and remaining the best there is.

At the center of it all, though, is inspiration and innovation. These are substantially the drivers of every business decision that Nike makes.

Nike emphasizes the need to maintain top inspiration among its employees and within its community at large. The company stresses on designing and producing innovation-driven products that are authentic and globally accessible to all athletes.

Nike also places a premium on community, which starts with building relationships with all its stakeholders who contribute to making the company unique.

To get more insight into how Nike prioritizes motivation as a guiding value for its employees, customers and all stakeholders, you can check out Nike’s The 11 Mantras here: .

nike mission statement

1.6. Advertising / media

In order to understand the Nike mission statement, it’s important to zoom in on advertising and media as well. Nike campaigns are targeted at a wide range of global users , regardless of age, gender or physical fitness level. This makes Nike apparel not only available for just fitness but also as fashion statements.

To attract customers and promote Nike as a trusted brand for both ordinary people and professional athletes, Nike enlists people from different ethnicities and races, including many famous athletes.

Some of the famous persons (past and present) from the sports community who have featured in Nike adverts include: Ronaldinho & Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer), Michael Jordan & LeBron James (basketball), and Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal (tennis).

Using pro athletes and slogans promoting sportsmanship and health, Nike portrays the image of an innovative brand associated with success. Customers unconsciously begin to relate their purchases with the hope of achieving greatness.

2. Innovation

The reason Nike has toppled giants (like Converse and Adidas) and remained at the top of the game-chain boils down to its tenacious clamor for designing and producing the most versatile, esthetically pleasing, and ultimately dependable products.

It achieves this by enlisting the most creative minds in its team of professionals to drive its innovative schemes when launching any products. In fact, Nike’s House of Innovations displays a wealth of artifacts and facts that highlight the company’s commitment to innovations in the sports industry.

Speaking of innovation, Nike started with running shoes. From there it moved into designing shoes for other sports, then into other sports apparels.

Today, Nike is known not only for making footwear and apparels but for various types of sports and fitness equipment. And in this journey, Nike continues to prioritize sustainability of its products, as well as explore new ways to keep the ecosystem clean for everyone.


In their own words, through the Nike President/CEO:

“Today, we’re redefining sport for a new generation. Whether it’s prioritizing mental health and well-being;… We’re innovating to meet the challenges of climate change – designing products with circularity in mind, giving new life to worn footwear and apparel, and collaborating across the industry to reduce our collective footprint.

We’re more focused than ever on building a diverse, inclusive team and culture, because creating the change we want to see starts with us. And through our platforms and partnerships, we’re inspiring and empowering others to join us in working toward a more equitable future.”

Now that’s innovative thinking around the Nike mission statement!

3. The athlete – with a body

The Nike mission statement revolves around an interesting concept. Nike believes that there is no barrier to success as long as you have a body – “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

That’s how audacious Nike can be and it expects its community to adopt the same mindset. Nike is on a mission to “redefine sport for a new generation,” according to them.

The company continues to push boundaries and explore avenues to make its products accessible to and impact felt by everyone, regardless of age, gender, fitness level and even location.

Today, there are running shoes and equipment for athletes in different sports; there are apparels as fashion statements for ordinary people; there are special gears and equipment for the physically challenged. Nike would stop at nothing and continues to push the frontiers of what’s possible.

athlete with a body - nike mission statement

Nike mission statement: Athlete with a body

Today, Nike has programs set up to expand opportunity for women and girls; they are investing in youth sports and addressing barriers to access; and “ helping more kids and communities discover the power of play and movement, we’re working to shape a more equal, active, and inclusive future .”

According to Comparably , in 2019 Nike partnered with WNBA to launch Woman in Nike (WIN), an initiative designed to “provide dynamic work experience for retired or retiring WNBA players.

In the same year, Nike, Converse, Jordan Brand and Michael Jordan teamed up in a multimillion dollar investment to address racial inequality, as well as increase financial literacy among America’s youths.

Bottom line : Nike remains steadfast in its belief in “roles and opportunity for impact in the world” and in its commitment to breaking barriers. It has lived up to this promise through diverse selfless strategies (across multiple frontiers) designed to impact everyone onboard.

4. Global presence

In this component, Nike makes it clear that it is a company that wants its presence felt on a global scale.

The passion to achieve this goal explains the diversification strategy of the company to include a wide range of products targeting different athletes across the globe. For example, Nike launched a program called Signature Initiatives that look to grow sports talents across the world.

Final thoughts

The success of any establishment starts with its mission . When there is a clear purpose and a defined path, it becomes easy to create a working culture that is unique and sustainable.

This is what Nike managed to do outstandingly well.

The Nike mission statement links up well with every other component of the company’s identity and offering: the brand’s other corporate statements (vision, purpose & values) and its brand identities (name, logo & slogan), as well as its policies, procedures and executions.

What is even more remarkable is how everything is so strategically woven around a central theme – INSPIRATION.

Arguably, we can say that this culture is what attracts a lot of people to want to work for Nike, as well as a lot of clients who buy into Nike products. Through the evolution and effective executions of its mission and other corporate purposes, Nike has been able to grow and maintain its global market position as a leading producer of sports footwear, apparel, and equipment.

So, that is it for the infamous mission statement of Nike! A lot of people have used this mission statement as an inspiration to write their own (you can, too!) It meets both the technical and emotional requirements of what a great mission statement should be.

Now, the question for you: What did you think about the Nike mission statement? Does your company have a mission statement?

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nike mission statement business plan

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Core Values Of Nike: Mission Statement, Vision and Success

Nike transformed itself from a standard retailer to something much bigger.  

There is no secret that Nike is one of the most famous brands that have a huge contribution to athletes and sports sectors. 

The company is all about serving the inspiration and providing the products for encouraging potential. 

Also, they focus on redefining the meaning of being athletic and as they say, everyone who owns a body has an athlete in them. 

The idea and typical image of the word athletic, where people are professionals and engage in sports.

Well, the company is one of the major in sponsorship and provider of apparel to highly trained athletics. But they didn’t limit it there,  to change the definition and changing the idea, they encouraged everyone to become a true athlete. 

With their mission statement, values, visions, and understanding, the company inspired lots of people, no matter if they are professional or beginners. 

Table of Contents

What To Know About Nike And Their Core Values 

The company was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman on 25 January 1964 in Eugene, Oregon, United States. 

The iconic logo of Nike that looks like ‘ Swoosh’ was created by Carolyn Davidson who was a digital graphics student in 1971. 

The symbol was indicated to the winged goddess of victory that is in greek mythology also called Nike.

nike mission statement business plan

Image source: Designyourwa y

Nike inc is famous for offering footwear,  athletic brand, and apparel for the sportsperson or anyone who likes sports. 

However, the company rebranded itself and known by the name they are famous. But they kept their vision clear which was to offer the best. 

Their goal of leading the manufacturing products for bringing the best out of athletes made the company achieve the position they have now. 

The company manufactures ultimately what exactly the athletes need for competing at the top levels. With its vision and mission statement, the company stayed honest with its work. 

Core Values Of Nike 

Nike has important core values that include being innovative,  inspirational to every athlete on this planet. Also to stay the most connected, authentic as well as a distinctive brand.

The core values hold what is most important to them and become the best ones in their fields.

nike core values

Nike values their strategy teams who focus on primary parts like environment, community,  vision, strategy, culture, and many more to keep the company in line. 

According To CEO and President Of Nick, John Donohoe, sports have the capacity that can transform communities and lives.  

He added that the power of sports can bring people for changing the world and to make it a better place. 

The company contributes to helping as well as bringing the idea to reality. 

Mission Statement Of Nike 

The mission statement of Nike is to bring inspiration and innovations for every kind of athlete in this world.

According to the company motto  “. if you have a body,  you are an athlete “. The statement focuses on  Nike’s influence and its contribution to the sports sector.

mission statements of nike

The company has the mission of turning the ability of the athletics and stimulating their confidence to build the best version of themselves. 

From new to the Profesional, anyone who wants to start the sports or enhance what excites them most, Nike shares the mission to bring the best from it. 

Also, their mission statement has important components that include – 

Not just you can make your company look different and keep your audience more interactive with you. Read out the Core Values Mission Statement of Google .

Inspiring The People 

To fulfill this, the company has always been at the forefront. 

They came up with new innovations, technologies, and ideas to motivate the people and help by offering effective yet comfortable apparel and gears. 

nike mission statement business plan

Image source: thepundit

Additionally, they understand the looking of part importance and they boost the desire to excel.

The company has a wide range of sportswear that gives an exact impression of what they are selling. 

Presence On Global Level  

With this, the brand shows that they have a presence on international platforms as well. To meet the component, Nike has a diversification of its products and targeting athletes across the globe. 

For example, Nike has signature initiatives that bring different states growing in different states across the world. 

Inventions & Innovations 

One of the reasons that made Nike top on their games, they narrowed down their unrelenting clamor for bringing up the versatility in the aesthetical appeals. 

Also, it makes the product more dependable and people rely on, even the professionals. 

The company has one of the most creative minds in the team and experts that launch different innovations along with the products.

nike mission statement business plan

Image source: Nikenews

Also  Nike also known as the house of innovations where they came up with different innovations to support the sports and atheistic. 

11 Maxims Of Nike 

In addition to their mission statement,  they developed the guiding principles which are also referred to as “ 11 Maxims”. 

With the principles, the company has the guidance of where they want themselves to see and to guide throughout the different levels. 

1. It The Nature To Innovate 

Nike takes its innovation seriously, and they will see it as one of the core organizational competencies. 

2. They Are The Company 

Nike is a company responsible for quality and contribution to the sports sectors. Along with that, they innovate to bring and encourage people for enhancing what makes them feel excited.

3. They Are The Brand 

Nike is a brand and the swoosh logo is instantly recognizable by anyone. Nike considers its logo as the leadership symbol on a global level. 

They will enter the market only where they can dominate. 

The company has the ideology that says if you can’t lead, then you don’t need either. 

4. Simplifying And Go 

Nike offers products that don’t have a long life span, it includes their technology as well as fashion.  

The company believes that they should make quick but keeping it skillful. The motive behind their decisions is key for their success. 

5. Consumers Will Decide 

The company is well aware of the customers they serve. To make sure that they are offering the quality that matches their customer’s sophistication.  

Also, they treat them the same as a key stakeholder. 

6. Be Like Sponge 

Nike encourages its employees to be like a sponge, which means staying curious and open to different ideas. 

Also to keep their mind and creative level open instead of thinking inside the box. 

7. Evolve Fast And Immediately 

Nike considers itself a perpetual motion viewing change. And it’s a key for their innovations. 

With this attitude, it makes more sense how the company has a wide range of their products. They use their emergent strategy for effective good. 

8. Do What’s Right 

The company believes in doing what is the right thing to do. Being responsible global citizens, they embrace their stakeholder for viewing their corporate social responsibility. 

They encourage people to stay honest as well as be transparent in promoting their suitability and diversity. 

9. Mastering The Fundamentals 

According to Nike,  if the innovations are not in action, it’s useless in the end. The part of the success behind Nike is they have an understanding of refining the performance. 

Also, this helps in boosting profit and achieving more. 

1 0. Be On The Offence, Always 

Nike says that to stay ahead especially when the environment is competitive, it’s important to act like a leader. 

The company urges people to be leaders in whatever field they are in and achieve victory. 

11. Remember The Man 

The co-founder of Nike, Late Bill Bowerman holds high esteem through the company and the brand itself. 

The company focuses on fulfilling and keeping its understanding of proving the needs of the athletes as an innovative spirit. 

Vision Statement Of Nike 

Nike’s corporate vision is to remain the most connected, authentic, and distinctive brand.

The company keeps its vision statements applying to the global growth strategy.  The company focuses on making its brand more approachable and authentic to the customers. 

Well to understand this, they have a vision statement focused on doing everything that can help in boosting the potential of humans. 

Precisely, the company does not limit itself on any kind of strategy for ensuring it offers the best to its customers.

nike mission statement business plan

Image source: marketingweek

The picture portrayed by their statement is that the company won’t settle which is normal. Instead of that, they will go beyond and be dynamic. 

On Top of that, Nike focused on being effective and innovative to worth the impacts. 

Also, they have the following characteristics that relate to their vision statement. 

Improvement In Lives 

Nike is a people-oriented company, they target the positive impact that the brand can do. Also, the company connects with the audience to deliver quality and improve lives. 

Also, they run their incorporative objectives for making society better along with the primary goals. They have a corporate social responsibility too which they never neglect. 

For example, Nike is known for leading environmental conservation strategies all around the world.  

nike mission statement business plan

Not just that, they are vocal when it comes to focusing on other social targets. To achieve their mission, they make sure to bring the best from every individual they connect with. 

Expanding The Potentials 

The vision of Nike is to give the best quality and efficient footwear, apparel, and equipment to their primary customers. 

This is what that company stayed honest with throughout the years. Since the company was founded and established, it focused on bringing and expanding human potential. 

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Also, they understand the diversity people have in their requirements, especially as a sportsperson. 

With this,  they make sure to stimulate creativity with their tailored products to fit each category. 

Reasons Why Nike Is Successful?

Nike is a well-established and worldwide recognizable brand in clothes and sports. Founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, The company was started with a $1200 investment in 1964. 

In the starting days, The company was called Blue Ribbon Sports but as they progressed, it was renamed Nike Inc in 1971. The brand name is also a Greek goddess of triumph on which it was named after. 

nike mission statement business plan

Image source: Pinterest

However, how did the company not just survive the global market but thrive in it? 

Nike become one of the biggest brands in its niche, also participated in various campaigns and marketing to make the space for the brand 

To understand what helped the brand to outshine, here are some listed reasons. 

Developing Logo & Brand Based On Intensive Marketing

Nike has a reputation as it advances its products with sponsorship contracts to renowned people,  school competitors, and proficient students. 

The company sells the products by associating with the biggest players in the market. The first celebrity that endorsed the brand was llie Natasa who was a Romanian tennis player.

nike mission statement business plan

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As for now, the company relies on email showcasing,  sponsorship, web advertising, and uses various channels including social media for promotion. 

Nike does much more intensive marketing to make sure their brand is always on-trend. 

Some of the sponsorship that Nike had, including – 

Emphasize On Enthusiastic Benefits In Selling 

Nike offers a standard in living a life. Taking advantage of the part of people’s lives where they need more advantage of giving more value to their own self. 

The Co-Founder of Nike,  Bill Bowerman offered their shoes not based on the techniques. Instead of that, he linked the shoes to running and living an adventurous life. 

He linked the brand with the standard of healthy living. The products of Nike are based on sportsmanship and the enthusiastic benefits of it. 

Adding New Technologies For The Promotional 

Nike created a promotional strategy by adding new technologies to their products. They built an assortment of new inventions and related that with their brand image. 

Also, technology is not just for encouraging people to live healthy and active life. But with that, it makes their life much easier. 

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For example, Nike launched shoes that get automatically tied up the laces.  The person needs to put their leg in shoes and the function will automatically start.  The technology is called HyperAdapt 1.0. 

For creating this technology, Nike worked for 10 years and launched the product which worked in their favor. 

Varying Sports To Daily Needs Items 

Nike offers a wide range that covers every kind of sport.  From selling sports gear and attire, The company also offers general attire, gloves, handbags, shades, wallets, etc. 

Well in sports, they have a variety of options as they offer gears and attires based on Cricket,  football, ice hockey, baseball, Olympics-style events, and many more. 

nike mission statement business plan

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The brand covers sports equipment to personal required items for the customers. Not just the items help the company to gather more audience as compared to any other game organization.

With this, they can always get prominent pieces of the entire market as compared to other competitors. 

Emphasizing The Quality For Enhancing Performance  

Nike created their brand based on the reputation that offers quality products. Not just that, they offer products that can help athletes to make their performance better. 

The gears and equipment are made to offer the significance of the items. Also, the company’s image is related to the products they offer as they all are first-rate. 

Nike focuses on improving performance and encourages people to live what they feel energetic about. 

It can be run to playing any kind of sports, Nike successfully built trust because of which the company has big sports players and athletes using the products. 

Better Excelling And Response 

As compared to others, Nike has better excelling and responses. 

For example,  the business started its official site in  1999. As compared to the rival companies where Foot Locker came up with their websites in 2000 and Adidas launched their ones in 2006. 

Nike launched the site 7 years before as compared to Adidas. Also, the company reflected the site in 2011 and had four times much better deals as compared to Adidas. 

In using web-based social networking, Nike was one of the sports item organizations. 

Also with technology like HyberAdapt 1.0, the company remained one step ahead of their competitor’s companies. 

Connecting Emotions With The Brand 

Nike learned the art of doing emotional branding. Not just, they have connected their brands with customers’ feelings but they push them to do better. 

nike mission statement business plan

Image source: Thedrum

The company has various enthusiastic marketing which encourages bravery from the audience.  It means the shopper has to identify their own worth and capacity to discover their quality.

Also, they focus on beginners to professionals or even someone who is playing as a hobby.  

The brand endeavors their motto in everyone that says “ Do what needs to be done”. 

However, later on, the motto changed, and now it’s popular as “  Just Do It “. 

Associated Themselves With Different Sports 

Nike does not just associate with one sport, but they have different options.  The brand uses this for promoting and using it as a strategy for success. 

For example, it includes – 

The Olympics 

Nike came up with the shoes based on Michael Johnson who was an Olympic PLayer. It showcased their methods for boosting success all over the globe. 

With the idea of showcasing different methods that serve the Olympics, Nike did a different kind of innovation. However, it was not specific when it comes to marketing. 

NFL OR National Football League 

In 2012, Nike built an agreement for a long time with the National Football League ( NFL). 

But in 2015, The company added three more years in the agreement with the NFL without a sale.  Not just it worked as a useful tactic but also the company achieved success in the long run. 

NBA OR National Basketball Association 

In 2015, Adidas nulled their association for the pullovers and attires for NBA.  But at the beginning of 2017  – 2018, Nike came up with an eight years contract where they offered the attires and pullovers to the National basketball association.  

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