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The Essential Guide to Marketing Plan Presentations

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“What helps people, helps business,” explains Leo Burnett. A marketing plan is a method businesses incorporate to achieve corporate objectives aligned with their mission and statement. Still, creating a successful marketing plan presentation can become a challenge for many professionals.

What to include, which metrics should be tracked, how to present data visually compellingly, and plenty of other questions can surface when creating a marketing plan presentation. In this article, we will explore in detail all those topics and more to help you create a stellar marketing plan presentation.

Table of Contents

What is a marketing plan?

Why do you need a marketing plan.

Step 2 – KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Step 4 – Defining the target market

Recommended Marketing Plan Templates for Presentations

Marketing Strategy Outline for an effective Marketing Plan Presentation

Tips and avoiding pitfalls when preparing a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan outlines an organization’s advertising approach for generating leads and reaching its target market. A marketing strategy outlines the outreach activities that will be implemented over time and how the organization achieves its goals according to these actions.

According to Harvard , “The marketing plan defines the opportunity, the strategy, the budget, and the expected product sales results.” The ultimate objective of the marketing plan is to generate adequate and lucrative activity. Therefore, it should include valuable and practical instructions for allocating resources correctly.

Having a marketing plan for your business is essential, as it gives direction to advertising strategy, sales strategy, customer support strategy, etc. It provides a timeframe and implementation for the marketing strategies built.

Overall, the main items a marketing plan solve are:

Defining your marketing plan early on has numerous advantages. Setting clear goals and objectives and matching marketing techniques to reach them can put you to success.

Moreover, while establishing a firm, marketing expenditures may be restricted, so having a clear plan guarantees you don’t squander money.

The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Plan

Step 1 – defining business goals .

Your company’s marketing goals and objectives could be to promote the brand, name, and logo design , expand into a new market, or improve product marketing by a certain percentage. These objectives can be better tracked, measured, and duplicated if they are more defined and numerical.

Understanding high-level marketing and company objectives is the first step. These should form the basis of your strategy. The work can be grouped according to its objectives, allowing your teammates to see the plan behind your operations. Defining your business goals will also assist you in determining whether or not the programs and campaigns you launch are on schedule.

Those who write down their goals are more successful than those who do not. You can set goals using various methods, including the SMART Goals method . Your marketing team can use the SMART Goals method to explain your company’s long-term objectives, make adjustments, and develop promotional activities. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. These objectives give you a framework for choosing the most efficient marketing strategy.

example of SMART goal setting for marketing goals

KPI, also known as Key Performance Indicators, is a collection of quantitative measurements a firm or sector uses to assess or compare performance in accomplishing strategic and operational objectives. Measurable KPIs allow you to establish a sense of ownership and accountability for your company goals. They’re necessary for completing any company plan actions. A KPI dashboard (a collection of pre-selected and relevant KPIs) shared with a specific team can motivate by offering concrete insight into the team’s performance and improving peer efforts.

Applying a KPI dashboard template to showcase the sales performance of a company by year and growth potential

Step 3 – Building a Market analysis 

Marketing environment.

A marketing environment refers to all internal and external aspects influencing and driving your company’s promotional efforts. Your managers should know the marketing environment to sustain success and address any threats or possibilities that may affect their work.

Understanding the marketing environment is critical in recognizing what your customers desire. You would require a marketing environment because it helps to identify your target audience and their demands, particularly when it comes to how customers make purchasing decisions. Evaluating your marketing environment allows your company to create effective marketing strategies before too late.

The marketing environment is wide and varied, with controllable and uncontrollable variables. There are two types of marketing environments to consider: internal and external environments.

Internal marketing environments include your company’s strengths, limitations, distinctiveness, capabilities, capital assets and finances, and corporate policies. 

To be precise, all the elements that are under your control have an impact on your marketing operations.

All aspects outside your company’s control are included in the external marketing environment. The external marketing environment is divided into micro and macro marketing environments. 

The marketing microenvironment is inherently related to your company and directly impacts marketing procedures. Buyers, manufacturers, company associates, distributors, and opponents are included. To some point, it can be possible to control microenvironmental influences. 

All things outside your company’s control make up your macro marketing environment. External environmental forces such as competitive, economic, political, legal and regulatory, technological, and sociocultural parties are considered in the environmental analysis. A marketing strategist can be efficient only by accepting and comprehending the intricacies of the marketing environment. 

Competitor analysis

A competitive analysis is a method of identifying competitors and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses compared to your own. It assists you in determining how to deal with competition and fine-tuning your plan. It is essential to conduct a competitive analysis because it will help you to create effective competitive strategies to expand your target market. 

A competitor analysis slide intended for an e-commerce site in the digital photography niche

First of all, identify who your competitors are and what products they offer. Take note of their marketing strategies. You’ll be able to design methods to help you stay ahead of your main competitors using the information from the competitive analysis.

SWOT analysis 

A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis is an excellent method to determine how you match up against your market competitors. It is one of the most effective strategies for eliciting the most significant difficulties your company faces today and in the future. It is an integral part of any marketing strategy.

creating a SWOT analysis for a photography e-commerce business

You can use a SWOT analysis to look at your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This activity might help you determine where your company stands in the competitive marketplace. 

With SWOT analysis, you’ll have a promising approach for prioritizing the tasks you need to perform to build your business. If you want to get in and start, feel free to download our editable SWOT PowerPoint templates .

Since you’ve performed your analysis, the next step is to focus on your target market.

Once you have assessed precisely whom your company wants to cater to, it will be easier to choose which marketing strategies. Your marketing and communication channels must be tailored to your target audience. Age, gender, geographic region, likes, interests, and other demographics can be associated with audience criteria.

creating a ICP analysis for an e-commerce business in a new marketing plan strategy

To help you with the process, create different customer profiles or perform market segmentation. By focusing on commitment to service and quality, you can effectively implement a niche differentiation strategy in a somewhat diverse marketplace. 

Market Size

The size of a market is one of the most important criteria for evaluating a business plan because if the market is too limited, expansion and funding are not worthwhile. As a result, determining the market size is an integral aspect of every business marketing plan.

TAM stands for “Total Addressable Market”

The TAM reflects the broadest market potential imaginable. It solves who might buy goods or services in general. The TAM is the potential profit a single firm could make in this market.

SAM stands for “Serviceable Addressable Market”

The SAM provides a solution to which TAM market share can be addressed with the particular product or service in view or which could reasonably buy it. The SAM is important since it demonstrates the moderate potential of your business plan. The target audience is outlined and accurately described at this stage.

SOM stands for “Serviceable Obtainable Market”

Lastly, the SOM depicts the SAM’s market share that can be practically obtained over a predictable timeframe. It considers the current market environment, production capabilities, promotion, and distribution channels. As a result, the SOM represents the sales potential of your business during its early stages of growth.

The above are crucial components of a company’s strategy, especially as you develop your sales and marketing plan, make appropriate revenue targets, and decide which markets are worth your time and money.

A TAM SAM SOM presentation for a marketing plan purpose

Unique Selling Proposition

Your company’s unique selling proposition or USP indicates the unique advantages that your company provides, and hence provides the basis for differentiating you from your competitors.

A strong USP helps to reach your target audience and achieve your company goals by distinguishing your goods in a significant and exclusive way. It makes your marketing content effective and attractive to potential consumers. Your USP concept should reflect throughout your products and marketing strategies.

A USP slide in a marketing presentation plan

Step 5 – Defining Marketing objectives 

Formulating marketing strategies and organizational marketing practices is based on the marketing objectives. The marketing objectives declare what you intend to achieve in the marketplace. The internal and external environmental analysis outcomes significantly impact the marketing objectives plan.

Marketing objectives are both economic and market-psychological objectives. Financial goals are responsible for higher turnover, i.e., they use desirable outcomes to affect sales quantity and price. The company’s goals and objectives must be established in concrete terms so that the concerned managers can evaluate performance and, if needed, take remedial action. Increased product awareness among targeted consumers provides information about product features, and increasing consumer willingness to acquire the product are some of the goals for a specific product.

Market-psychological goals are a variant of marketing objectives with a focus on quality. They represent intentional, purposeful changes in future client purchase behavior that correlate to financial aims driving a company’s marketing initiatives. Brand awareness , business model, buying intensity, customer service, and product are suitable for qualitative expected values.

Before moving on to the next level of planning and designing the marketing strategy, you must understand the marketing objectives.

Step 6 – Building Marketing strategies

Let us discuss various marketing strategies to Boost your Business Growth.

Marketing mix and its importance

The marketing mix is a significant component of developing and executing a successful marketing strategy. It should demonstrate how your product or service is preferable to your competitors.

The marketing mix describes the many aspects of your company’s market strategy. It is a diverse list of elements your company uses to attain its goals by effectively marketing its goods or services to a specific consumer segment.

application of a 4Ps marketing mix

The marketing mix, commonly known as the 4 Ps, comprises four major components: products, price, promotion, and location. The 4Ps are the most essential components to consider when developing a marketing plan. A variant of the services marketing mix is also known as 7Ps Marketing Mix, and includes the addition of people, processes, and physical evidence to the list.

The 7Ps of Marketing explained

Product development aims to create the best product or service for your target market. Your goods or services must meet every individual client’s demand.

The first P consists of two main elements:

Branding is the name, term, symbol, and design by which your product is known. A strong brand name can help shoppers recognize the goods they desire faster, which speeds up purchasing.

Packaging entails advertising and safeguarding the product. It can improve the use of a product or keep it from degrading or being damaged. Quality packaging makes it easy to recognize your products and promote your reputation.

When deciding on a price for your goods, analyze the competition in your target market and the whole marketing mix’s cost. Estimate how customers will react to potential product prices.

Pricing and Positioning Strategy

Pricing and positioning strategy determine how you want your customers to recognize your products and services compared to your competitive brands. Your pricing and positioning strategy must be aligned; your product’s price should be according to its position in the market. Consider your competition, target audience, and running expenditure while deciding on your positioning and pricing plan.

Here are different types of pricing strategies:

Price Skimming

This strategy is often used when you have a high-priced brand offering that too very unique in the market. Basically, it is linked with highly valued or luxury products. When your product is new, you want to generate sales, and as it grows more prominent, you wish to acquire a wide range of consumers. 

Penetration Pricing

Penetration pricing is the complete opposite of price skimming. Companies utilizing a penetration pricing approach have a low-priced product to capture as much market share as possible rather than going to market with a high price. 

Time-based Pricing

In the holiday sector, time-based pricing is employed to maximize revenues during summer, when resorts are often busiest. When an airline’s aircraft is nearing capacity, it also charges extra. If there is spare space and a short time before departure, it also offers bargains. This strategy is based on delivering a product or service faster by increasing the prices.

Value-Based Pricing

This strategy ignores the cost of production and instead focuses on using the value customers gain from the price of a product or service. This strategy can be used when your product or service is good enough not to be replaced with an alternative.  

This includes all the considerations that go into getting the correct product into the hands of your target market. Customers should expect to locate a product or service like yours where placement decisions, such as accessing the proper distribution channels, are made. The layout of your store or shop is also a part of the location decision. It should entice people into your store and simplify finding what they’re looking for.

Telling your target market about your goods or service is the goal here. It entails direct communication between potential customers and sellers.

Your marketing mix will assist you in promoting suitable goods to the right people at the right price and at the right time for your company. Therefore, your marketing mix serves as a blueprint for achieving your business goals. It provides a sense of direction while reminding you to think about your target market.

Step 7 – Selecting Marketing Channels 

Where does your target audience spend most of their time? Is it social media or reading newspapers or online periodicals? When you know what they prefer more, you can better select the channel of marketing you want to use in your strategies.

defining marketing channels for your business

Here are different methods of marketing:

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a sort of marketing that includes pursuing clients rather than allowing them to approach you naturally. This strategy, which entails employing cold calls, Television ads, and print ads as the significant way of recruiting clients before digital marketing became a regular practice, was prevalent before digital marketing became a common practice.

Outbound marketing includes social ads, search engine marketing (SEM), native advertising, and traditional commercials, among other forms of paid advertising. It is still a popular digital marketing strategy today. For example, email blasts, which are bulk email campaigns delivered to an extensive list of subscribers, are still a popular advertising strategy.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a general term that includes almost all forms of marketing, from social media to content. Inbound marketing tries to lure clients by leveraging various forms of content, such as blogs, videos, podcasts, social media, and newsletters. As for the podcasts, they are easy to start. Besides, people love to listen to podcasts , as they can do it anytime and anywhere. The content engages your clients, making them happy and building lifetime trust in your brand.

Content marketing is one of the most common inbound marketing strategies you can learn more about further down. 

Inbound marketing is gaining popularity because it draws them to you rather than interrupting people with intrusive advertisements. Because consumers are actively looking for your material, inbound marketing is effective. With the help of an Inbound Marketing PowerPoint template , digital marketing professionals can save hours of effort and time and prepare presentations with the conclusions of a marketing analysis campaign.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t a specific strategy by itself; instead, it’s a direct reference to any digital technology marketing. Digital marketing has taken the marketing world by storm. Almost every sales and marketing expert widely uses it. With digital marketing, marketing has grown to reach clients in new and more intriguing ways due to advanced technologies. This marketing channel focuses on business growth, which is crucial for the growth strategy. 

As you read, you’ll know that most of the marketing types we will discuss are a form of digital marketing. Some of them are:

Content marketing

Email marketing, social media marketing, advertising.

Each type of marketing is vital to the whole, and they all work together to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

While so many digital marketing platforms are available, selecting them in a way that works for the company’s goals and, especially budget, can be challenging. Paid, owned, and earned media classifies various channels into segments that make creating and enhancing effective marketing strategies easier.

Paid media is content you pay to be placed before your viewers as an advertisement, such as ads on social media, whereas owned and earned media is free. Owned media refers to the content you make and maintain, such as your website, blog posts, or Facebook page. In contrast, earned media refers to content created about you by others, such as influencers or reviews of your product.

When drawing readers to your website, content still comes out on top. Users are drawn to your website by relevant content, keywords, and offerings. A well-developed content marketing strategy can help you customize content for your client’s needs and gain genuine traffic.

With Google’s MUM algorithm update , websites with well-written content created in natural language are expected to rank higher. Create a well-thought-out strategy for delivering high-quality content regularly, allowing your company to gain genuine traffic and reduce bounce rates. Good solid content should have concise headlines, relevant data sources, and answers to any readers’ issues.

According to recent statistics, more than 85% of marketers utilize email as their primary lead-generation medium. In the case of email marketing campaigns , you must send the correct kind of message to your target demographic to remain effective. Email marketing is done correctly, establishes a relationship with your clients, and earns their confidence. Include exciting information like blog articles, user-generated content, and videos in your emails. Customize emails by including information like first names and tailoring material to the client’s interaction with your site.

Social media has made a lot of progress since its beginning, and it is now one of the most widely used marketing channels. YouTube and Facebook remain the most popular social media platforms, with Instagram and Pinterest coming in second and third, respectively.

A social media marketing strategy that emphasizes brand recognition, customer interactions, and captivating posts can help you establish a solid social media profile and attract consumers to your products and services. To enhance interaction with your target market, focus on generating effective communication strategies across all social media channels and creating video content.

There are various advertising options to consider for your company—the alternatives for advertising range from social media to television and print. One thing is sure online advertising is a practical approach to getting the attention of your target audience. It enables you to more precisely target, monitor, and assess the effectiveness of your paid marketing campaign more.

To grow in the digital advertising industry, learn how to advertise on Google. Because Google is the world’s most popular search engine, you’ll want to keep ahead of the competition by appearing for essential keywords relating to your services.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is partnering with influencers (people who already have a large following) to use the potential of Instagram and other social media. These persons are considered experts in their fields, and their followers will listen to their advice. When an influencer endorses your product, it immediately earns credibility in the eyes of their followers. As a result, your brand will acquire more visibility and attract new clients. Influencer content is a marketing technique that will continue to grow in the coming years.

Because many influencers rely on paid advertising for income, they typically demand payment in exchange for endorsing your company. You’ll effectively be sponsoring one of their social media postings in this situation. Evaluate which collaborations will be most beneficial to your market and budget.

Affiliate marketing

You might wonder, what is affiliate marketing? It is similar to sponsored collaborations in which others market your business on your behalf. By establishing an affiliate marketing program, you’ll eventually partner with another affiliate who will promote your products on their social media sites, blogs, and other platforms. Their sales are recorded using special links known as affiliate links, which allow the individual to be paid for their efforts. 

This type of marketing is becoming increasingly popular, and more businesses are launching their affiliate networks. As a result of this increase, many companies now use affiliate marketing as part of their entire marketing plan.

Landing pages

A landing page is a best friend for the marketer. Conversions are the sole objective of this standalone page. Regardless of how good your various online marketing techniques are, your landing pages and website must convert at a reasonable rate to justify your efforts. A one-second delay in page loading time causes a likely decline in conversions. Landing pages should have a powerful message, optimized headers, and helpful content to be the most effective. Stay updated on landing page best practices to improve your website conversion rate. 

As we know, this process can be taxing, especially if the deadline is around the corner; please check our suggestion for marketing plan templates . These products were designed by professionals, and are intended for visual impact, clear data presentation, and reusable purposes.

1. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

presentation assignment marketing

Building a marketing plan from scratch with this slide deck is a stress-free experience. You can find a welcome message slide, followed by an introduction slide in which you can present the reasons behind a new marketing plan. The table of contents for this presentation template is shown as a horizontal timeline, so the audience can transit through each element.

Key slides such as About Us, Mission, Team, and USP are listed, with icons and placeholder text areas that are quick to edit. TAM, SAM, and SOM model are also included in one slide. If all this isn’t enough, reinforce your message with a demographic slide to introduce your ICPs and analyze competitors with the Market Competition slide arranged in a bar format.

Use This Template

2. General Marketing Plan PowerPoint Templates

presentation assignment marketing

Some of the slides shown in this article belong to this presentation template design. Vibrant, with a clear design for showcasing data in multiple marketing formats: TAM, SAM, and SOM; KPI Dashboard; USP; Pricing strategy; 7Ps of Marketing Model Mix; Segments; Budget; Product Life Cycle, etc.

Create a powerful marketing plan presentation by editing this professional marketing plan presentation template in just minutes.

3. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

presentation assignment marketing

This fresh marketing plan presentation template is a slide deck featuring various graphics to showcase data. The strong contrast of the tones used helps to introduce multiple topics with a clear understanding from the audience. On top of that, the template is entirely editable, so you can select a custom theme with your preferred color scheme.

Find catchy graphics to discuss Market Segmentation; Target Market; Growth Strategy; Plans & Pricing, etc. 13 slides containing everything you need for a stellar marketing plan presentation.

4. Blue Marketing Plan Template for PowerPoint

presentation assignment marketing

Ideal for corporate environments, this classic-styled marketing plan template brings every tool available for building a marketing plan. With blue & white tones in the main areas, you can find 2D & 3D graphics in 4 different colors that complement the palette.

Access funnel analysis diagrams, world maps for demographic representations, cycle process flow diagrams, 4P Marketing Mix, 3D cubes, roadmaps, and more.

Marketing Tactics

What are marketing tactics.

Marketing Tactics are the strategic measures that drive the advertising of your company’s products and services to achieve the defined marketing goals. Your marketing strategy and your company goals and objectives will determine the basis of marketing tactics. The purpose of some marketing tactics might be to promote your content to reach your target audience, while for others, it might be to maximize sales yet maintain a competitive product or service. As a matter of fact, you can leverage a variety of marketing tactics. 

Content Marketing Tactics

Focus on content transparency and authenticity Your consumers may want to know your new product ideas, how you create your product, or even your revenue numbers. If you reveal to your audience what they want and meet their demands, you may directly connect to your audience. For this, your content must be transparent and authentic. 

Dynamic CTAs Dynamic CTAs are elements of personalization that create a unique call-to-action based on the viewer. It makes the content more personalized therefore generating more traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Create content and improve your online services to make it easier for those seeking specific information.

Use Emotional Keywords in Headlines The most effective technique to write compelling headlines is to use emotional keywords. This will give your content a boost. People will be prompted not only to read it but also to forward it on social media. Also, you can add headlines showing data. Create high-quality content to grow your search traffic and rankings.

Email Marketing Tactics

Personalization In the email subject line, you can add the name of the person you are interacting with. It gives a personal touch.

Automate Referral Campaigns Set up automated referral campaigns via email via your CRM or another technology that allows you to automate your email marketing CRM .

Set up automated referral campaigns via email via your CRM or another technology that allows you to automate your email marketing CRM. Make sure you use a quality  email finding tool . This way you will get more clients. Deployment of email authentication protocols like DMARC can have a lasting positive impact on your email deliverability rates, making your marketing campaigns more of a success by reducing spam.

Social Media Marketing Tactics

Use social media platforms to generate traffic Social media platforms like Instagram , YouTube are the most used platforms to connect and engage potential consumers.

Live streaming To engage your audience, you need to communicate with them directly. Live streaming allows you to reach more people and thus maximize your social media presence.

Customer Testimonials Testimonials directly from your customers’ words express appreciation for and faith in your service and products, providing a positive review of your company.

Influencer Marketing Tactics

Influencer-driven product launches  Influencers are considered experienced in their niches, so their followers happen to trust the products promoted to them.  

Influencer Endorsements/Sponsorships One of the most effective ways to encourage consumers to trust your products is through influencer sponsorships.

Marketing Budget 

You’ll need a comprehensive and practical marketing budget to implement a marketing strategy successfully. Your budget should be suited to your company’s unique qualities. Your business stage also determines your marketing budget. Once you decide which marketing channels you will use, you can define your marketing budget.

a presenter introducing the marketing budget

You must recognize the role of marketing in assisting your company. Specific methods can be defined from there. Then, to correctly and fairly measure marketing success, you must define KPIs to connect the budget with your goals. Choosing how much money to invest in marketing is a big step, but deciding when, where, and how to spend that money is far more complicated – and has a considerably more significant impact on your company’s performance.

What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan? 

A marketing strategy is reaching out to potential customers and converting them into paying customers. A marketing strategy is different from a marketing plan in its approach. It is a larger picture of how you intend to remain ahead of your competitors.

On the other hand, the marketing plan systematically lays out the specifics of how you’ll put your strategies into action. Your marketing plan is the framework of strategic marketing actions that help you reach your marketing goals and is driven by your marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy is an essential aspect of your overall business plan. This outline is intended to assist you in thinking through areas of your proposed business plans and the market channels you will use to reach your target market. A strong marketing plan involves everything from identifying your target clients to how you will reach them to how you will create repeat purchasers, whether you are just starting your firm or thinking about expanding your operations. 

Your marketing strategy is the roadmap you’ll follow to gain customer loyalty and boost your company’s success. Use the following slides outline to create an engaging marketing plan presentation:

Why do you need a marketing strategy? 

The marketing strategy should come prior to the marketing plan, as it is the grounds on which the marketing plan should be arranged.

The main reasons why you need a marketing strategy are:

Establishing your marketing strategies beforehand has numerous advantages. You are on the path to success when you define your goals and KPIs and integrate marketing techniques to attain those goals.

Marketing Implementation 

Marketing implementation is bringing your marketing strategy into action to generate favorable results. A marketing implementation plan ensures the appropriate execution of your marketing strategy. It breaks down your marketing strategy into manageable activities, responsibilities, and objectives that are easy to grasp and follow. 

a slide containing the marketing implementation for the strategy to apply

This part of the marketing plan explains how the company will conduct its marketing strategies, including how it will be structured by operations, products, areas, and target audience categories. You can take various steps to build an effective marketing implementation plan. Some of them are as follows:

Create realistic scenarios  

Firstly, in a marketing implementation plan, you should set reasonable expectations for how quickly you can meet marketing goals and objectives. When you decide on a timeline from the beginning, it assures that everyone involved is informed of and capable of meeting each deadline.

Review your marketing strategy

Re-examine your marketing strategy to ensure it is well-developed, efficient, and results-oriented. You may include any other aspects you come across when creating your implementation plan. While reviewing your marketing strategy, make sure you have focused on every essential element.

Create workflows for all of your content and tasks

You may make a simple list of tasks and promotional procedures for your members to perform. Try creating the steps in procedures as straightforwardly as possible and linking aspects that make sense. Allocate assignments to groups of people, and give each one a time limit or deadline. Before sharing the finished version, review the workflow with all parties concerned and seek input and suggestions. For maximum output, facilitate cooperation throughout the implementation plan.

Communicate with your team

After defining your marketing strategy, workflows, and KPIs (Key performance indicators) , ensure everyone is on board. Creativity, efficiency, and performance can all improve from open communication and collaborative ownership. Communicate your plan with partners and other company units to secure commitment and acceptance for the team’s actions.

To create an effective marketing plan:

Some Pitfalls of the marketing plan can be:

Final words 

A marketing plan’s ultimate purpose is to ensure that marketing operations are relevant and timely to meet your business’s goals. An ideal marketing plan encompasses the strategies for identifying a long-term competitive position and the resources required to attain it. Your capability to anticipate the appropriate marketing strategies distinctly and update and improve your activities regularly is essential for the growth of your business.

presentation assignment marketing

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Marketing Presentation Guide 2023 – What to Include and How to Nail It

Marketing Presentation Guide 2023 – What to Include and How to Nail It

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Creating a marketing presentation does not have to be stressful. If you have the right strategies in place and know what content gives both visual appeal and valuable information, you can really get stuck into this type of presentation .

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What is a Marketing Presentation?

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No matter what you are selling, you need to have a solid plan on how you are going to do it. A marketing presentation, simply put, takes you through a detailed illustration of how you are going to sell your product or service to your desired target audience.

While it seems simple enough, a marketing presentation must include details of the product, how it is different from your competitors, what channels you are planning to use to promote them etc. Let’s take a look at the 7 components of a marketing presentation.

Marketing presentations are product/service specific. What you include in it depends on what you are selling to your target audience and how you plan to do it. Nevertheless, every marketing presentation must cover these 7 points. Let’s take a look at them.

#1 – Marketing Objectives

“Identify the gap”

You might have heard a lot of people say this, but do you know what it means? With every product or service you sell, you are solving some kind of problem faced by your target audience. The empty space between their problem and the solution – that’s the gap.

When making a marketing presentation, the first thing you need to do is identify the gap, and define it. There are many ways to do it, but one of the most common techniques used by experienced marketers is to ask your customers directly what they are missing in the current market – customer surveys.

You can also find the gap by researching and constantly watching industry trends etc. To cover this gap is your marketing objective.

#2 – Market Segmentation

Let’s take an example. You cannot sell your product in the US and in the Middle East in the same way. Both markets are different, culturally and otherwise. In the same way, every market is different, and you need to drill down the characteristics of each market and the submarkets you are planning to cater to. 

What are the cultural similarities and differences, the sensitivities, and how do you plan to deliver localised promotional content, the demographic you are catering to, and their purchasing behaviour – all these should be included in your marketing presentation.

An image illustrating market segmentation.

#3 – Value Proposition

Big word right? Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple to understand.

Value proposition simply means how you are going to make your product or service attractive to the customers. What is the cost/price, the quality, how your product is different from your competitors, your USP (unique selling point) etc? This is how you let your target market know why they should buy your product instead of your competitors.

#4 – Brand Positioning

In your marketing presentation, you should clearly define your brand positioning.  

Brand positioning is all about how you want your target audience to perceive you and your products.  This forms one of the most important factors that decide everything else from here on – including the budget you should allocate, the marketing channels, etc. What is the first thing that someone should associate your brand with? Say for example, when someone says Versace, we think of luxury and class. That’s how they have positioned their brand.

#5 – Purchase Path/Customer Journey

Online purchasing habits are becoming mainstream lately and even in that, there may be various ways in which your customer might reach you or know about your product, leading to a purchase.

Say, for example, they might have seen a social media ad, clicked on it and decided to purchase it because it suits their current needs. That’s the purchase path for that customer.

How do the majority of your customers shop? Is it through mobile phones or do they see ads on the television before shopping in a physical store?. Defining the purchase path gives you more clarity on how to guide them on to the purchase in a more efficient and effective way. This should be included in your marketing presentation.

#6 – Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is a set of strategies or ways in which a brand promotes its product or service. This is based on 4 factors – the 4 Ps of marketing.

When you merge the 4 Ps with each stage of your marketing funnel, you have your marketing mix. These should be included in your marketing presentation. 

An infographic illustrating the 4 Ps of marketing that should be added to your marketing presentation.

#7 – Analysis and Measurement

This is probably the most challenging part of a marketing presentation- how do you plan to measure your marketing efforts? 

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s relatively easy to track the efforts with the help of SEO, social media metrics, and other such tools. But when your total revenue comes from different areas including physical sales and cross-device sales, how do you prepare a complete analysis and measurement strategy?

This should be included in the marketing presentation, based on all the other factors.

As you’ve got down all the necessary components to create a marketing plan, let’s dive deeper into how to make your marketing presentation one worth remembering.

#1 – Get your audience’s attention with an ice breaker

We understand. Starting a marketing presentation is always tricky. You are nervous, the audience might be restless or engaged in some other stuff – like surfing on their phone, or talking amongst themselves, and you have a lot at stake.

The best way to deal with this is to start your presentation with a hook -an icebreaker activity.  

Ask questions. It could be related to the product or service you are about to launch, or something funny or casual. The idea is to get your audience interested in what is yet to come.

Do you know about the famous Oli Gardner pessimistic hook technique? He’s a famous and exceptional public speaker who usually starts his talk or presentation by painting a doomsday picture – something that makes the audience depressed before presenting them with a solution. This could take them on an emotional rollercoaster ride and get them hooked on what you have to say.

#2 – Make the presentation all about the audience

Yes! When you have an intense topic such as a marketing plan to present, it’s difficult to make it interesting for the audience. But it’s not impossible. 

The first step is to understand your audience. What’s their level of knowledge about the topic? Are they entry-level employees, experienced marketers or C-suite executives? This will help you identify how to add value to your audience and how to cater to them.

Don’t just go on and on about what you want to say. Create empathy with your audience. Tell an engaging story or ask them if they have any interesting marketing stories or situations to share. 

This will help you to set a natural tone for the presentation.

#3 – Have more slides with short content

Most often, corporate people, especially high-level managers or C-suite executives might go through countless presentations a day. Getting their attention for a long time is a really difficult task.

In a hurry to finish off the presentation sooner, one of the biggest mistakes that most people make is to cram so much content into one slide. The slide will be displayed on the screen and they’ll keep talking for minutes thinking the fewer the slides, the better.

But this is something that you must avoid at all costs in a marketing presentation. Even if you have 180 slides with little content on them, it’s still better than having 50 slides with information jammed into them.

Always try to have multiple slides with short content, images, gifs, and other interactive activities.

Interactive presentation platforms such as AhaSlides can help you in creating engaging presentations with interactive quizzes, polls, and other activities. 

#4 – Share real-life examples and data

This is one of the most important parts of a marketing presentation. You could have all the information clearly laid out for your audience, but nothing beats having relevant data and insights to support your content.

More than wanting to see some random numbers or data on the slides, your audience might want to know what you concluded from it and how you came to that conclusion. You should also have clear information on how you are planning to use this data to your advantage.

#5 – Have shareable moments

We are moving to an era where everyone wants to be loud – tell their circle what they’ve been up to or the new things they’ve learned. People like it when they are given a “natural” opportunity to share information or moments from a marketing presentation or a conference.

But you cannot force this. One of the best ways to do this is to have quotable catch-phrases or moments in your marketing presentation that the audience can mostly share verbatim or as a picture or video.

These could be new industry trends, any specific features of your product or service that can be shared before the launch, or any interesting data that others could use.

On such slides, have your social media hashtag or company’s handle mentioned so that your audience can tag you as well.

presentation assignment marketing

#6 – Have a uniformity in your presentation

Most often we tend to focus more on the content when creating a marketing presentation and often forget about how important the visual appeal is. Try to have a solid theme throughout your presentation. 

You could use your brand colours, designs or font in your presentation. This will make your audience get more familiar with your brand.

#7 – Take feedback from the audience

Everyone will be protective of their “baby” and no one wants to hear anything negative right? Feedback need not necessarily be negative, especially when you are delivering a marketing presentation.

Feedback from your audience will definitely help you in making necessary improvements to your marketing plan. You could have an organised Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Regardless of exactly why you are here, making a marketing presentation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you are in charge of launching a new product or service, or you simply want to be an ace in making marketing presentations, you can use this guide to your advantage. 

Keep these in mind when creating your marketing presentation.

An infographic illustrating 7 components of a marketing presentation.

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11.4: Assignment- Marketing Plan Presentation

Instructors may structure this assignment in a variety of ways:

Given the variation in how this assignment might be structured, we haven’t created sample student instructions. Instructions should point students to the reading about presenting marketing plans, in the “Marketing Plan” module. It contains guidance about creating and delivering business presentations.

Sample Grading Rubric: Marketing Plan Presentation

Total points possible for Marketing Plan Presentation: 50 pts.

Contributors and Attributions

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Module 15 assignment: marketing plan presentation.

Instructors may structure this assignment in a variety of ways:

Given the variation in how this assignment might be structured, we haven’t created sample student instructions. Instructions should point students to the reading about presenting marketing plans, in the “Marketing Plan” module. It contains guidance about creating and delivering business presentations.

Sample Grading Rubric: Marketing Plan Presentation

Total points possible for Marketing Plan Presentation: 50 pts.

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28+ Marketing PowerPoint Templates: Best PPTs to Present Your Plans in 2023

Sean Hodge

Do you have an upcoming marketing presentation to make in PowerPoint? Need to show your results with a great PPT marketing presentation? Try a marketing plan template PPT .

Presentation slide designs from a premium marketing PowerPoint example.

The right (ready-made) PowerPoint (PPT) templates for marketing will save you a ton of time. Also, it'll give you a wide selection of creative marketing slides for your next deck. 

Let's look at over 28 of the best marketing PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements. These elements include marketing strategy templates for PPT. They also include digital marketing slide examples and many other options.

Jump in and find the marketing PPT templates that fit your presentation just right! Try out some marketing presentation templates today !

Top 28+ PPT Templates for Marketing on Envato Elements for 2023

Here are the top strategic marketing plan PowerPoint templates . These marketing PPTs templates are trending on Envato Elements in 2023: 

1. Contemporary Marketing PowerPoint Template Design

Playful Marketing Presentation Example

This marketing PowerPoint template is a fashionable choice for presentations in 2023. It's well-designed and filled with personality. This top PPT for marketing features bold fonts and vibrant colors. There are over 20 slides included, so you can get your ideas out well. Is a great marketing plan template PPT for a boutique agency presenting to new clients.

2. Creative Blue Lime Digital Marketing PowerPoint

Creative Blue Lime Digital Marketing

This versatile download that works perfectly as a marketing strategy PPT template. Go through the documentation folder included to access the manual guide. This marketing PowerPoint template is easy to edit. With your download you'll get: 

3. Markata - Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Markata - Marketing PowerPoint Presentation

Markata is a clean and minimalist digital marketing presentation template. You can choose between dark or light slides. Use this is a simple and functional marketing presentation PPT example. This download features: 

4. Content Marketing PowerPoint Template

Content Making Powerpoint

Looking for a digital marketing presentation PPT template? This could be a good choice. This download features a total of 30 slides with minimal design. All elements in these PPTX and PPT files can be edited easily. Make all colors, shapes and charts match your brand's identity. A marketing PPT for free download won't offer this much design quality. 

5. Marketing Reel - Marketing PowerPoint Template

Marketing Reel Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Design

Bring on new leads with the Marketing Reel PPT presentation template. The minimal slide layouts make your content pop thanks to its use of color. It's also filled with helpful infographics for presenting data. If you're looking to leave a great impression, trust this marketing PowerPoint template.

6. Digital Company Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Template

Digital Company Marketing Plan PPT PowerPoint Presentation Template Design

The Digital Company template is versatile. It's also great for making a marketing plan PPT presentation. You'll get plenty of unique slide layouts to customize. It also has great infographics to work with. Use it to make your marketing ideas stand out.

7. Digital Marketing Strategy - PPT PowerPoint Plan Template

PowerPoint Plan Template for Digital Marketing Strategy Presentations

This digital marketing strategy PowerPoint PPT template for 2023 features stylish elements, like:

object and slide transition animation

There are also plenty of colorful illustrations to make your marketing ideas pop. These strategic marketing PPT templates have slides that fit many presentation needs. Presentation needs like social media, SEO, and both inbound and outbound digital marketing.

8. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Marketing Plan Presentation

Need a marketing plan PowerPoint template for your client? Check out this download to save some time. Add your logo, images, edit your brand colors and you’re good to go. Sections included in this marketing presentation PPT cover Content, About, Team and Data. This download features: 

9. StartUp - Business Marketing PowerPoint Template

StartUp - Business Marketing Powerpoint Template

Looking for a professional marketing strategy template PPT? StartUp is a good choice for you. It features 35+ unique slides to create a complete marketing report PPT. Based on master slides, the design includes unique mockup devices and portfolio slides. Add your content and you're all set!

10. Hibrid – Business PowerPoint Template

Hibrid – Business PowerPoint Template

Hibird is a great marketing presentation example. First of all, it comes with a versatile design that can be used for a variety of purposes. This template PPT for digital marketing comes with 39 slides. All graphics resizable so you can add your content and adjust everything to your needs. Also uses recommended and free web fonts. Work with picture placeholders to drag and drop your images. Save loads of time! 

11. Hibrent - Marketing PowerPoint Template

Hibrent - Marketing Powerpoint Template

Create an ultra-modern marketing PPT presentation with Hibrent. This might be one of the best marketing PowerPoint presentation examples. You'll get just enough slide designs to add your content. This download features:

It'll be hard to find a marketing PPT free download as good as this one. 

12. Connect - Marketing Communication PowerPoint Template

Connect Marketing Communication PowerPoint Template

Don’t your marketing ideas deserve to be heard? Most of all you want your message to connect with your audience. To make that connection you need to present your message in a clear way. With slides that help persuade and convince, you'll be presenting a clearer message.

The Connect marketing PowerPoint presentation template is designed to do just that. It comes with over 700+ total professional slides and easy to edit features.

13. Marketing PowerPoint Template

Marketing - PowerPoint Template

Check out this multipurpose download that works as a marketing strategy PPT template. This marketing PPT features 30+ slides to add your content. It uses recommended free web fonts, so you don't waste time looking for them. Drag and drop your content into picture placeholders and you're all set! 

14. Boughtup - Marketing PowerPoint Template

Boughtup - Marketing Powerpoint Template

Looking for the best marketing PowerPoint presentation examples? Boughtup is one of them. This digital marketing presentation template was created with attention to detail. Not even the best marketing PowerPoint templates free offer this much design quality. This download features: 

15. Social Media Pro - PowerPoint PPT Plan Template

Social Media Pro PowerPoint PPT Plan Template

Are you looking for a modern social media presentation template? Social Media Pro is designed to make your marketing presentation right. This marketing strategy PPT template has:

It's the perfect canvas for making a marketing PowerPoint presentation.

16. Gitzare - Marketing PowerPoint Template

Gitzare - Marketing Powerpoint Template

Gitzare  is a great marketing plan template PPT to create a unique presentation. It comes with 15 slides for you to add your content. Save plenty of time with picture placeholders and editable graphics. Design is based on Master Slides which makes it even easier to edit. It'll be hard to find a marketing presentation PPT for free download as good as this one. 

17. Carter Business Marketing Presentation PPT

Carter-Business Marketing Presentation

Looking for professional marketing PowerPoint presentation examples? Carter is worth checking out. It works for a marketing report PPT or as a marketing plan PPT template. You'll get a documentation folder with a manual guide. Edit this template in a few clicks! This download features:

18. Papinka - Marketing PowerPoint Template

Papinka - Marketing Powerpoint Template

Papinka is a complete marketing plan PowerPoint template. You'll get 15 slides with this download. Create the perfect marketing presentation PPT. It's compatible with PowerPoint (.PPT, .PPTX) and easy to edit. All graphics are resizable so you can adjust them to your design needs.

19. Kadim - Pitch Deck Marketing PowerPoint Template

Kadim - Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

Create a winning pitch deck with this digital marketing PPT template. Kadim has a professional ready to sell all you marketing ideas. Add your content into placeholders to save a bunch of time. This download includes:

Not even the best marketing PowerPoint templates free offer this much design quality.

20. Marketing Plan PowerPoint PPT Template - Encome

Encome Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Encome is a powerful marketing PowerPoint template that balances professional design and flair. This download comes with 15 marketing slide designs that are easy to use. Encome has resizable and editable graphics to illustrate slides. Try it out if you want to make use of a marketing strategy PPT template.

21. Digital Marketing Presentation Template

Digital PowerPoint Presentation

Looking for a digital marketing PowerPoint example? Check out this creative template! Every design element is easy to edit or modify. Add your own text and pictures to make this digital marketing PPT template your own. This download features:

22. Di-Marketing Digital Marketing PPT Template for Agency

Di-Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

Here's another cool digital marketing PPT template. This download is fully editable in PowerPoint. It comes with 30 unique slide designs to add your content. Also includes 10 pre-made colors, plus light and dark modes. It's easy to drag and drop images and content. Make this marketing PowerPoint template your own in no time! 

23. Product Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Product Marketing PowerPoint

Check out this professional marketing presentation example. Furman comes with a clean and formal look to create a memorable marketing PPT. This download features:

Start working with Furman. No marketing PPT for free download offers this much design quality. 

24. Business Marketing Presentation Template

Business Marketing Presentation Template

Looking for a business marketing strategy template PPT? Look no more, this might be a great place to start. This works as a professionals marketing strategy PPT template. Included with this download:

25. Onexus Marketing PowerPoint Template

Onexus Marketing PowerPoint Template

This is a great process infographic marketing strategy PPT template. It's easy to change the color schemes to make this your own. Pick one of 20+ color themes included. This download comes with 25 multipurpose slide designs. Also included unlimited color options and handmade infographics. You've got all you need to create an amazing marketing PPT presentation. 

26. PAPER - Business Marketing PowerPoint

PAPER - Business Marketing Powerpoint

Check out this professional template PPT for digital marketing. Built in 16:9 (HD), it comes with a clean and modern design. Easy to edit so you can add your brand's colors and images. This download features 30+ slides, free fonts in use and device mockup. It'll be hard to find a marketing presentation PPT for free download that tops that.

27. PIERCO - Marketing Plan PPT Template

PIERCO - Marketing Presentation Template

Start working with this marketing plan PPT template. You'll get 30 professional slides to add all your content. It's compatible with Keynote, Google Slides and PowerPoint. Choose the app that best works for you. It's also easy to edit and customize. Save a bunch of time working with a premium marketing PowerPoint template like this one. 

28. Building - Business Marketing PowerPoint

Building - Business Marketing Powerpoint

Looking for a creative digital marketing PPT template? This a great marketing presentation example. Make an easy and stylish presentation with this download. Change colors and add your text and photos to make this your own. This download also comes with vector 3D infographics and icons.

29. Soon Marketing PowerPoint Template  

Soon Marketing PowerPoint

Last but definitely not least, check out Soon. This digital marketing PPT template comes with a versatile design. You'll get 30 easy to edit slides in 16:9 ratio. Just drag and drop your content into placeholders and you're all set!

Best Marketing PowerPoint (PPT) Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Find hundreds of the best marketing PPT templates on Envato Elements. This great offer includes unlimited downloads for one monthly fee.

Explore Marketing PPT Templates

Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of marketing PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements.

Marketing PowerPoint PPT templates for free online may tempt you. But marketing PPT templates for free don't offer the same quality.

Get more than marketing plan PPT templates with your Envato Elements subscription. You'll also get unlimited downloads of creative assets from these categories:

Envato Elements has marketing PPT templates and more for your creative marketing needs!

Learn More About Marketing PowerPoint Templates

We've seen some of the best marketing presentation PowerPoint templates. Looking for a great marketing PowerPoint? You can't go wrong with one of these professional templates.

Get a closer look at the great choices available in this new video countdown. Watch more tutorials and subscribe to our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel !

presentation assignment marketing

How to Quickly Customize PowerPoint Marketing PPT Slide Designs

A marketing presentation PPT is a must for sharing your vision. With pre-built professional templates, you don’t need any design skills. It's easy to create an amazing presentation. 

Marketing plans should be visual. Anyone who’s suffered through long presentations understands the need for diverse content. 

Marketing Plan PowerPoint Presentation Example

In this section, we'll use  Marketing Plan Volume 2 . It's a multipurpose marketing strategy PowerPoint presentation template from Envato Elements.

1. The Intro Slide

Let’s begin by customizing a simple image-and-text slide. This one's near the beginning of the presentation. It’s well-placed to introduce your team and roll out your marketing plan slogan.

The Intro Slide

It places your message into context. When your audience knows your motivations, they’re more likely to engage and follow along.

The text is easily replaced. Click to select it, then type over it with your own words. Freely adjust the font size and styling up on PowerPoint’s ribbon. Then, add in your own photo. 

The placeholders in this marketing plan presentation template make this a breeze. Click in the gray box, navigate to your image. Click to Insert it. PowerPoint will drop it onto the slide in scale and ready to share.

Intro Slide Finished

2. The Charts and Graphs Slide

And thanks to PowerPoint, they can be created and edited in seconds. This slide includes a pre-built column chart with data already included. 

You’ll need to customize it with your own numbers. To do that, right-click on one of the bars and then select Edit Data . PowerPoint will launch an embedded Excel spreadsheet right inside the app. Type in your own data. The chart will scale and resize automatically with every change you make.

Charts and Graphs Slide

3. Device Mockups

Let’s check out device mockups. Device mockups help you showcase your website or app on real devices. You’ll find mockups for smartwatches, phones, computers, tablets, and more.

Device Mockups

To customize a mockup slide, you’ll need to capture a screenshot on a real device. Transfer it to your computer and then add it to the mockup.

Click on the image placeholder inside the phone screen. Browse to your screenshot and click to insert it. PowerPoint will import the image, scaling it to fit inside the mockup. Swap the placeholders for your own text to create a compelling marketing PPT slide.

Device Mockup Finished

Thanks to Envato, building a marketing PowerPoint has never been easier. Use one of these marketing plan presentation templates. You’ll have more time to work on your plan, without worrying about editing.

More on that in this helpful tutorial:

presentation assignment marketing

5 Top PowerPoint (PPT) Marketing Plan Presentation Slide Designs for 2023

Every marketing PowerPoint plan is different. But there are elements that work well for every  marketing plan template PPT. Borrow the best ideas from PPT for marketing campaign templates.

Let's look at five types of slides in marketing PowerPoint presentation templates. We'll sample from templates from Envato Elements.

1. Mission Slide

Does what you're doing fit with your mission? That's the question all businesses should constantly ask themselves.

So, why not use a mission slide in your next marketing PowerPoint? Use a slide to capture that single idea. It creates an understanding of your goal with your audience and collaborators.

Marketing Strategy PPT Template Mission Slide

This marketing plan template PPT includes slides to share your mission statement.

2. The SWOT Slide

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: they exist for every business. Considering them properly is crucial. That's why they're condensed into a key idea and common approach called a SWOT.

You'll find a SWOT analysis slide in many PPT for marketing templates. Use a SWOT and fill it out to show proper consideration of each force in your business.

SWOT Analysis in Marketing Plan

Work with a SWOT analysis slide like the one in this Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template.

3. The Team Slide

Showing off the team behind the work is a good idea. A team slide can make your co-workers feel celebrated and recognized. It also builds familiarity with your audience. 

Most marketing PowerPoint templates in this round-up include a team slide. Use them in your marketing PowerPoint plan. "Put a name with a face" for your audience.

Markaone Marketing Strategy Template PPT

The Markaone marketing presentation template has a team slide.

4. The Map Slide

That might mean showing trends or specific plans that'll help you reach targeted audiences.

That's why you want to use a map slide to do just that. Specific geographies need specific targeted plans. The best marketing PowerPoint templates include a map slide.

Map Slide

Use a map slide like this one in Social Media Trends to show plans in specific areas.

5. The Infographic Slide

Infographics can help you explain a process. Instead of just listing the steps in a process, use an infographic to make it highly visual.

These are the specific steps it takes to execute the marketing plan. Those are best shown with infographics that illustrate ideas easily.

Marketing Presentation PPT With Infographics

5 Quick PowerPoint Marketing Presentation Tips

A great PPT marketing presentation takes more than strong ideas. Those ideas must be put into the best visual slides that tell a compelling story. 

Here a few quick tips to help you do that:    

1. Focus Your PPT Marketing Message

Your goal is to get into the head of your audience. Think about how your topic will resonate with them. What question, statistic, or quick point could grab their attention right away?

These questions help draw the audience into your presentation topic. They then show the potential purposes of email campaigns. Questions are a great way to lead your audience to a clear point.

After you’ve got them hooked, hold that attention throughout your marketing presentation. Discover more about engaging your audience powerfully:

presentation assignment marketing

2. Use the Right Presentation Slides

There are many types of presentation slides such as:

Choose a marketing PowerPoint presentation template that's got the slide designs you need.

For example: the Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template Design is good for fresh marketing ideas or plans. Or if you've got a narrow focus on social media, the Social Media Pro theme is a good choice.  

Also use high quality images and graphics to showcase your marketing ideas. Find a bevy of royalty-free photos and professional graphics on Envato Elements.  

Envato Elements - Design without limits.

With Envato Elements, you get unlimited downloads for a single monthly fee. The benefits are:

These are available to download whenever you need them for any project.

Learn more about how to design better PowerPoint slides:

presentation assignment marketing

3. Use Evidence to Prove Your Points

Your logic and ideas can carry quite a bit of your presentation. Showcase key numbers inside infographics to make your data credible.

Use a marketing PowerPoint template that comes with great infographic slides. With the right data slide designs, your audience will understand your points.

Find more top PowerPoint templates with infographic slide designs:

presentation assignment marketing

4. Provide Clear, Actionable Takeaways

They clarify with examples. Information needs to make clear points that the audience can make use of. You want your audience to be driven so they can put your ideas into action.  

Your audience will easily recall the key points of your presentation, such as:

5. Format for Live vs Distributed Release

How will you use the presentation deck you’re making? Presentation formats differ with a live presentation versus one that'll be sent online.

In the live presentation case, you’ll want your slides to be concise, and support what you’ll be speaking. Your visuals need only compliment and highlight your key talking points. 

Designing a marketing presentation for email or online distribution is different. Each slide in your presentation needs to communicate your point fully on its own.

5 Top Marketing Plan PowerPoint PPT Presentation Design Trends for 2023

Here are some of the latest design trends. These will help you get the most from your marketing strategy template PPT:

1. Bright Colors

Many bright colors will make your presentation less boring and more fun. Using black or white text on bright colors also makes your text stand out.

Bright Colors

2. Abstract Design

Having an abstract design in your marketing PowerPoint template is on-trend. It can make your presentation unique. An abstract design can engage for the audience without being distracting.

3. Infographics

Use an infographic to break up text. A  marketing PowerPoint presentation with less text is more engaging for the audience.


 4. Color Gradient

A color gradient is where a color slowly transitions into another color. Use this design trend for any purpose. It can be bold or subtle.

The color gradient could also be a part of the slide or just in the background. Having a gradient color is more interesting than just a single color on a slide. 

5. Image Masking

When you can only see part of a full image that's called image masking. Many marketing PowerPoint templates already have this built in to the template. Most templates make it easy all you need to do is drag and drop the image into the placeholder.

Image Masking

Discover More PowerPoint Template Designs

We've seen different marketing strategy PowerPoint template designs. For more inspiration from even more creative PowerPoint designs, check out these roundups: 

presentation assignment marketing

Common PowerPoint Questions Answered (FAQ)

We’ve compiled the most common PowerPoint questions below along with answers: 

1. Are PowerPoint Templates Customizable?

Yes, all the PowerPoint templates can be customized. Use your preferred colors, fonts, and images. You can also customize the background of each slide.

Here's a tutorial to give you some direction on customization:

presentation assignment marketing

2. Can I Add Animations to My Slides?

Add a bit more visual appeal to your presentation to make it stand out. You can certainly add animations to each slide as well as slide transitions.

Learn how to add animations in this tutorial:

presentation assignment marketing

3. How Many Slides Should I Use?

It depends on the type of presentation you’re giving. The amount of information you want to cover, and the planned length of your presentation.

Follow this tutorial for more guidelines: 

presentation assignment marketing

4. Can I Use a Custom Background for My Slides?

Yes, design a background for your slides in a program like Photoshop. It's easy to add it to your presentation.

Learn about backgrounds here:

presentation assignment marketing

5. Does PowerPoint Support 3D Shapes?

Yes, it does. 3D shapes can add an extra bit of interest to your presentation. We've got a tutorial that shows you how you can create 3D elements:

presentation assignment marketing

Download Our eBook on Making Great Presentations (Free PDF)

Need more help? We a helpful resource that'll walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation and design it like a pro. 

Grab our eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations . It's available for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

Free eBook PDF Download Make a Great Presentation

Learn More About How To Use PowerPoint (Tutorials)

Check out a few tutorials to ease the learning curve in Microsoft PowerPoint. Start with a guide like How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) . Many users have found to be the perfect starting point.

Here are other tutorials to really solidify your PowerPoint knowledge:

presentation assignment marketing

Types of Marketing PowerPoint Presentations to Create

There are so many types of slideshows available on Envato Elements. Find great digital marketing decks and sales PowerPoint templates . 

There are lots of different types of marketing presentation examples, such as:

Grab the best marketing PPT templates for many uses, such as designs for: 

Design Your Next Marketing PPT Presentation Right (In 2023)

Whatever your marketing presentation needs are, we've got you covered! Don't rely on a marketing PowerPoint template you find for free. Free marketing plan PowerPoint templates are often more trouble.

Do you need regular access to lots of PowerPoint marketing templates ? Then head over to Envato Elements. For a single monthly fee, download unlimited assets. You get a full library of presentation templates, web designs, creative assets, and more.

Editorial Note :  This post has been updated with contributions from Brenda Barron , Sarah Joy , Maria Villanueva , Nathan Umoh and Janila Castañeda . Brenda and Sarah are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Maria is an Associate Editor for Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration. Nathan and Janila are staff writers with Envato Tuts+. 

Sean Hodge

presentation assignment marketing

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presentation assignment marketing

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presentation assignment marketing

Videos Add movement to your brand.

presentation assignment marketing

Infographics Share information visually.

presentation assignment marketing

Printables Create content for printing.

presentation assignment marketing

Charts and Graphs Bring life to your data.

presentation assignment marketing

Social Media Graphics Create scroll-stopping content.

presentation assignment marketing

Mockups Create high-quality mockups in seconds.

presentation assignment marketing

Branded Templates new Get a bundle of templates that match your brand.



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51 Best Presentation Slides for Engaging Presentations (2023)

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Written by: Chloe West

When you're creating a presentation, whether you're presenting live in front of an audience or embedding it on a webpage for visitors to access on their own time, you want it to be engaging. And unfortunately, too many presentation slides are boring and forgettable.

But with Visme, we've put together 51 of our top presentation slides to help you find the perfect template for your next presentation.

To make navigation easier, we've broken them down into six categories. Browse through each below to find your next presentation slides.

Here's a short selection of 8 easy-to-edit presentation templates you can edit, share and download with Visme. View more below:

presentation assignment marketing

51 Best Presentation Slides for Engaging Presentations

Business presentation slides, finance presentation slides.

Education Presentation Slides

Pitch deck presentation slides, nonprofit presentation slides.

There are so many reasons you might need to give a presentation in your business or career. And we’ve got just the right templates to get you started.

After all, you’re probably spending enough time creating the content and rehearsing your presentation deck. You don’t need to worry about your presentation slide design at the same time.

Here are a few presentation slides ideas based on topic material like the ones you’re regularly using.

1. Meeting Agenda Template

presentation slides - meeting agenda template visme

Customize this presentation template to make it your own! Edit and Download

Sick of seeing team members nod off or lose focus during your team meetings?

Put together your meeting agenda ahead of time using these presentation slides to help keep your team engaged and informed throughout.

This template comes with 15 premade presentation slides that cover everything from project management to charts showing performance and overall meeting objectives. Whatever you need to share in your meeting, you can find in this theme.

Plus, you can completely customize it to match your company colors directly in Visme!

2. Company Goals Template

presentation slides - company goals template visme

It’s important to ensure everyone on your team knows and understands the company’s goals. After all, everyone’s work should be geared towards achieving those goals.

You can use these nice slides to put together a background of your company and how far it’s come, as well as detail your upcoming goals, launches and more.

3. Company Overview Template

presentation slides - company overview template visme 2

If you’re speaking to a networking group about your company or pitching to investors, you likely need to give an overview of your company, its leadership team and its offerings.

These are the perfect presentation slides to help you put together a minimalistic design that draws focus towards your company and its mission.

Plus, all of the slides are perfectly set up to highlight your company’s most important assets.

And best of all, they’re completely customizable. Add in your own brand fonts and colors to create the perfect presentation for your business.

4. Project Status Report Template

presentation slides - project status template visme

When it comes to project management, you could always just send over a boring email or report update, but a better way would be to put together a presentation updating your team and/or your supervisors on the status of the project and the remaining timeline.

This presentation theme comes with 14 different slides to help you put together a status report that covers all aspects of your project: the various phases and how far along each one is, the timeline for your project, a project health card and more.

You can also gain even more inspiration for your project timeline slides from these timeline infographic ideas .

5. Business Annual Report Template

presentation slides - business annual report template visme

Want to show your boss how the company is doing? Or share how your team’s efforts have affected the bottom line? Put together a presentation that shows your business’s results over the year.

While this presentation template comes with a fun geometric accent pattern, you’re able to swap out any of these shapes for ones that more accurately represent your business or your message right in Visme’s design dashboard.

6. Business Plan Template

presentation slides - business plan template visme

Are you starting a new business? You might be looking for investors, or perhaps you want to pitch the idea to a potential cofounder.

You can use this theme to put together a polished business plan presentation that showcases your business idea, the market summary, the industry opportunities and more.

You can also use Visme’s color themes to find the perfect color scheme for your presentation and your upcoming business. After all, your brand colors can say a lot about your business.

7. Product Introduction Template

presentation slides - product introduction template visme

Put together a presentation that introduces a new product idea to your boss, your board of directors or your investors. Take advantage of the charts and graphs in Visme’s design dashboard to showcase various studies and statistics that prove why your idea will be profitable.

Or you can utilize this presentation theme to introduce a product to the public. If your company is in the process of developing a new product to release, a presentation introduction can be a great and engaging way to share it with your audience.

8. Product Presentation Template

presentation slides - product presentation template visme

Whether you’re launching a new product or sharing the features of an already existing one, you can show off your product through a presentation with nice slides.

You can share your presentation on social media, on your website or at a large company event to announce it to your audience. Include bright, high-quality photos of your product and a list of its best features to really highlight your new release.

9. Visual Brand Identity Template

presentation slides - visual brand identity template visme

There are many different ways to create a brand style guide for your business. One great way is with a presentation.

These presentation example slides allow you to seamlessly input your fonts, colors and other visual guidelines into a single presentation so that you can easily share your brand with the designers, marketers and other members of your team.

10. Simple Business Presentation Template

presentation slides - simple business presentation template visme

These presentation slides can help you easily put together a business introduction template for a conference or networking event.

Just click above to edit in Visme, switch out your background with one of the thousands of options in our photo library, add in your own key facts, vision and values and download!

11. Industry Trends Template

presentation slides - industry trends template visme

Put together a presentation to showcase upcoming trends in your industry. You can leave the patterns and colors the way they are in these existing presentation slides, or you can add in your own brand colors or product colors.

Understanding developing trends in your industry each year is important so that you know where your business should focus its efforts.

Sharing a presentation with your team is a great way to stay ahead of the curve.

12. Services Template

presentation slides - services template visme

Use these slide presentation examples to showcase your services and what you can offer your clients/customers. If you have a visual business, a presentation is an excellent way to highlight your work and show it off to prospective leads.

Swap out each photo in the example slides with photos of your work, update the fonts to match your brand voice (or upload your brand fonts) and add in the services you offer.

13. Slideshow Template

presentation slides - slideshow template visme

A slideshow presentation is a great way for you to showcase photos of your work alongside your service offerings. This template even includes social media icons on the last page so that viewers know how to find the business online.

Again, you’ll want to swap out all of the photos with your own work, but this presentation theme is a great way to get started.

14. How To Presentation Template

presentation slides - how to presentation template visme

Are you presenting a tutorial or step-by-step guide on how to do something? Using example slides to put together your content is a great idea.

It’s a disservice to your company and your customer to assume that everyone automatically knows how to use your product or service. Showing your audience exactly what to do is essential to your customer service strategy.

15. Survey Results Template

presentation slides - survey results template visme

Putting together a customer survey is a great idea to understand how your audience feels about your industry or even your company. Grab those results and insert them into these presentation slides to share with your team.

You can also put together a blog post or webpage with survey results and embed this presentation directly into it so your audience can understand the state of the industry as well.

Visme’s design dashboard allows you to add in various charts and graphs that adjust automatically based on the numbers you input. After all, ain’t nobody got time for manually adjusting the sizes of bar graphs and pie charts.

16. Company Overview Presentation Template

presentation slides - company overview template visme

Utilize these beautifully designed presentation slides to create a brief overview of your company and its offerings.

Having a readily available presentation overview of your company is a great idea for when you’re pitching investors, journalists for coverage and more. You don’t need to recreate a presentation each time. Instead, put together a visually appealing and informative one-size-fits-all overview.

You can add in your own photos or choose from Visme’s photo library to keep the same beautifully minimalistic appeal.

When sharing financial information, it’s always helpful to put together some kind of visual aid. This can be used to further emphasize your content, whether it’s about going over budget, showing off exciting revenue increases and more.

Check out these finance slide presentation examples to find the perfect template for your goals.

17. Financial Report Template

presentation slides - financial report template visme

Use this template to put together a presentation that goes over your company’s expenses, sales, profits and more.

The built-in data visualization options allow you to showcase your point with more than just numbers. Add in a table of contents to keep your report organized and cohesive, letting your team know exactly what information they’ll find inside.

18. Statistical Presentation Template

presentation slides - statistical presentation template visme

Need to report some financial statistics and data? These presentation slides are perfect for helping you insert cold, hard facts into your presentation.

Each slide includes a different type of chart or graph for you to choose from to fully represent your data and statistics. You can easily switch your color scheme by inputting your own brand colors or by choosing a preset color theme from Visme’s dashboard.

19. Map Presentation Template

presentation slides - map presentation template visme

It’s important to know where it makes the most sense to market your product geographically. Showcase sales and overall company growth and profitability by location.

Knowing your revenue based on geographic location is essential for a global company, and this presentation template is perfect for the job.

Create a stunning presentation in less time

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presentation assignment marketing

Sales and Marketing Presentation Slides

When it comes to sales and marketing for your company, there is a lot of data and information that can be represented visually. Creating sales and marketing presentations helps with keeping your team on the right track, but can also be a great way to make a pitch.

Learn more about creating essential sales and marketing presentations with these templates.

20. Visualization for Sales and Marketing Template

presentation slides - visualization for sales and marketing template visme

When you’re putting together a sales and marketing plan, you have to present it to your boss for approval, then to your team for implementation.

Use these presentation slides to help visualize your sales and marketing plan , including each of the upcoming tactics and strategies and the steps for putting them in place.

Having a presentation to refer back to allows your team to ensure they’re implementing the strategies properly.

21. Simple Marketing Presentation Template

presentation slides - simple marketing presentation template visme

Whether you’re introducing new marketing ideas to your team, pitching a new marketing strategy to your boss or to a new client, a presentation with nice slides is the perfect format.

Grab this presentation template that helps you to define your new ideas and share specific tactics for how they should be implemented for the business. Then get ready to rock your pitch and share your awesome new ideas.

22. Market Analysis Template

Market Analysis Report

Review market trends with your team so you know where to take your company’s marketing messaging. You can send out a customer survey or take a look at a few studies that have been done surrounding your industry to put together your market analysis report.

Input all of your findings into this presentation template so you can easily present it to your team or grab the link and send it in an email. Even if you’re not standing up to give a presentation, these presentation slides are still an engaging way to share necessary information.

23. Marketing Plan Template

presentation slides - marketing plan template visme

Building a new marketing plan for your business? Put together  great presentations for your marketing plan to share with your team.

Presenting your new marketing plan to the company is a great way to get everyone motivated and on board with new strategies and ideas.

You can add in your goals, objectives and even user personas with this ready-made marketing plan template.

24. Sales Report Template

presentation slides - sales report template visme

Your sales team should be regularly providing insight on how much revenue the company is generating. And a great way to do that is through a sales report presentation or slideshow.

It’s important to stay informed of sales growth throughout the year. Share graphs of sales quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year to see where the company/sales team needs to improve.

25. Press Release Template

presentation slides - press release template visme

Don’t just write a boring old press release to send out to journalists and media publications. Instead, create an interactive press release showcasing your launch.

A presentation press release will help your business stand out from the dry press releases most publications receive, offering even more incentive for them to highlight your business and its products/services.

Edit this template to add in your own brand touches, voice and launch information before grabbing the link and sending it off.

26. Social Media Report Template

presentation slides - social media report template visme

Sharing results of any marketing strategy is always essential. This is how you keep your team updated of any strategies that are working, and any strategies that need some adapting.

This presentation theme is a great way to share your current strategy and results. Input your platforms, your strategies and your metrics before presenting it to your team. Customize the presentation slides so that they cater perfectly to your company’s strategy.

27. Social Media Strategy Template

presentation slides - social media strategy template visme

Pitching a social media strategy to your boss can also be done well with a presentation. Showcase why social media is important to invest in, what your plan is and how it will affect the bottom line.

This presentation template already gets you started in perfectly pitching your own strategy. Simply adjust it to your brand colors and fonts and update the information with your own.

Presentations are huge in educational settings.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for an interactive way to share your lesson plan or a student trying to finish up a school project, we’ve got the presentation templates for you.

Take a look at our education presentation slide options to find one that works for you.

28. Training Plan Template

presentation slides - training plan template visme

When working one-on-one with a student or mentee, it can be a good idea to put a training or education plan into place. These presentation slides are the perfect start to your lesson and can help to visualize the content and learn in a different way.

Putting together educational content in a presentation helps offer different formats for learning. Students are often not provided with all of the tools they need to learn the material, and a presentation is a great place to start.

29. Book Report Template

presentation slides - book report template visme

Putting together a book report to present for your class? Get started with a presentation theme that you can fully customize for your specific book.

These presentation slides allow you to seamlessly enter in the information about your main characters, the theme of the book, its timeline and any other pertinent information you need to share with the class.

Don’t worry about presentation design in your next project. We’ve already got it all put together for you! Simply click edit, insert your book content and download your presentation.

30. Trivia Template

presentation slides - trivia template visme

Help your class remember fast facts before a text with this trivia template. It’s a great way to host a study session in your classroom, and the content is easily interchangeable.

Or if you’re a student, put together a presentation study guide to help you memorize the most important key facts and information from class. A trivia presentation format can make for a fun study sesh before the test.

31. Lesson Plan Template

presentation slides - lesson plan template visme

Don’t waste time putting together a dry Microsoft Word or PowerPoint lesson plan. Instead, create an interactive lesson plan that helps you stay on message during your class, and helps your students to know exactly what’s going to come next.

32. Group Project Template

presentation slides - group project template visme

Group presentations just got a little more exciting. Blow the rest of your class’s projects away by using these presentation slides to compile your overall project objectives and results.

You can easily adjust colors and fonts, add in your team members and insert copy relevant to your class and your group project.

Don’t forget to thank your classmates and your teacher for listening in the end.

A pitch deck is an essential presentation for all businesses and entrepreneurs to have. There are many times you might need to pitch your business, whether it’s to investors for funding, journalists for media coverage and more.

Using a presentation template to put together your pitch deck is a great idea so that you can focus on pitching your business without having to worry about the design.

Browse through the pitch deck presentation slides below to find one that works for your business and its goals.

33. Airbnb Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - airsns airbnb pitch deck template visme

Give this Airbnb-inspired pitch deck presentation theme a go when putting together a slideshow for your business. Include the solution that your business provides its customers, product/service information, and excerpts from press acknowledgements.

34. Front Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - upfront front pitch deck template visme

Showcase your business with this geometric pitch deck template inspired by Front. Add in the planned acquisition channels for your business, your leadership team and more.

Your pitch deck is meant to showcase your business to people who may want to work with you, so it’s important to share the most imperative information.

35. Buffer Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - buffer buffit pitch deck template visme

Showcase the state of the industry and your business’s role in it with this pitch presentation slides idea inspired by Buffer. The information these presentation slides include helps you to share the impact your company has had on your industry.

Since industries are ever-changing, you can easily update the information within your pitch deck in Visme and it will automatically sync to the webpage where you embed this presentation.

36. Comms Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - comms intercom pitch deck template visme

Use these presentation slides inspired by Intercom to give your audience an idea of what your product is going to look like and how it will work.

This is the perfect pitch deck template to take advantage of when launching a new SaaS product or app so that you can share what the technology will look like and how it will work.

Showcasing specific features and tutorials is a great way to get people talking about your product.

37. WeWork Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - iworkuwork wework pitch deck template visme

Is your company helping to fuel a movement? Share how your company is changing the industry with this pitch deck template inspired by WeWork.

It’s exciting when your business is doing more for your industry than simply adding another product or service. Focusing on a movement that really switches up the way your industry does things is an incredible feat.

Utilize a pitch deck template like the one above to showcase how your company is involved.

38. Buzzfeed Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - newbuzz buzzfeed pitch deck template visme

Does your business focus on content? Or perhaps you’re creating a new kind of media outlet?

Show off your content and analytics with this Buzzfeed-inspired pitch deck presentation template. Getting advertisers on board and other media outlets to talk about you is important for success.

This is why you need to be putting together a pitch deck that shares that kind of information. No one will want to work with you if you keep your analytics in the dark.

39. Investor Pitch Deck Template

presentation slides - investor pitch deck template visme

Starting a new venture that you need funding for? Use these presentation slides to put together a pitch for investors in your business.

From showcasing the problem in the industry to your business’s solution, along with your business plan and pricing table is a great way to get potential investors interested in what you’re selling.

40. LinkedIn Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - work biz linkedin pitch deck template visme

Compare and contrast what processes look like with and without your business with this pitch deck template inspired by LinkedIn.

It’s a great idea to take care of this in your pitch deck so that you make the job of any media outlet or writer covering your business even easier. After all, you’ve done the hard work for them.

They were going to share how your business helps. You’ve already visualized this in your pitch deck. This increases the chances that people will cover your business.

41. Mattermark Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - startup index mattermark pitch deck template visme

Use this pitch deck presentation theme inspired by Mattermark to put together key questions about the industry that showcase why your business is so essential.

Launching a startup is hard work, and that’s why a pitch deck is an essential marketing tool to have. Creating a pitch deck that already answers the why and how questions of your business is a great way to introduce who you are and what you’re doing to investors and reporters.

42. Foursquare Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - map your day foursquare pitch deck template visme

Put together an overview of how your product works with this pitch deck presentation template inspired by Foursquare.

With presentation slides already in place to showcase a step-by-step tutorial, all you have to do is input your content and publish your presentation.

43. Fyre Festival Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - l'ete events fyre festival pitch deck template visme

If your company has been doing some awesome stuff lately, you want your potential investors and those looking to work with your business to know about it.

Show off your company achievements with this pitch deck presentation template inspired by the famous Fyre Festival pitch deck.

44. Biogrify Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - journalvision biogrify pitch deck template visme

Use these presentation slides inspired by Biogrify to excite people about how they can use your product. If you have a unique product or service, you just need to drum up a little excitement and attention!

A pitch deck is the perfect way to do that. Add in your company’s logo, mission and unique selling proposition to get people looking forward to becoming customers/users.

45. Launchrock Pitch Deck Presentation Template

presentation slides - rockingit launchrock pitch deck template visme

Influencer marketing is a huge marketing strategy that can generate some serious results. What better way to pitch influencers about your business than with this pitch deck inspired by Launchrock?

Don’t email off some boring PDF or Google Doc. Create enticing pitches to influencers with this pitch deck theme, and start watching the replies from influencers pour in.

Working with influencers to promote your product is a great way to increase your audience base and word of mouth about your company.

When you’re running a nonprofit, there is a lot of pitching your organization, talking to donors and working on events to increase donations. This is why you need a presentation.

Putting together a presentation for your nonprofit is a great way to showcase what your organization does and why people should donate to it.

Here are a few nonprofit presentation slides to choose from, where all you have to do is insert your information, change colors and fonts and present.

46. Nonprofit Report Template

presentation slides - nonprofit report template visme

Put together a report that covers what your nonprofit is working against as well as your nonprofit’s achievements each year.

47. Nonprofit Art Template

presentation slides - nonprofit art template visme

Use this presentation slides idea to provide an overview of your nonprofit and its main projects. To generate even more support and donations, it’s important to provide clear insight into your key products and objectives.

48. Nonprofit Environmental Template

presentation slides - nonprofit environmental template visme

This presentation theme is perfect for showcasing the key issues your nonprofit fights for and its process for doing so.

Being transparent about what your nonprofit works on is important so that your donors know exactly where their money is going. Being secretive can generate some bad press, so it’s better to be open with your supporters.

49. Nonprofit Animals Template

presentation slides - nonprofit animals template visme

These presentation slides use earthy colors to convey their nonprofit’s connection to animal rights. Use this to showcase your nonprofit. You can use the current colors or update it to match your nonprofit’s brand/industry.

50. Wildlife Conservation Template

presentation slides - wildlife conservation template visme

Use these presentation slides to cover why your nonprofit matters and why donors should consider contributing.

A nonprofit only exists when people donate, so putting together a compelling pitch deck showcasing why your nonprofit is so important to your main issue is important. These slides are perfect for sharing your goals and mission.

51. Pet Adoption Slideshow Template

presentation slides - pet adoption slideshow template visme

This pitch deck presentation template is perfect for SPCAs and other animal societies working on finding forever homes for their animals.

However, it can also be adapted to any other nonprofit or business need. The great thing about these presentation slides is how versatile they are. Each one is completely customizable to fit your specific needs.

Ready to Create Engaging Presentation Slides?

Ready to get started with creating your presentation? Choose from any of these 51 presentation slides, or browse Visme’s complete template library to find the perfect match for creating your own presentation.

Each one of these presentation themes can be adapted to match your business, school, nonprofit and other needs so that you can create something perfect for your goals and objectives. Create your free account to start customizing with our drag-and-drop presentation maker.

And once you’ve finished creating your presentation, check out our video to help you present like a pro and wow your audience.

presentation assignment marketing

Create beautiful presentations faster with Visme.

presentation assignment marketing

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presentation assignment marketing

About the Author

Chloe West is the content marketing manager at Visme. Her experience in digital marketing includes everything from social media, blogging, email marketing to graphic design, strategy creation and implementation, and more. During her spare time, she enjoys exploring her home city of Charleston with her son.

presentation assignment marketing

presentation assignment marketing


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