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Presentation on home work

Javed Iqbal Student of M.S (Teacher Education) at University of Tennessee USA

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types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt

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Assigning Purposeful Homework & Practice

Published by Marylou Nicholson Modified over 7 years ago

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Presentation on theme: "Assigning Purposeful Homework & Practice"— Presentation transcript:

Assigning Purposeful Homework & Practice


types of homework ppt

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types of homework ppt


EFFECTIVE USE OF HOMEWORK . QUESTION. Do you think, homework is an effective learning tool?. R esearcher have some theories about homework. However every research say that homework is useful. Types of homework ?. La Conte 3 main types 1)practice assignment


Presentation Transcript

QUESTION • Do you think, homework is an effective learning tool?

Researcher have some theories about homework. However every research say that homework is useful.

Types of homework ? • La Conte • 3 main types • 1)practice assignment • 2)preparation assignment • 3)extension assignment

1)PRACTISE ASSIGNMENT • This type of assignment should related to pupils skills and information. • Make strong *pupils’ learning • Force to necessary information • For example ,memorize the math table, write an essay

2)PREPARATION ASSIGNMENT • Come out *accumulated information • Should prepare before the class • Give a main information about the topic • For example , researching ,collect the information

3)EXTENSION ASSIGNMENT • Provide the personal information • Improve the imagination • Apply information which learnt at different *ambience • For example, work of project ,and long term’s homework

IS HOMEWORK EFFECTIVE? • The answer to this question is not definite. • Important reason is that it is very difficult to isolate the hw from variety factors. • TV-PC--- distract

COOPER’S THEORY • Hw is beneficial for pupil. • Hwshould gain some good skills . For example ; improved critical thinking skills. • If pupils do hw regularly ,it will be more effective. • Hw can be used to complete task that were not able to complete in class.

Some negative effects • Cheating • Copy from *fellow pupils • Copy –paste from the internet

Cooper says that • &Don’t use the hw as a punishment • --this practice is harmful because pupil don’t do assignment for learning just do completing hw so it is not good way. • &*Indicate to pupils feed-back seriously • --teacher should be marked and returned ,should give feed-back coorect or incorrect

&should be *integrated • --review the hw at the beginning of lesson • &magical words  ’their every day life’ • --watch tv , interview the history

Teacher should use real-life materials in hw can help pupils because they easy remember what teacher have learnt in school. • Teacher should help pupils to develop their independent learning and organizational skills.

HALLAM ‘S THESİS • Teacher should do HW’s plan and application. • HW should give answer to personal necessity • Teacher attitude show importance of HW Therefore parents *take HW seriously.

Question is coming for you • You give hw, and pupils cannot completed . How should you behave to pupils?

Parent’s Support

Parent’s Support • Parental support is important for their children’s hw. • In one of research ,parental *involvement their children *deal with negative effect. • Children should feel ‘my parent care of me ‘

PARENT-TEACHER • Parents should help to teacher. • They should *set clear rules on ending the hw . • Teachers related between parents because it is also important to support to pupil. • Teacher give some advice and different methods to parents

HOW DO YOU MAKE HWENJOYABLE? • Listen to music during the hw • Encourage the students to complete hw • Support them every time

SUMMARY • Hw can be useful for primary schools because their independent learning skills should be improved . • Another schools’ hw improve organizational skills ,and cooperative skills.

Hw shouldn’t used as a punishment • Should be given feed-back to pupils about hw • Hw should also be part of the lesson • Hw should included real-life experiment

Let’s do speaking activity • Please choose one group leader • You have 3 minutes for each question • If you finish your question , change it other groups • We are listening to you 

2001 KMS: Which one is considered more than others by teacher when giving homework? A)Having educational value B)Not take long time C)Subject relate with close society D)Be required to collecting information E)Doing individual

2002 KPSS: What is the main aim of giving homework? A) Gain habit of spending free time to student B) Get the habit of repeating the studied courses C) Get made the subjects parallel with the daily life D) Gain the ability of working independent E) Increase the readiness level to students

2003 KPSS: When examine the praxis at last years, which is the most common aim of homework? A)Get not spend free time to pupils at their home B)Improve helping emotion to pupils C)Consolidate information, skill and behavior which are get in school D)Making effects of parents to learning E)Making easy the evaluation of teacher about personal success

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types of homework ppt

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